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The best sex toys for beginners

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The best sex toys for beginners

Getting tired of the usual go-to sex positions? Feeling a bit same-y in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re just horny for some self-lovin’? Whether you’re a sex toy novice or it’s just been a while since you’ve had a play with a turn-you-on toy, we’ve got you sorted out with our pick of the best sex toys for beginners, from a simple buzzer to a brave little dildo.

Dig some good vibrations

Get into a new vibe. Vibrators are popular for a reason. From bullet vibrators and rabbit vibrators to luxury vibrators and wand vibrators, these buzzy little beauts are perfect for beginners. Some may find sex toys a bit daunting, so something that doesn’t have to go deep in yet can deeply delight is a winner. And the mini massager is perfect for starting out.

This pocket-sized playmate certainly packs some power. At just four inches in length, it’s perfectly portable and comes with different speed settings you can control at the base with a twist dial. Work your way up or stick to a cumfortable speed - now that’s magic.

Get dolled up

Whether you’re into the pussy or the penis, there are sex dolls to sensationally satisfy. We’re not talking gawping, blow-up ones, oh no, these are meticulously designed to replicate realness for an intense session. And what’s also great about them is that they’re perfect for training. With torsos, breasts, nips, bums, flaps, holes, balls, cocks etc., you can master some titillating techniques and schedule in some sexy training sessions. So by the time it comes to your real-life playmate, you’ll be blowing them away!

  1. UberKinky Fuck Me Bare Perfect Pussy & Ass Masturbator
  2. UberKinky Fuck Me Bare Mega Masturbator
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  3. Pipedream F* Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator
    Pipedream F* Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator 1 5 5 1
  4. California Exotics Butt Banger Masturbator
    California Exotics Butt Banger Masturbator 2 3 5 1

Simple-yet-sexy silicone dildos

Ahh, the trusted dildo. Now, a dildo may be daunting for some when trying out a sex toy, but don’t worry because there’s actually a range out there for beginners. The silicone dildo provides a softer, stimulating, sexy-for-the-skin material. For beginners, it’s probably best to skip the mighty Mandrake dildo and, ahem, the 43-inch snake dildo. Sorry if we dislocated your jaw there from the quick gasp. Instead, you can start with the simpler, natural-looking, 5.5-inch silicone dildo to play with.

No fancy colours, bulges, alien features (yep, there’s an explorative alien dildo) or mighty, mammoth girth and length with this one, which makes it perfect for a beginner. More realistic (in both size and look), it comes curved to reach that G-spot and prostate gland. The silicone feel makes it nice and squishy and soft and supple to touch, but rigid and firm enough to send you into penetrative pleasure town, or slide-and-glide sensual city.

Be a ringer for love

A cock ring can give you greater girth (the illusion of), as well as a longer-lasting sexual experience! One of the simpler sex toys with plenty of playful perks for the penis - you just slide it on, and you slide in. They’re designed to slow the blood flow from the penis, which will give a harder erection and a powerful, pleasurable performance for all involved. While we have a kinky spiky cock ring and a cock ring with leather ball strap, to begin with, the soft silicone one will see you through and bring those o o ohhs. Also check out our beginner's guide to cock rings for some horny homework.

Beg for more with beginner bondage

If you’re not quite ready for anything going in but want to try out some toys, then this beginner bondage kit is brilliant. With soft-on-skin cotton rope, a feather tickler, fancy flogger, begging-for-more blindfold, punishing playful paddle, come-for-me collar, and raunchy wrist and ankle restraints, you can have plenty of frivolous fun. You can use this kit to explore some kinks and role play, all tailored to your interests, desires, and fantasies.

Beginner anal toys

For you backdoor beginners who want to try out some bum fun. What do we have?

Get anal about starting out

Where to start then? With the anal starter kit, of course.

Replicating the more natural head of the penis, you can use these joyful jellies to build up to bigger boners. Coming in fun colours - purple, pink, and transparent - these are ideal for beginners. With all the practice put in, you’ll be begging for bigger and better in no time.

A spot-on prostate massager

Perfect for the P-spot. The what now? Guys, study your a-z of orgasms because yes, P is for prostate orgasm! Others can fit in there, of course, but this one is a worthy shout, since it will indeed make you shout. But, if you’re unsure about how to use sex toys around this area, and just want to gradually take it easy before you go for that shocking colon snake, then prostate massagers are perfect for prodding and playing.

As a backdoor beginner, this Spot-On prostate massager will find the P-spot for you in no time. With its sleek, sneaky, stimulating shape, it will seek out the prostate and show you a good time. The ergonomic design with two finger loops makes it easy to handle and control. Solid, but with a bit of flex, you can apply the perfect pressure - spot on. Use some water-based lube for a smooth slide-in.

Beady for anal

If you want to experiment with anal pleasure, aka bum fun, then this beginner's anal bead kit will scratch that itch.

As a backdoor beginner, anal beads can seem daunting, but these ones are made specifically for those who are completely new to them. With slim, simple designs, you can work your way up - and that’s literally. They’re made to train your backside to build up to anal penetration at your own pace. Get excited and feel accomplished as you feel each bead pop in with full control.

Ease in with Ease-In

Ease-In anal dilators describe exactly what they do. Start off small to practise insertion, building up to bigger heads, and before you know it, you’ll be begging to be boned from behind.

Explore so much more in our sex toy world, and also check out our beginner's guide to sex toys. Contact UberKinky with any questions or to see what would be perfect for you as a beginner - we’re happy to help!

16 August 2021
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