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UberKinky Attends The UK Fetish Awards 2023!

UberKinky Attends The UK Fetish Awards 2023!

See inside the UK's biggest Fetish Awards, where UberKinky was up to win the Best Adult Toy Company!
9 November 2023
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Oxballs Giveaway

Win a HUGE Box of Oxballs Sex Toys Worth Over £500

You’ll feel like all your Christmases have come at once, with this gratifying giveaway from UberKinky and Oxballs!

Have you been good this year?! Well, even naughty boys and girls deserve a gift at Christmas, which is why we’ve pulled out all the stops. Indeed, Santa has emptied his sack early this year and showered us with obscene Oxballs goodies to give away to one lucky UberKinkster… and it could be you! That’s right, you could be getting your hands on our HUGE box of deviant delights that promise to make 2023 your best year yet..

19 December 2022
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How to have a blended orgasm

How to have a blended orgasm

Who doesn’t want multiple orgasms? Stick right here to learn all there is to know and how to master the elusive blended orgasm. Whether you have a dong or deep canal, there’s a way to achieve incredibly intense multiple orgasms… Wet the appetite, have we? Oh, read on for tantalising tricks on how to sound more oohs in the bedroom - or on the floor, sofa, wherever!

27 July 2021
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A Guide To Mutual Masturbation

Bored of full-on penetration? Bring some sexual excitement to your relationships with our mind-blowing guide to mutual masturbation.

24 June 2021
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How To Master Double Penetration

When one hole isn’t enough, there’s always double penetration! Perfect for playing with others or yourself, you’ll find a whole other world of pleasure opening up when any hole’s a goal.

8 June 2021
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Win An Oxballs Bucket Of Sex Toys Worth Over £500

Win An Oxballs Bucket Of Sex Toys Worth Over £500

We promised you perverted promos, gratifying giveaways and deviant discounts throughout the entire month of September, and we NEVER disappoint! So, expect the good times to keep on cumming, because this week’s giveaway is bigger and better than ever! Indeed, we have got an Oxballs Bucket of Sex Toys Worth Over £500 to give away to one lucky kinky connoisseur.

21 September 2020
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Birthday Giveaway - Oxballs Bucket Of Sex Toys Worth Over £400

Birthday Giveaway - Oxballs Bucket Of Sex Toys Worth Over £400

Whatever the obscene occasion, we’re always prepared to don our birthday suits here at UberKinky! The fact that it IS our birthday is merely a happy coincidence.

Now, you know us, we’re not ones to brag! Especially about it being our Birthday… You probably didn’t even realise, right?! Well, because sharing’s caring and all that, we like to spread the love (as well as the legs) to keep you cumming back for more. So, keep your eyes peeled this September, folks, because we have plenty of offers and giveaways to satiate your salacious appetite.

18 September 2019
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