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Posts tagged 'Restraints'

International Fetish Day 2018 (Perverts Wear Purple)

This Friday 19th January marks International Fetish Day 2018. And, in honour of this auspicious occasion, we’re affording you lucky perverts the chance to win something purple! Relaxxx, it’s not a bruise. Although, depending on how you choose to play, the end result could be 😉 So, if you’re kinky and you know it there’ll be no clapping of your hands, with the UberKinky Five Piece Purple Locking Restraints Set!
15 January 2018
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Enter To Win A Kinky Christmas Hamper

Christmas has CUM early at UberKinky HQ, and you will too when you get a load of this gratifying giveaway!

11 December 2017
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Happy Birthday Mistress - Enter to Win a Pink Leather Locking Restraints Kit

It's my birthday today and to celebrate yet another fabulous trip around the sun I'm giving you the chance to win a very generous and wonderful gift specially chosen from the depths of my bottomless prize cupboard! This year I've picked out a pretty in pink five piece locking leather restraints kit worth £79.99. Usually for my birthday giveaways I pick a prize that I can personally recommend and enjoy. I use this very leather restraints kit in the black version for my own personal use so I know they are hard wearing during play and manufactured to an exceedingly high standard. So if you're ready to win this luxurious set for yourself then get ready to join in on the birthday celebration!

7 July 2016
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The First Annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off

We've had a wonderful ninth birthday here at UberKinky HQ. We gave away a very lush restraints set, we gave our shoppers a massive 20% off discount, we raised money for charity and we have overindulged in the finest kinky edibles. We partied hearty and somehow still managed to get our work done (honest!). Now we would like to share the camaraderie and kinky consumables that were shared as we passed yet another milestone.
30 September 2015
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UberKinky's Big Birthday Giveaway 2015

We know this give-away is running a little late but with today's breaking news about a certain political leader and his piggy past blew up the internet we just couldn't resist. As you may already know it's our 9th birthday this year and the month long celebration is still going strong. What sort of goodies have we got in store for you this week?
21 September 2015
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Win a Humbler for International Fetish Day

It's day three of our week long International Fetish Day giveaway celebration and we're still going strong. Today's giveaway is for the more hardcore BDSM enthusiasts out there. Today we're giving away a humbler which is used to keep a man on his knees by trapping his balls within the wooden stock. This leaves his balls out in the open and ready for some devious doings. No matter what horrible things you do to his balls, he won't be able to get up and run away without giving his ball sack a severe yank! Are you still with us and still want to enter to win?

14 January 2015
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kinkspiration-header Ever heard the saying, “Third time’s a charm”? Well, in the unlikely event that you didn’t derive the necessary Kinkspiration from our first two articles, don’t you move a muscle; we guarantee there’ll be no holding you back when it comes to our third risqué recommendation!
15 December 2014
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The Party's Over

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!

Our month long birthday bash has been an absolute blast here at UberKinky headquarters! We’ve had so much cake we’re all fit to burst. We’ve given away many great birthday presents to our ever wonderful UberKinky customers as a heartfelt thank you for making us the fetish fuelled powerhouse we are today. The party is over for now but it looks like we have one last gimpy guest!

1 October 2013
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