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Don’t be silly; here at UberKinky it’s about you, not us! As such, we make it our number one priority to offer the finest quality and most unique adult products currently available, employ intricate attention to detail, and deliver supreme service every time.

The Uberkinky Story Book

Now, don’t be fooled, we’re not your average BDSM/sex toy company! “So, what’s the story?” I hear you ask. Stephanie Taylor, founder and managing director of the company, had a real battle on her hands trying to gain recognition in a male dominated industry. Her front room became her office, and what was once a place of relaxation became a site for endless hours of work. Today, what started as a small mail order company has grown into the kinkiest BDSM site in the UK. And we know that size matters, so you can trust us when we say that our collection is HUGE!

Uberkinky's Beginning

In The Beginning

It was 1988; the AIDS crisis was getting even more out of hand, thus becoming a tremendous cause for concern. Stephanie, therefore, initially decided to focus all of her attention on selling condoms. By advertising in the Sunday newspapers, she found that demand was high, and although it was difficult to gain credibility as a woman in the sex industry, she managed to get the company off the ground. At that stage, it was only natural to expand and start adding to her portfolio of products. Initially this was limited to vibrators, for which there also appeared to be a great deal of demand. An illustrated flyer was produced and the vibrators soared in popularity. Stephanie then went on to source cock rings and vacuum developers, which she sold to numerous sex therapists prior to the development of Viagra. It was only then that she started to gain well deserved recognition for her top quality products and supreme service. The first catalogue was produced in 1994, for which she carried out all of the photography herself. It wasn’t exactly picture perfect, but it was certainly a step in the right direction!

It's Never Dull In Hull

Adapting to a change in the times, Stephanie launched the company’s first website in 1998. This replaced the traditional catalogue format and was now the primary method of purchase. The business continued to expand; the number of employees grew, and in 2008 it moved to Kilnbeck, a bespoke warehouse and office building in Beverly, East Yorkshire. It was during this time that online shopping really took off, bringing with it more sales than could have ever been predicted. This incredible growth meant that there was a lack of space available to fulfil the additional demand. In order to cope, another move was necessary. In 2010, the company relocated to iPark Industrial Estate in Hull. After 7 years there, UberKinky’s success continued to exceed all expectations and, once again, the company outgrew the amount of space available to it. So, in 2017, we moved to our current address on Foster Street, where we have a dedicated, experienced and qualified workforce of more than 30 employees, all of whom are committed to providing you guys with the highest possible standard of service!

Hull Map
We're More Than A Store

It’s true that if we were all the same, life would be more than just a little bit boring! Luckily we’re not, which is why, over the years, we have developed a collection that caters to every raunchy requirement. Our experienced team is always on the lookout for exciting new products, so that we can achieve our goal of offering the kinkiest commodities in the UK. Plus, you’ll be pleased to know, our commitment to customer care doesn’t end there. Indeed, our website features a number of informative and comprehensive guides, which not only offer incredible inspiration and encourage people to expand their sexual horizons, they also provide vital information about how to play safely and achieve those all important gratifying goals. Our in depth knowledge means that we have unrivalled expertise in identifying the products to best provide those stimulating sensations that BDSM has to offer. So, why deny yourself? Unless, of course, that’s what you’re into ;)


2016 - Best Specialist Retailer - Uberkinky, ETO Awards

That’s right folks; when it comes to being the ‘Best Specialist Retailer 2016’, victory is ours!

Here at UberKinky, we’ve never been ones to blow our own trumpet! It’s true that we would if we could ;) but, as it turns out, it no longer seems necessary. Want to know why? Because, now we have you guys to do it for us! Winner of ‘Best Specialist Retailer’ at the prestigious ETO Awards 2016, UberKinky is thrilled to have all its hard work recognised and appreciated by those that matter most; you lot. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today and we really are very, very grateful.

You should know by now that we don’t give to receive here at Uberkinky! Indeed, doing the best we can and providing the finest service possible for our customers is its own reward. But, we have to admit, it’s nice to know we’re appreciated. We’re more than thrilled that UberKinky is now an award winning brand, and with your support we only intend to get bigger and better.

ETO, Erotic Trade Only, is the UK’s leading erotic industry magazine. Over the last 9 years, it has been highly influential in the way the UK adult market does business. The introduction of the annual ETO Awards in 2005 saw outstanding companies within every sector of the adult industry, from retail to manufacturing, being recognised and rewarded for excellence. This continues today, and its innovative and democratic voting system ensures that winners are chosen by the industry as a whole, from customers and retailers to industry peers. This is what makes the ETO Awards so unique and winning one such an honour.

Awards History

  • 2016 - Best Specialist Retailer - Uberkinky, ETO Awards
  • 2016 - Best Online Retailer - Nominated, ETO Awards
  • 2015 - Best Online Retailer - Nominated, ETO Awards

It's A Way of Life

BDSM Symbol

Now, are you still reeling from the release of 50 Shades of Grey? It’s true that it thrust BDSM into an international spotlight, but is it a fair representation of our culture, and what did it do to challenge people’s perceptions of the sadomasochistic lifestyle? Striving to be the kinkiest company in the UK by consistently fulfilling our customers’ deviant desires, we also take the role of representing the BDSM community extremely seriously. We firmly believe that the information contained within our website goes some way towards helping people understand the reasons why we do what we do and quashing the stigmatism that still surrounds it.

Jeff - The Uberkinky Mascot

So make sure that UberKinky is your number 1 choice and destination when it comes to wonderful water sports, fabulous fetish wear, brutal bondage gear, callus cock cages and scintillating sex toys. Trusted by more than 500,000 customers worldwide, we will ensure that your full package reaches you quickly and discreetly!