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Ben Wa Balls

Feeling really naughty? Think you have the balls to wear these out and about in public? Well, it will certainly make your trip to the local supermarket a little more exhilarating, that’s for sure. Alternatively, wear during sex itself to really intensify your experience. Also known as ‘jiggle balls’, the slightest movement will cause them to jiggle and move inside you. This delivers unbeatable gratification that you’ll want again and again. Why not engage in a supreme spanking or some deviant pegging play to really make the most of the sensations on offer? With each spank or thrust they’ll move, providing delicious vibrations that resonate throughout the body. Plus, they also tone up your pelvic floor. So, isn’t it time you caught onto the idea?

Beginner's Guide To Ben Wa Balls

When it comes to superior sex play AND a perfect pelvic floor, the ball is in your court! Find out why and discover everything you need to know about using Ben Wa Balls...

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