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Posts tagged 'Fetish'

Enter To Win A Perverts Wear Purple Package Worth Over £130

That’s right, folks; today marks the 10th annual International Fetish Day! So, in honour of this momentous occasion we’re donning our very favourite perverted purple finery, as well as pulling out all the salacious stops for you guys. In addition to offering £10 off all orders over £40 until midnight on Sunday (20th), we’re also affording you lucky UberKinksters the chance to win a premium Perverts Wear Purple Package worth over £130.

18 January 2019
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International Fetish Day 2018 (Perverts Wear Purple)

This Friday 19th January marks International Fetish Day 2018. And, in honour of this auspicious occasion, we’re affording you lucky perverts the chance to win something purple! Relaxxx, it’s not a bruise. Although, depending on how you choose to play, the end result could be 😉 So, if you’re kinky and you know it there’ll be no clapping of your hands, with the UberKinky Five Piece Purple Locking Restraints Set!
15 January 2018
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Enter to Win a Fist the Cook Apron from UberKinky

Did you see our Second Annual UberKinky Bake Off? Even more importantly did you see the glorious UberKinky 'Fist the Cook' Apron I was wearing? Well so many people liked the devious design that we decided to put one aside for a very lucky winner. Now you can recreate the fun and games of the UberKinky Bake Off at home with your very own UberKinky Jeff apron!

20 September 2016
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International Fetish Day 2016 Giveaway

Happy New Year UberKinky fans! It's great to see you back, we hope you had a fantastic holiday season filled with kinky surprises and erotic fun. We're getting right back into the swing of things here at UberKinky HQ and we'd like to kick off 2016 with a fabulous give-away for International Fetish Day which is this Friday the 15th. Are you ready to let your freak-flag fly?
11 January 2016
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International Fetish Day 2015

Seeing purple? Think your eyes are on the blink? Well, fear not folks; that’s because International Fetish Day 2015 is upon us. So, hold off on that optician’s appointment, and pull on your favourite purple finery, because when it comes to challenging public perceptions of BDSM, we’ve got work to do!
16 January 2015
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Win a Parachute Ball Stretcher for International Fetish Day

Happy International Fetish Day! Today is the day where perverts wear purple so we hope you're decked out in your purpliest clobber. On this international kink filled day we're giving away a parachute ball stretcher with spikes for those of you really into your cock and ball torture. Want to win a cock and ball torture device for free? Enter now!

16 January 2015
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Win a Tantus Echo Dildo for International Fetish Day

It's day four of our International Fetish Day week of giveaways and today we have something extra special. Today we're giving away a Tantus Echo handle silicone dildo. This penetrative pleaser will help you get a handle on your pleasure with its ridged shaft and slightly bulbous head for unsurpassed G-spot or prostate stimulation. Are you ready for pure pleasure? Then enter to win now!

15 January 2015
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Win a Humbler for International Fetish Day

It's day three of our week long International Fetish Day giveaway celebration and we're still going strong. Today's giveaway is for the more hardcore BDSM enthusiasts out there. Today we're giving away a humbler which is used to keep a man on his knees by trapping his balls within the wooden stock. This leaves his balls out in the open and ready for some devious doings. No matter what horrible things you do to his balls, he won't be able to get up and run away without giving his ball sack a severe yank! Are you still with us and still want to enter to win?

14 January 2015
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Win a Crystal Delights Rainbow Butt Plug

It's day two of our International Fetish Day giveaways and today we've got something extra special. January 16th is International Fetish Day where all over the world 'Perverts wear Purple'. To celebrate this joyous occasion all week long we're holding daily giveaways for kinky new toys. In honour of the joyous occasion, today we're giving away a gorgeous Crystal Delights Rainbow Butt Plug in stunning Borosilicate glass. Want one? Then enter to win now!

13 January 2015
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Government Approved Periodic Table of Kink

You’d think the government had enough on its plate, what with trying to strengthen the economy and all. However, in the latter part of 2014, it seems that there was still time to address the much more pressing (it would seem) issue of what we should, or rather shouldn’t, be watching in our spare time!
12 January 2015
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