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How to masturbate in the shower

Next time you're feeling a bit bored, you'll know exactly what to do with this guide. Read on & get turned on, finding out how to masturbate in the shower!
15 September 2021

10 anal masturbation tips for better backdoor play

Think self-love is just for the front? Think again. Venture round back for some anal fun, and get behind our 10 anal masturbation tips. Come this way!
7 September 2021

6 confidence boosting sex positions to try

Feel sexy AF all the time with these six confidence boosting sex positions that will cause your self-esteem to skyrocket. You're welcome.
27 August 2021

6 pegging tips for incredible anal sex

Hello, is there a Mr Ben Dover here?

When it comes to anal play, there’s a few activities that have been hogging the spotlight for some time now. Backdoor fingering, rimming… But how about pegging?

27 August 2021

The best sex toys for beginners

Getting tired of the usual go-to sex positions? Feeling a bit same-y in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re just horny for some self-lovin’? Whether you’re a sex toy novice or it’s just been a while since you’ve had a play with a turn-you-on toy, we’ve got you sorted out with our pick of the best sex toys for beginners, from a simple buzzer to a brave little dildo.

16 August 2021

How to clean your dildo

How much did you look after your toys when you were a kid? Beanie Babies… Barbies… Hot Wheels… However you killed time, we bet you kept them clean, shiny and stocked with new batteries, right? It’s about time you do the same with your favourite adult toys.

Keeping your favourite dildos in tip-top shape not only keeps nasty bugs and germs away from your sensitive terrain, it also makes them last for years to cum. Now, when you buy a delightful dildo, there should be washing instructions included, but in case you need a refresher, read on.

16 August 2021

How to make sex last longer

We're all after more moaning time (in the bedroom)! Want to know how to make sex last longer? Who doesn't! We've got the tricks; come this way!
3 August 2021

Here's how men should use a dildo

Not sure where to start? Whatever your sexuality and kink, dildos can fulfil plenty of desires. Here's how men should use a dildo. Come this way!
30 July 2021
National Orgasm Day: The A-Z of orgasms

How to have a blended orgasm

How to have a blended orgasm

Who doesn’t want multiple orgasms? Stick right here to learn all there is to know and how to master the elusive blended orgasm. Whether you have a dong or deep canal, there’s a way to achieve incredibly intense multiple orgasms… Wet the appetite, have we? Oh, read on for tantalising tricks on how to sound more oohs in the bedroom - or on the floor, sofa, wherever!

27 July 2021