Delay Sprays & Creams

If you want long lasting sex play, don’t delay, UberKinky’s range of delay sprays and creams will put a stop to premature ejaculation in no time! Our creams and sprays will keep you going all night long, prolonging pleasure for both you, and your playmate. Give your playmate a big surprise by demonstrating your new found stamina. You will both be completely fulfilled when you introduce a one of these creams or sprays into your sex play. Formulated for safety, prolonged sexual enjoyment and delayed ejaculation, these clever mixtures will work wonders in your extracurricular activities. Go the distance with a delay spray or cream, for long lasting pleasure every time.

How to Delay Ejaculation

Lacking a libido of late? Struggling to keep up? Don’t get down about it, find out How to Delay Ejaculation in this informative guide.

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  1. Pau Yuen Tong Delay Balm
  2. Stud 100 Delay Spray 12g
  3. China Brush
  4. Cobeco Pharma The Ultimate Bull Power Delay Gel
  5. Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms
  6. Cobeco Pharma Viagel For Men
  7. Pjur Superhero Performance Spray
  8. Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray
  9. Cobeco Pharma Male Delay Wipes
  10. Shunga Dragon Virility Cream
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10 Items

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