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Beginner's Guide To Sensation Play

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We see kinky people...

You remember The Sixth Sense, right?! Well, that little boy may see dead people, but our sixth sense for sexual/sadistic satisfaction guarantees to make your body come alive. although....we can’t promise it won’t take your breath away! So, whether you want to explore the inner offerings of the BDSM world, magnify every tantalising/tormenting touch or simply get that adrenaline pumping for the ultimate orgasmic high, you’ll find everything you need to know in this informative guide. Now, get reading and we’ll have you ready to play a blinder in no time!

Reasons You Should Try Sensation Play

Reasons You Should Try Sensation Play

Sense there’s something not quite right about dripping hot wax on the body? Think it’s a touch absurd to play with pinwheels? Well, it may come as a bit of a shock, but sensation play promises you a real taste of superior satisfaction, and here are 4 UberKinky reasons why;

Sensation Play - Endorphin Release

It’s high time you discovered euphoric pleasure...

Set your sights on an intense natural high, like nothing you’ve ever experienced! although not intended to inflict actual pain on the body, sensation play works in much the same way as many other BDSM activities. In this case, stimuli may be carefully applied to the body in a controlled fashion. The small shock tricks the body into thinking it is in pain and, as a result, endorphins are released into the blood stream. The effect is similar to morphine or codeine and triggers an elated, euphoric state. Your search for the ultimate release is over!

Sensation Play - Heightened Senses

Get a sense of supreme sensitivity and explosive intensity...

It’s just common sense; this type of play increases sensitivity, thereby enhancing every tantalising touch. The gentlest of kisses, licks or strokes will have bottoms on the climactic brink and squirming with pleasure. There are two types of sensation play; sensory modification and sensory deprivation. When used in conjunction with one another, the result is explosive intensity. Taking away any one of the senses, such as with a blindfold, will heighten all other senses. Give it a try; you’ll see what we mean!

Sensation Play - Emotional Connection

You’ll have a really good feeling about your relationship...

Have you got a good feeling about this yet? although considered less extreme than many other forms of BDSM, sensation play still involves an exchange of power and therefore requires a great deal of trust. The bottom surrenders to only the experiences their playmate allows or denies them, resulting in a profound emotional connection. Trusting, and being trusted, implicitly is not only an incredible turn on, it’s also guaranteed to strengthen any relationship. So, what are you waiting for? Trust us; you won’t regret it!

Sensation Play - Submissive Satisfaction

Get a taste for giving up control and amazing anticipation...

Open your eyes! Sensation Play is a great way for beginners to experiment with BDSM and power exchange. It allows bottoms to get a sense of being helpless, without having to simultaneously cope with a great deal of pain. Not only does it inspire all new feelings of anticipation, having gratification in someone else’s hands is also an incredible thrill. This redefining of roles will be a huge turn on for both of you. So, why not give in to temptation?


Safety First!

Alright already; we hear you! It’s true that some of what we cover in our safety section is merely common sense. However, we take your safety very seriously here at UberKinky, so please ensure that you read it carefully before proceeding.

In any type of play it is imperative to decide on a safety word/action prior to getting started. although sensation play is considered as a gentle and sensual activity, things can still get a little rough from time to time, and as such a safe word/action remains a necessity. For more information regarding this, please take a look at our Guide To Safe Words.

Be careful with hoods, gas masks, gags and any other items that are likely to restrict breathing. Please always pay close attention to body language and keep an eye out for symptoms of circulatory problems, including; tingling, a loss of sensation, a drop in temperature and a change of skin colour. If any of these occur, it is vital that you stop immediately.

How you choose to play is entirely up to you, however all stimuli must be applied in a controlled fashion, typically in an attempt to shock the body rather than cause actual physical pain. Tops should be aware of how and where it is safe to apply this stimulation. With so many differing forms of sensation play, it can be tricky to cover all of the relevant safety points. So if your chosen activity is spanking, (flogging or paddling) clamping or wax play, please take a look at our comprehensive beginner’s guides for specific and essential safety advice.

Okay, now you’re starting to see things a little more clearly, take a look at our UberKinky dos and don’ts;



  • Start slowly
  • Avoid ball/spider gags when you are starting out; they can cause jaw pain
  • Decide on a safe word/action prior to play
  • Stop if you experience any signs of breathing/circulatory difficulties
  • Pay close attention to body language
  • Discuss boundaries beforehand
  • Use specially designed candles for wax play
  • Take the necessary precautions against blood borne diseases in the event that bleeding could occur (such as if playing with pinwheels)


  • Pour hot liquid onto bottoms; it does not cool in the same way as wax
  • Use hoods or masks until you are more experienced
  • Spank areas of the body near the spine, kidneys or other vital organs
  • Apply stimulus consistently to the same area (alternate between areas)
  • Apply stimulus to the face/eyes
  • Leave clamps on for more than 10 minutes (you can build on this gradually)
  • Leave bound/restrained or hooded/masked bottoms alone
what is sensation play

What is Sensation Play?

Looking for a sweet sensation? Well, we guarantee you’ll want to sing about the feelings inspired by this play!

So, what is sensation play exactly? Well, those in the know would likely define it as tricking the body into thinking it is in pain in an attempt to inspire an intense and exciting physical reaction within the body. It differs from many other BDSM activities such as power exchange and role play which affect a mental response as well. The body reacts to carefully controlled stimulus by releasing waves of pleasurable endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller), in an attempt to counteract the ‘pain’. The result is somewhat similar to a ‘runners high’, only much more intense and orgasmic.

You could class almost all BDSM activities as sensation play, because they each rely on sensations to some degree. However, sensation play is typically viewed as light and gentle in contrast to varying other forms of BDSM. It is possible that in some instances pain will occur, particularly if sensation play is being integrated as part of a more extreme scene. However, this is generally not the intention. Sensation play is sometimes used as a technique to introduce someone to BDSM play, allowing them to experience the feeling of surrender without having to concurrently deal with a great deal of pain.

When we refer to sensation play, we generally mean one of two things; heightening/stimulating the senses or depriving them completely. The two are usually combined for optimum results. As you know when one sense is inhibited, the other four are enhanced. This means that every teasing and tantalising touch is that much more intense. Restraint and bondage are typically used in any sensation play scene to stop the bottom from touching things that they shouldn’t, and keep them firmly in their place.

So, now we’ve awakened your senses, let’s go into more detail...

types of sensation play

Types of Sensation Play

Sensory Deprivation

You’ll feel anything other than deprived after some supreme sensation play! If you’re playmate is so spoilt that they simply have everything, why not confiscate something they’ll really miss? Like, oh I don’t know...say one of their five senses? When it comes to sensory deprivation, restriction of sight and speech are the most common choices. although often used as a method to enhance all other sensations, sensory deprivation is also enjoyed as a standalone activity. In this type of scene the Top may choose to limit or completely restrict all five senses at once. This technique is regularly employed as a way to instil fear in bottoms, encouraging them to react to being ‘alone’ (never actually leave bottoms in a sensory deprivation scene alone). Sensory deprivation can be taken to extremes with mummification. However, this is only for the more experienced players, so give it a LOT of time before you decide to wrap things up. Our UberKinky Bondage Tape is perfect for mummification as it sticks only to itself; this avoids additional and unnecessary pain upon removal. However, it can also be achieved using pallet wrap. But be sure to have some Round Ended Medical Scissors handy in case of an emergency. Check out some of UberKinky’s favourite tools for sensory deprivation;



Want to create a blinding sensation play scene? Well strapping on a blindfold will really make for an intense experience. Keep bottoms in the dark as to what’s in store by restricting sight and intensifying every sadistically satisfying sensation. In addition, the feel of the material against the skin will only add to sensory bliss. Perhaps the most popular item for this type of scene, faces will light up at the thought of wearing one. See to it that you’re sensation play is supreme with an UberKinky blindfold!



We don’t want to rain on your parade, but we advise you to steer clear of hoods until you are a little more experienced. After all, they can restrict breathing as well as sight, smell, taste and hearing. Hoods are a great choice for objectification and make for the ultimate dehumanisation scene (particularly if you opt for an animal hood). This often goes hand in hand with sensory deprivation. But take things slowly; start with a blindfold and keep your eyes open for any problematic signs.

Gas Mask

gas mask

There’s no masking it; this is a terrifying tool of torture! A gas mask can be used as a way to restrict four out of the five senses; sight, hearing, taste and smell, depending on which one you choose. However, this is often a device used to engage in some brutal breath play, so if you decide to intensify your scene, please play carefully! We’re not full of hot air here at Uberkinky, so please believe us when we say this is not the ideal choice for beginners; it will certainly take you to dizzying extremes!

Ball Gag

ball gag

We’re sure bottoms will bite your hand off when you suggest a gag for your supreme sensation play! A ball gag is a great tool for sensory deprivation as it will completely incapacitate the mouth, meaning that tasting anything at all is impossible. However, we just can’t keep quiet about the fact that a it is not really for beginners and can sometimes be a little painful on the jaw. Remember; you may have balls, but it is essential to decide on a safe action prior to playing with gags. Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Ball Gags for more information.



Calm down! We know you’re excited, but please try to retrain yourself! Restraints are often used in sensation play scenes to stop naughty bottoms from reaching for things that they shouldn’t. We don’t want them removing a gag or blindfold now, do we? However, they are also useful for keeping them in their place. This avoids hot wax dripping somewhere it shouldn’t, or a flogging to an area out of bounds. However, a restraint can simply be used as a tool to inhibit touch. Even without the application of any stimuli bottoms can be pushed over the edge.

Ear Plugs/Earmuffs

ear muffs

If you want to cut off their sense of hearing, UberKinky has some sound advice for you! Simply stop them from eavesdropping on things they shouldn’t with the help of some earmuffs or earplugs. Restricting hearing is less common than other forms of sensory deprivation, but can make a fantastic accompaniment to any scene. Believe us the praise you receive afterwards will be deafening!

Vacuum Bed

vacuum bed

Make dreams come true with a vacuum bed! However, don’t get sucked into trying it too soon; a vacuum bed is designed to cut off all five of the senses and will restrict breathing, so be sure to wait until you’re a little more experienced before giving it a go. It can make for some supreme sensory deprivation play, whilst clinging to every inch of the body for the ultimate in sex appeal. The gentlest touch will deliver an orgasmic thrill. One thing’s for sure; you’ll feel anything but clean after playing with this vacuum!


Sensory Modification

Fancy a change? Well, there are plenty of ways in which you can modify/stimulate the senses. So your sensation play scene need never be the same twice! With sensory modification, certain responses occur within the body as a result of carefully applied stimulation. There are a variety of different tools available to aid this stimulation and each delivers optimum, yet unique results. Don’t forget; you guys already have a number of built in tools to help you engage in some supreme sensation play. Fingers have many uses ;) However, they come in particularly handy for this activity. Try tickling, clawing, scratching and pinching. alternatively, who doesn’t love a bit of oral action? Tops can get up close and personal by almost kissing their bottoms skin; breathing so that the heat and movement of the air brushes up against them. If they look so tasty you just want to eat them up, why not try a bite of what’s on offer? There’s certainly no shortage of additional tools and techniques too. So to help you come to your senses and agree that this is absolutely the best way to play, here are some UberKinky favourites;



You’ll never tire of playing with clamps! Designed to increase sensitivity of the area in question, they are ideal for use prior to your sensation play scene. The result will be enhanced sensitivity, making for an even more intense experience. That sensitive spot will be all the more susceptible to every pleasurable or punishable touch you deliver. So, if you’re ready to set the wheels in motion, take a look at How To Use Nipple Clamps.

Ring/Spider Gag

Ring/Spider Gag

We bet you’re just gagging to give this a go! Open up to a world of new possibilities and get a taste of what sensation play is all about. With the mouth held in place, it is up to Tops to decide how they wish to feed their animalistic instincts. although an item of this kind may be more typically used in an extreme BDSM scene, it is a great tool for allowing tastes to be dictated. Often this sort of gag will be combined with a blindfold so that the reaction is shock rather than anything else. We don’t recommend a gag for beginners, but this sort of play could never be described as tasteless!

Wartenberg Pinwheel

Wartenberg Pinwheel

Prescribe yourself some pinwheel pleasure! Designed as a medical tool for testing nerve response, this innovative device is now used in bedrooms, dungeons and fetish clubs across the globe. The Wartenberg pinwheel delivers the ultimate prickly sensation to really stimulate the senses. If used gently it won’t pierce the skin; however, we know that some of you crave a really big prick ;) It can even be dragged sideways, for really naughty bottoms. But we’re merely scratching the surface when it comes to this terrifying tool; take a look at our Guide To Wartenberg Pinwheels



You know that we love to lead people/things astray here at UberKinky ;) That’s why we’ve made use of many a pervertible in our time. And if we know you guys as well as we think we do, you definitely have too! A pervertible refers to a normal everyday household object that can be used to aid you in your salacious activities. A hairbrush is a particularly good choice for sensation play, but be careful not to choose items that could splinter or cause any actual harm. We always recommend using specially designed tools, however, if you want to be a 'pervert', choose carefully.



We bet you’re already licking your lips just thinking about this! Many types of balms will inspire a tingly sensation on those sensitive spots (please ensure suitable beforehand), however there are products specifically developed for this purpose. Some balms are designed to heat or cool the area in question, however things can get really interesting when you add a bit of flavour. This is when you’ll get a real taste of what sensation play is all about. We know that bottoms taste good, but now they’ll taste even better. You’d be barmy not to try it!



uckily for you, we’re just giving away advice here at UberKinky! Floggers can be used to gently caress the body, moving against the skin and between the legs. alternatively, they can be used for a sensual spanking, so that the tails simply fall onto the bottom’s skin. Sometimes flogging is carried out as a way of increasing sensitivity prior to the main event. If after your supreme sensation play scene you’re ready to take your BDSM play up a notch, take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Flogging. So, if you’re sold on flogging as part of your scene, browse the collection today.



Want to really make a splash in your sensation play activities? Well paddling is a great way to stimulate the senses and dip your toes into the wonderful world of BDSM play. Usually endured bending over, OTK or doggy-style, paddling for sensation play should remain gentle and to avoid getting into deep water, you should rub the area softly after each swat. Sometimes paddling is used to increase sensitivity prior to this play. If after your supreme sensation play scene you’re ready to take your BDSM play up a notch, take a look at the UberKinky Beginner’s Guide To Paddling.



When it comes to sensation play, spanking is a real hit! Often used to increase sensitivity prior to the main sensational event, spanking can stimulate the blood flow and enhance every tantalising touch. To increase the sensation play aspect of a spanking scene, it is often combined with restraints and a blindfold. In addition to flogging and paddling, other tools such as canes and whips can be used; however these are less common in sensation play scenes as they are typically considered more extreme. Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Spanking for more information.



Laughter is the best medicine, right?! Well this sort of tickling will inspire greater reactions within the body than just laughter. Whether you want sensations that are as light as a feather, or you want to go into full on tickle torture mode, this play can be as intense or gentle as you desire. So tickle with the fingers, or a feather, but one thing’s for sure; bottoms will be flying high. If you have a soft spot for tickling, try to focus on the soles of the feet, the armpits, behind the knee, along the sides and (for women) underneath the breasts. Tops will certainly have the last laugh!



It’ll be glowing reports all round after this electrifying escapade! A violet wand is an incredible choice for sensation play, as the gentle stimulation will tease and please those senses. Take a look at the UberKinky Violet Wands Essential Guide for more information. Other electrosex equipment can be used too. Typically for sensation play, it will be applied gently and carefully to allow the senses to react. If, however, you’re ready to take things up a notch, check out our UberKinky Beginner’s Guide To Electro Sex. Bright sparks will definitely take things slowly when playing with electricity!

Rough vs. Smooth

vampire gloves

Opposites attract, right?! Well if you enjoy the odd bit of rough, but also like things to run smoothly in your play, this could be the perfect technique for you. It simply entails alternating between a silk scarf and a piece of sandpaper to bring about contrasting sensations within the body. Remember to keep things light with the sandpaper and only use fine grit; we don’t want you to do any lasting damage now, do we?! alternatively, you could use UberKinky's Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves for the rough bits! Bottoms will definitely need to grit their teeth to withstand the intensity!

Temperature Play

Temperature Play

Got high hopes for your temperature play? Well it can go one of two ways; things could get really HOT or incredibly cool. Temperature play involves the use of objects (cutlery, chains) and substances (wax, water, ice) to stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors for hot and cold, resulting in a supremely sensual effect. Either turn things up a notch by engaging in some wonderful wax play, creating a fine body of art, or give them goosebumps by running an ice cube over every inch of their body, paying particular attention to those sensitive spots. You could even let the ice cube melt in the mouth and transfer the cold via the lips. alternatively, there are other ways to apply heat to the body, without engaging in wax play. Take a sip of hot tea or coffee and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, then swallow. After this lick and kiss your playmate’s body wherever takes your fancy. For more information about wax play and essential safety information take a look at the UberKinky Beginner’s Guide To Wax Play



Listen up, Uberkinky friends! You should know by now that aftercare is an extremely important part of your play. Even though sensation play is less extreme than many other BDSM pastimes, a great deal of TLC is still required after the scene has ended.

It is possible for bottoms to slip into subspace when having their senses played with, and it is certainly likely that they will be on the brink throughout. Give them time to adjust and come back down to Earth gradually. Taper the scene off by applying stimulus more infrequently and gently, eventually bringing play to an end.

Bottoms may be light headed, weak, emotional, cold or unable to talk afterwards. A blanket, a cup of tea and reassuring cuddles will help them get back on their feet before they are completely back in the room.

Remember; be sensible. Give them the time and attention needed for a sensational end to some sensational play!


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