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Essential Guides

5 reasons to get sexy with a silicone dildo

Keen to grow your sex toy collection? These are all of the wonderful reasons why you should get sexy with a silicone dildo.
27 September 2022
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How to use a rabbit vibrator

Looking for the best of both worlds? Here’s how to use a rabbit vibrator for the ultimate internal and external vibrating experience.
27 September 2022
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The most arousing alien dildos

Blast off to another galaxy with UberKinky’s most arousing alien dildos. Fulfil your darkest desires with these deviant and delectable designs.
27 September 2022
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8 reasons to get your hands on a small dildo

Does size really matter? We don't believe that big is always best. Here are 8 reasons why you should get your hands on a small dildo.
27 September 2022
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Lesbian sex toys to lust after

Please your lover like never before and lust over UberKinky’s cumtastic collection of lesbian sex toys. Whatever your dynamic, we’ve got the gear.
22 August 2022
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The history of sex toys

Join us on a journey to explore the first ever dildo, the colourful history of the sex doll, and everything you need to know about your favourite sex toys.
22 August 2022
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How to make your own dildo safely

Creating your own dildo can be fun, sexy and a great gift for your partner. We have some amazing kits that will leave your dong immortalised in all its glory.
12 August 2022
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The best sex toys for couple play

Ensure pleasure for both parties with this guide to the best sex toys for couple play. Just what you need for an unforgettable playtime, with double the fun.
12 August 2022
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7 amazing masturbation benefits

Masturbation can feel amazing, and it can teach you a lot about your body. But are there any other benefits? Let us go through the perks of getting off.
26 July 2022
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How to build your own sex room at home

A new Netflix show has got us all wondering whether we should build a sex room in our own home, so we dive into your sex room must haves and essentials.
26 July 2022
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