A Guide To Mutual Masturbation

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By Ruby Payne
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A Guide To Mutual Masturbation

A guide to mutual masturbation

Tired of the mundane missionary position? Or, maybe your holes need a bit of a breather from all that deep penetration. Then why not add some mutual masturbation play into your sex routine? Those hands can do so much, so why aren’t we taking more advantage of them in the bedroom? Paired with your cumtastic sex toys, your hands, feet, mouth, tongue (excite yourself with our beginner’s guide to rimming), or even nose can all work together to send your partner on a hot, steamy, orgasmic vacay. And guess what? You get to join the ride too as you both pleasure each other to your hearts’ content. So, let’s get into it; learn the tricks, and spice up your sex life with our lip-biting guide to mutual masturbation.

What is mutual masturbation?

A chance to give those hard-working penises a rest, mutual masturbation is when partners use their hands or toys to stimulate one another’s genitals, or their own, and it can be done between two or more people. And it’s OH SO sexually versatile and gratifying. You can go for sensual teasing by extending your foreplay, or schedule in some quickies without even needing to undress when your hands just want to get down and dirty.

Need a filling still? You can incorporate penetration with the use of dildos if you like, or lead up to it for a grand, pounding finale. We can also show you how to master double penetration for a double filling. If you’ve had enough of your hole being filled for now though, you may want your partner to just use a sex toy to tease and slide against your sensitive areas. Oh, and do we have the perfect turn-your-vagina-into-Niagara-Falls toys for this?! Take the tentacle dildo down under and prepare for a splash with its tantalising taintacle feel. Or, escape to a fantasy with our dragon dildos that will leave you flying high on sexstasy.

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How would mutual masturbation work for more than two people?

If you’ve got a horny bunch around you, or maybe you’re up for a threesome but not sure how to start, mutual masturbation is a perfect sex act. By focusing on the genitals with hands and toys, everyone gets the chance to guide each other and talk through what they love and what’s not quite working. Because this is so focused on fingers, hands, and toys, partners can also pleasure themselves to put on a show for others to watch. In fact, this can work as a model to show others exactly what turns you on. So, grab the popcorn, take a front-row seat, and get sticky and sweet. Then, once you’ve learned more about how your fuck buddies get off, you can take centre stage!

If you have an odd-number group, you can pair off for some mutual masturbation action whilst the ‘odd one out’ gets to be the spectator. They can either sit back and relax or go to town on themselves as they get an erotic view. Just make sure you’ve got a good system by swapping regularly so you all get time to play. And if you’re a bunch of clean freaks as well as sex freaks, have plenty of wet wipes and sex essentials on hand to freshen up each other so everyone’s happy.

You could even alternate sessions by different mediums and challenges, e.g. one session everyone has to use a sex toy, another it’s just fingers, and another you all need to use just one hand to make a partner explode for you. You could even turn it into a game to see who gets their partner to come first, or who can keep them from coming the longest! Brush up on your torture skills by skimming our beginner’s guide to orgasm denial.

Pleasuring each other with hands: a mutual masturbation how to

Pleasuring vagina-owners with masturbation:

  • You can start slow and circulate the vagina and labia with the palm of your hand
  • Keep a few fingers next to each other to form a flat surface to rub the labia and clitoris in circular motions
  • Use one finger to lightly stroke the labia up and down, wetting it yourself or using their juices. Bring some fun into it by rubbing along an animal dildo, caressing and gliding the hot habitat against the detailed grooves, curves, and clit-flicking tails
  • For some fast action, use the ends of your fingers for the ultimate climax by circulating and stroking in different directions around the clioris, and then sliding them up and down the vagina
  • If they’re ready for some filling, mix it up with some fisting, or allow a fist dildo to help out (make sure they’re comfortable with it first, and grab some fisting lube to make things super slippery)

Pleasuring penis-owners with masturbation:

  • Take control of the shaft from the base and start with a slow up-and-down motion
  • Use the other hand to cup the balls and massage them as you work the shaft with the other hand - you can even get your tongue involved to really get them going by licking the balls, following up the shaft, before circulating it over the bellend and back down again, ever so teasingly
  • Work your hands to their rhythm and keep a close eye on their body movements, especially those toes, or maybe they’re a talker or instructor!

By listening and paying close attention, you can both keep each other going and on the same rhythm for as long as you can manage, enhancing the sexual experience tenfold. Cue multiple orgasms and deeper satisfaction - whether you use penetration or not!

The benefits of mutual masturbation

Aside from giving the penises and thrusting action a rest, mutual masturbation comes with so many other benefits. One, it can allow an incredibly intimate session for partners with the use of hands and fingers getting to know the body. When the hands are the leader, those fingers and thumbs get to go everywhere and you’ll be blown away by the dexterity - or sexterity!

Given that the come-rate of penetrative sex is very low for vagina-owners, hand action is already a big part of sex anyway, but having a full-on finger session can give partners multiple orgasms and longer-lasting satisfaction.

No need to worry about rubber friction or having to protect genitals either, without the penis, vaginas don’t need to be on high alert for any swimmers entering unexpectedly. You can get all the fun and pleasure without worrying. The only concern you need to be cautious about though is fingers injuring the lining of the vagina or anus. If this happens, it can leave an opening for viruses or bacteria to travel through, so keep those nails trimmed and go easy in there. Doing a LDR? That's a long-distance relationship. Then this is amazing for keeping you both swooning for one another as you can both get each other off with the UberKinky guide to phone sex; pleasuring yourself as the voice of your loved one guides you through. Or, you could just listen out for each other’s titillating moans whilst your hands or toys do the talking.

Where’s best to try mutual masturbation?

When hands and toys are the star of the show, where can’t you try it is the question? Unbutton those pants, zip down and let your partner slide down for some hot and high-energy quickies whilst in the car or doing the dishes.

For a truly sensual experience, set the scene on a cosy rug or the bed, with plenty of cushioning. If you have more than two trying it, you may want to throw down some pillows, blankets and duvets on the floor if the bed isn’t big enough. Light some candles, turn up some mood-fitting music and fumble around.

If you’re tired of seeing the same four walls, why not jump in the shower, only this time to get down and dirty. The shower head can even come into play, before rinsing you both off once you’ve reached your happy ending. Also perfect for the shower is a suction cup dildo, as you can secure it to any smooth, flat surface for some hands-free fun so your hands can fondle your partner, whilst you get a boning without any awkward prone-to-slipping positions. You want to be steaming from the hot, intimate shower sex, not because you’ve both ended up falling.

If this has sent you into an alluring daydream, and you can feel yourself getting wet just thinking about how to try this, then you’re ready, and our job is done. All that’s left is to get experimental and explore your kinks, we wonder where you can get some inspiration from...? Have fun in our world and come back any time.

24 June 2021