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How to make sex last longer

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How to make sex last longer

A quickie has its perks; great for when you want to get down and dirty for a speedy thrill and fill before that scheduled event. But when there’s no rush and you’re in the mood for some moanin’; long, lustful lovemaking is what you’re after. Except, that isn’t always on the cards, is it? It’s common for a quick come-on, but the good news is that there are tricks to help stretch out that short sex sesh into a slow, sensual, sizzling one. Want to know how to make sex last longer? Stay put and teach yourself these tips.

1. Set the scene

If you really want sex to go on and on (and on and on and on), start by setting the scene. It’s no good not putting in the effort, as your minds will be easily influenced by how you set up your sex session. Walking into a rose-petal-covered floor path to the newly made bed with all the romantic or raunchy decorations should dig out those dormant desires to certainly put you in the mood.

2. Stop and start

You can practise the stop-start technique by stopping stimulation just before ejaculation. You should stop and rest that powerful penis for around 30 to 60 seconds - when you feel like you’ve regained control - before giving yourself the green light to restart. Continue to thrust, stroke or wank and do it all again, stop just before you feel like you’re going to ejaculate - repeat four to five times. Then, finally allow yourself to have an orgasm. Practising this technique more often will prolong your playtime. Stop, start, stop, start to get over that finishing line in good time.

3. Train the tip

Want to know another technique on how to delay ejaculation? Well, one tip is to actually work on your tip. Just before ejaculating, you should squeeze the head of your penis for about 10 to 20 seconds to practise building control. This is known as the squeezing technique. Like the stop-start technique, practise this regularly to gain better control over your manhood.

4. Master masturbation

Master your manhood and masturbation for more playtime. Not only is regular masturbation healthy and even recommended by some doctors, it can also help you build stamina for longer-lasting sex. And fellas, there’s plenty of male masturbators out there for you to play with. Schedule in some self-play for an hour or two before sex when you can.

5. Foreplay is your friend

Not only does this create a more intimate and pleasurable, sexual experience - for all involved - but it can make sex last longer and be more intense. Be present in the moment, listen to your partner, and follow their body and their instructions. Try out tantalising touches and tongue action; anyone up for some red-hot rimming? This is a time to explore, fumble around, get frisky, and work out what you’re both into - whether using bodies or desirable dildos. Prolong the sexperience, and do plenty of mmmoaning from mutual masturbation.

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6. Distract

If you do feel like you’re edging nearer to climaxing, distract yourself, mentally. Take mental breaks, practise those times tables, or think about something mundane to keep you controlled. It can really work. Just, maybe, try not to say anything out loud, unless your partner’s into it, of course!

7. Destress

A big factor into why men experience PE (premature ejaculation) is all in the mindset. If you’re going through stress, anxiety, or depression, this can affect your sex life. So if you are going through any of these emotions for a prolonged period of time, you should speak to your doctor. A real one. If things in your life are getting in the way, try to talk them through with your partner. Communication is key and a deeper bond helps create a more connected sexual experience. So make sure to set time aside to relax and destress, to put yourself in a good mindset beforehand.

8. Climax-delaying condoms

A thicker condom can decrease sensation and delay ejaculation. Not only that, you can get benzocaine condoms. Benzocaine is a mild anaesthetic, commonly used as a pain reliever. Used in a condom, it works to desensitise your dick, delaying climax, prolonging erection and enabling you to put in a powerful performance. It’s cleverly designed to only affect the sensitivity of you and not your playmate, and the condoms typically contain benzocaine only in the tip.

9. Delay spray

Need some handy sprays to help with longer-lasting sex? Well, don’t delay for this! Get your hands on these delay sprays. These creams and sprays work by being absorbed into the skin to delay ejaculation, even by up to 20 minutes for some. Increasing your stamina, they also allow you to maintain sensation and experience intensified orgasms. There are so many formulas and mixtures, and they can be quickly applied and absorbed, with many also containing nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body. Get naughty and nourished!

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10. Tantric training

Take a deep breath because this tip is a true game-changer. The deep-breathing techniques of tantra! Tantra uses energy, breath work, and spirituality, and it can also help with more time for titillation. Regulated breathing can do wonders for delaying ejaculation. The meditation and relaxation involved can help with anxiety, to control it and keep it at bay, which often contributes to early ejaculation. You should avoid shallow, short breathing, which can speed up the heart rate and trigger those swimmers to come out early. Instead, you should spend five seconds breathing in one deep breath before exhaling for another five seconds.

Another tantric technique to try is to cease all stimulation at the point of climax - so pull out, basically. When you do this, contract the muscles within your pelvic floor and lower your chin to your chest. Practise the deep breathing, taking in as much air as you can for a slow, deep inhale to feel the warmth of the seual energy rise upwards in your body. Repeat the process and get into a routine to prolong raunchy recreation.

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3 August 2021
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