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Which fandom is the dirtiest of them all?

Fan fiction is often dirty - as the deepest, darkest fantasies of the fans are immortalised on paper or screen, and unwritten stories come to life - but who out there gets the most creative online?
29 September 2021
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National Orgasm Day: The A-Z of orgasms

Research Shows 1 in 10 UK Adults Rarely Feel Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual happiness research shows that the UK is missing out on sexual satisfaction.
4 February 2021
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UberKinky’s Ruddy Amazing Infographic for Squirting

UberKinky’s Ruddy Amazing Infographic for Squirting

Introduction With #NationalOrgasmDay coming up, we decided there was no better time to delve into the sensational science behind squirting. So, as always, we pooled our resources and got to grips with the statistics, before delivering the information to you in true UberKinky style.
29 July 2015
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ETO Award Nomination - Best Online Retailer

ETO Award Nomination - Best Online Retailer

The votes are in, they’ve been counted, and it’s safe to say there’s an overall majority... of kinky folk out there! May 7, 2015 - a day that will go down in history and change the course of the future. A day that people nationwide voted to have their say and make sure they were heard. A day that UberKinky was elected to battle it out for the number one spot! Don’t be silly; of course we’re not talking about serving the next term as Prime Minister. We are, however, referring to being nominated for the very next best thing; to receive an ETO Award for Best Online Retailer.
11 May 2015
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Best Selling Author, Sierra Cartwright, on UberKinky

Best Selling Author, Sierra Cartwright, on UberKinky

I adore the Uberkinky website. It’s tasteful, elegant, and oh-so intriguing. There are a number of products I use in my books, and the ones mentioned below are featured prominently in recent releases. And honestly? I found something on the site I need to buy, and it will show up in a future novel!
24 February 2015
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Government Approved Periodic Table of Kink

Government Approved Periodic Table of Kink

You’d think the government had enough on its plate, what with trying to strengthen the economy and all. However, in the latter part of 2014, it seems that there was still time to address the much more pressing (it would seem) issue of what we should, or rather shouldn’t, be watching in our spare time!
12 January 2015
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LBGT History Month

LBGT History Month

I can see a rainbow... Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think? Sorry, but you can’t beat a little bit of Alanis Morissette to help illustrate a point! Although much of what she sang about wasn’t in fact ironic, what is, however, is that in the UK’s 9th annual LBGT History Month, many of our British athletes have been away participating in the Winter Olympics, hosted by Russia; a country that only recently introduced a law remarkably similar to the one that we celebrate abolition of at this time each year.
25 February 2014
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Look out for UberKinky in Skin Two Magazine Issue 65

Look out for UberKinky in Skin Two Magazine Issue 65

UberKinky in the media!

Did you happen to spot us in the latest issue of Skin Two Magazine? Within the pages of the ever popular fetish filled magazine you’ll find our advert with a special discount for Skin Two readers. Pick up an electronic copy from KFS Media and enjoy the latest news, erotic fiction and eye-popping cutting edge art.

15 October 2013
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UberKinky Bondage Tape

UberKinky Bondage Tape

15 August 2012
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