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6 confidence boosting sex positions to try

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6 confidence boosting sex positions to try tonight

Whether you’ve been with your partner five years or five minutes, there’s absolutely no shame in feeling a little low in the confidence department when it comes to sex. But sex shouldn’t be something you feel obligated to do, or that you dread because of your self-esteem, it’s all about getting exactly the pleasure you want. Overcoming your low confidence, even a little bit, can do wonders for your sex life.

Although your mind immediately goes to how you look naked, trust us when we say that your partner isn’t worrying about whether your legs are shaved, whether you’ve taken the pussy to the groomers, or which parts jiggle. But that shift in mindset doesn’t happen with a single shag - we get that - so here’s six confidence boosting sex positions to add to your sexual arsenal.

1. Get on top

Sounds like the worst nightmare of someone with body confidence issues, right? Well, sometimes you need to get a little uncomfortable in order to get more comfortable. Being on top and naked, on full display, can make you feel vulnerable, but that’s exactly why you should give it a go.

Whilst you may be worrying about what you look like, your partner isn’t. Trust us, they’re already banging you so the only thought in their head is about how lucky they are. And as well as being on display, you’re in full control; being on top is the ultimate dominant sex position. You can control the pace and speed, and you could even tie your partner up for complete submission. Think easy-to-use ankle and wrist restraints for a mild kink or heat things up to the max with bed restraints or even spreader bars. You naughty thing.

2. Reverse cowgirl

Stay on top but switch things up even more. Reverse cowgirl helps you get even more comfortable with taking control of sex, only this time your juicy peach is on display instead. Although a source of worry for many, your partner is only gonna be focused on the sight of it bouncing up and down. Trust us.

A position with little to no eye contact can feel weird at first, but use it as an opportunity to tap into your primal side where all you need is the physical sensations of sex. Unleash the animal within.

3. Face sitting

Gaining confidence in sex has a lot to do with taking charge and getting the pleasure you want. Face sitting is the ultimate way to do just that.

Who doesn’t love a bit of oral? Whether you’re the owner of a proud penis or a voracious vagina, oral feels totally different to penetrative sex, opening up a whole new world of wonderful sensations. Sitting on someone’s face displays - you guessed it - total dominance over that person. Control the pace by moving back and forth, grinding and thrusting to achieve your climax. This person is yours, use them how you wish. (With their complete consent, of course.)

If you’re ready to take your face sitting to another level, invest in a sex stool for comfortable yet oustanding oral gratification. No more buckling at the knees for the wrong reasons!

4. Doggy style

The perfect position for any couple, regardless of gender, because you both play an active role. For straight couples and pairings involving two penis owners, you’re already sorted. For two vulva owners, you’re going to want to invest in a quality dildo and strap-on harness that you both feel comfortable with.

Doggy style allows for some real deep penetration, giving both parties ultimate pleasure - no one’s going to be worried about what you look like. Use doggy as an opportunity to experiment with whatever else makes you feel good; if you own a clitoris, rub away with a free hand or even indulge in a vibrator. If you’re being pegged, try playing with your own cock for double the fun.

5. Mutual masturbation

Remember when we said that sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to become more comfortable? Mutual masturbation is another one of those. Gaining confidence in the bedroom isn’t just about being OK with how you look, it’s being OK with what gives you pleasure. Not sure what I’m talking about? Head over for a detour to our ‘What is mutual masturbation’ post. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

Back now? Wanking together allows you both to figure out what gets the other person off. Maybe there’s a certain way you circle your clit, maybe you’re partial to a little ball play, or perhaps you need to tweak your nipples and have someone blow in your ear in order for the fireworks to go off. Not only will your partner find this incredibly arousing, but they’ll learn a trick or two in the process. And it also allows for some serious eye contact, and that’s seriously hot.

6. Legs up!

Missionary is great. Who doesn’t love missionary for both a quick bang and some real intimacy? But hooking your legs over your partner’s shoulder is a quick and easy way to turn up the heat. You’re putting more of your body on display in exchange for some deep penetration that’ll really hit the spot.

Take charge by throwing your legs over their shoulders or pulling your knees into your chest; you know exactly what you want and you’re taking it. Your confidence will follow your legs soon.

27 August 2021
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