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Beginner's Guide

How To Use Nipple Clamps

Nipple play and nipple torture are a couple of the more popular aspects of BDSM. Most players will have at least one form of nipple clamps in their gear bag to torture someone's tender nipple buds with. If you're new to the scene and would like to study up on nipple play before you go out and buy your first set of beginner's nipple clamps then our comprehensive guide to nipple clamps will be a rich resource to help you learn the basics and choose your first pair of nipple clamps.

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What Is Nipple Play and Nipple Torture?

Nipple play is a way of making a sensitive erogenous zone even more sensitive to touch. Nipple torture is the act of taking advantage of this heightened sensitivity by introducing pinwheels, feathers, ice cubes and other innocuous devices to bring pain, suffering and pleasure. Once blood has been either pulled in by a vacuum device or trapped by a nipple clamp, upon removal nipple sensation is much more intense as blood rushes back into the nipple.

Playing with nipple clamps not only results in supreme sensitivity, it also delivers an incredible natural high, provides a real taste of submissive satisfaction and offers intensity like never before. Titivation and titillation have never been meant quite so literally! So, isn’t it time you got to grips with the idea?

For a more detailed breakdown of why everyone should add a pinch of nipple naughtiness to their play, take a look at our UberKinky Reasons You Should Try Nipple Clamps guide.

Reasons You Should Try Nipple Clamps

Reasons You Should Try Nipple Clamps

Not one to cope well under pressure? Think you’d be nuts to try nipple clamps? Well; get a grip! Everyone’s feeling the pinch these days and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why...

Nipple Clamps - Endorphin Release

You’ll be in a rush to experience a ‘natural high’ like this again...

Let go of inhibitions! Applying this type of stimulus will inspire the body to react in the same way it usually does when in pain; by releasing endorphins to counteract it. Endorphins interact with the opiate receptors to have an effect similar to codeine or morphine. This results in an intense natural high that inspires a new pleasure vs. pain association within the body. What better way to spend your free time?

Nipple Clamps - Heightened Sensitivity

Enhance every touch and squeeze in some sensation play...

Want to add a pinch of sensitivity to your play? When clamps are removed, the nipple becomes all the more sensitive to every tantalising touch. The gentlest stroke, kiss and suck will have bottoms on the climactic brink all over again. Why not take advantage of this with some supreme sensation play? Try a little ice or even gently run a Wartenberg pinwheel over that susceptible spot. It’s high time you gave it a go!

Nipple Clamps - Emotional Connection

Trust us; it’s going to be emotional...

Get a tug on the heart strings as well as the nipples! Using clamps with your playmate will provoke a profound emotional connection between you. Allowing someone complete control over your sensations requires a great deal of trust, which inspires intense psychological and physical responses in the body. Similarly, taking control demonstrates that trust is well placed. It’ll be emotional, in more ways than one!

Nipple Clamps - The Feel

Get a feel for orgasmic nipple naughtiness...

Want to really titillate those nipples? As we reach our pique, we can tolerate much stronger stimulation. Applying a little more pressure to the nipple at the point of climax promises an even more explosive experience. Additionally, when clamps are removed, all of the blood rushes back to the surface which is, in itself, an incredibly intense sensation. It is a mixture of pain and pure orgasmic pleasure. So, add a touch of nipple naughtiness to your play!

Nipple Clamps - Submissive Satisfaction

Don’t be a control freak; let someone else do the hard work...

Squeeze some submissive satisfaction into your extracurricular activities! Being at the mercy of someone else and having pleasure/pain completely in their hands can be extremely gratifying. It inspires all new feelings of anticipation and helps bottoms to relax into sensations over which they have no control. Similarly, being the one in control is an incredible turn on. Give in to temptation!

Nipple Clamps - The Look

Develop an eye for detail and add a little beauty to your brawn...

Titivate those nipples for the ultimate in sex appeal! It’s not all about the way clamps feel, they look incredible too. So why not adorn those nipples with the crowning jewels they deserve and really enhance the aesthetics in your play? When it comes to nipple niceties, you’ll only have eyes for clamps!


Safety First!

Ready to set the wheels in motion with your nipple play? Then don’t be driven solely by the thrill, it’s vital to consider a few safety points before getting started.

Clamps essentially cut off circulation and, as such, they shouldn’t be left on for long periods of time. The first time is likely to hurt, but the more you play, the more the skin will start to get used to the sensation and even become slightly numb to it. The removal of the clamp is the most painful part; however, it is also the most intense. Having the nipples gently licked, kissed or massaged at this point will reduce the amount of pain felt. However, sensitivity of the nipple can last anywhere from a few hours to a day.

Beginners beware; it’s recommended that you leave clamps on for no longer than 10 minutes when starting out. You’ll find that you are able to build this up over time, but even the most competent clamper shouldn’t leave these torturous tools in place for longer than 20 minutes. It’s imperative to alleviate pressure often so that circulation is restored, and always closely monitor reactions. Remember; communication is key.

Finally, pay close attention and watch out for signs of distress. If the nipple begins to swell, or changes colour at all, remove the clamp immediately.

Now all that’s left is to squeeze in our safety dos and don’ts;



  • Do check for circulation and numbness often
  • Alleviate pressure every 20-30 minutes to restore circulation fully
  • Do start beginners off with adjustable nipple clamps
  • Be gentle with piercings
  • Do sanitise your nipple clamps if you play with more than one submissive
  • Do remove the nipple clamps immediately if the nipple begins to swell or turn colour
  • Go slowly, gradually increasing intensity and monitoring reactions


  • Leave clamps on for long periods of time
  • Don’t go any longer than about ten minutes with nipple clamps when first starting out as a beginner

How Do You Wear Nipple Clamps?

Once you’ve chosen the nipple clamps you plan on playing with, start by gently rubbing or pinching the nipple to get it erect. This will give the nipple clamp more to grab on to. Grasp the nipple and give it a gentle pull outward and place the nipple clamp behind the nipple just on the areola. By doing this, you now have access to a tender bud which allows you to do your worst. For nipple clamp beginners it is advisable to set a time limit of ten minutes of clamping. Some won’t last this long but it’s best to break them in gently.


Nipple Clamp Types

Interested in a bit of nipple torture but feel lost in the wide world of nipple clamps? This handy essential guide breaks down each type of nipple clamp and explains the different uses, experience levels and features. Here at UberKinky we want your nipple play session to be a memorable and pleasurable one so we’ve done the research for you to bring you this encyclopaedia of nipple torture.

Alligator/Battery Nipple Clamps

Alligator Nipple Clamps

The alligator style nipple clamp works much like the spring loaded clothes peg but features teeth on both sides of the clamp. Mainly used in electronics, some alligator clips can be adjustable if they feature a built in thumbscrew. The teeth on these nipple clamps can cause substantial amounts of pain and don’t often come with a comfort coating. They are usually small in shape so those with large nipples will have difficulty using them. These clamps are best left to the nipple torture experts!

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Bull Nose

Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

Bull nose nipple clamps are a great entry level nipple clamp. Also known simply as adjustable nipple clamps, the spring powered tension on these clamps can be controlled with the small thumbscrews. These screws prevent the clamp from fully closing, allowing you to control the grip. The screw holds relatively close to the setting you last left it in making it easy to pick up where you left off. As your submissive gains experience, you can slowly increase the tension as the tolerance builds.

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Clothes Peg

Clothespeg Nipple Clamps

The ever handy clothes peg! Found just about anywhere laundry supplies are sold, these wooden wonders do make handy nipple clamps. They’re disposable, discrete and can be picked up in many shops inexpensively. These are non-adjustable as nipple clamps go and in many cases, are a great place to start for nipple clamp beginners.

Clothes pegs are also quite popular for making what’s called a zipper. This is where you attach quite a few clothes pegs together with a long string and place them in a pattern all over the sumbissive’s body. For removal, the Dominant will continuously pull on the string to quickly remove all of the clothes pegs in one fell swoop which is indeed painful but the rush of endorphins and adrenaline is worth it!

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Clover Clamps

Clover Clamps

Clover clamps are also known as Japanese Butterfly Clamps or Butterfly Clamps and are typically not ideal for beginners. The textured rubber pads grip tightly to the nipple and the only adjustment available happens when you pull on the strings or chain found at the base of the nipple clamps. This makes the clamp even tighter as you’re pulling. Some subs will enjoy holding the chain in their teeth thus controlling the power of the clover clamps while Dominants will take pleasure in hearing the added yelp when introducing impact play.

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Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Thought to be mostly decorative, magnetic nipple clamps can pack a serious punch when it comes to nipple play. These two strong magnetic balls or bars are pulled apart and placed on either side of your nipple. Once gently released, the magnetic pull draws the two posts or balls together for a constant and even pressure. Some magnetic nipple clamps will come with tiny rubber o-rings which can make the grip somewhat adjustable. Many magnetic nipple clamps can be warmed up or chilled for a delightful temperature play addition to your nipple torture.

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Nipple/Thai Sticks

Nipple Thai Sticks

The design of the nipple sticks or Thai sticks is a simple one but one whose pain felt not soon forgotten! Usually made of two long rods or sticks, they are joined at the ends and feature two small elastic bands or o-rings on each side. To use the Thai sticks, roll these elastic rings to the outside edges and pry the rods apart in the middle. Now place your sub’s nipple between the rods for a great pinch. Are they not writhing enough for your tastes? Begin to roll the elastic o-rings toward the centre to increase the pinching pressure. Your sub will be begging for mercy in no time!

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Nipple Weights

Nipple Weights

One for more experienced players, nipple weights can be hung from any nipple clamp which features a built in o-ring sturdy enough to handle the added weight. These weights come in many different shapes and weights which give an increased level of tug on your nipples. Start off with a small weight and work your way up for impressive nipple stretching results. You can also swing these in a pendulous motion for achieving a completely different pleasurable sensation altogether.

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Barrel/Turn Ons

Barrel Nipple Clamps

These fully adjustable style nipple clamps twist in the middle to help you find the perfect pressure setting. The clamps themselves are usually vinyl or rubber coated for comfort as well as added grip. Many times, barrel style nipple clamps will have rings on the ends or they are connected by a chain. This gives you the opportunity to hang weights or give the chain a gentle tug. You can also introduce these rings into your existing restraints system. The clamps won’t get tighter as you pull on them but the tugging sensation can be just as interesting.

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Nipple Trainers

Nipple Trainers

Used by people with pierced nipples, nipple trainers are specifically designed pieces designed to push the nipple out from behind. They provide a constant pull on nipples by stretching the nipple away via a barbell piercing through the nipple. The height is modified by turning the adjustment screws to raise the platform which in turn elongates the nipple.

A piercing free take on the nipple trainer is where a pair of nipple clamps are suspended from a frame where the platform rests on your submissive’s chest. The tension on these clamps is usually controlled by a large threaded screw with wingnut at the top. The nipple clamps found in these devious devices are usually clover clamps or clothes peg clamp style.

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Nipple Pumps

Nipple Pump

Nipple pumps consist of one or two small polycarbonate cylinders which are placed over the nipples. The air is then sucked out by either a hose connected to a pump or by turning a threaded dial. The constant and even suction increases blood flow into the nipple which heightens their sensitivity. Some prefer to use a nipple pump before sensation play while others prefer this method to increase the size of their nipples. For best results, add a little water based lube at the mouth of the cylinders to ensure a tight seal.

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Snakebites & Nipple Suckers


These manual suction devices are placed over the nipple and manipulated to suction the air out causing a vacuum. This draws blood into the nipple making it super sensitive to the touch and ready for sensation play or higher stakes nipple torture. Snakebites are most commonly found as small flexible tubes or bulbs which are squeezed to release the air. For a better overall suction, try using a little water based lubricant on your nipple or inside the rim of your nipple snakebites for an even better seal.

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Thumbscrew/Nipple Press Clamps

Nipple Stocks Thumbscrew Nipple Press Clamps

These vice style nipple clamps can accommodate nipples of any size to press them into painful pleasure. Thumbscrew clamps can be enjoyed by both beginners and professionals, the thumbscrew allows you to control the pressure with precision accuracy. Most will come with two flat surfaces to slowly crush your submissive’s nipple while some will come with devious spikes! Some thumbscrew nipple clamps can be found with a connecting chain or metal o-rings to hang weights from.

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Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Tweezer clamps are basically two thin metal arms which come together to clamp down on nipples. This style of nipple clamps are usually decorative in nature as they usually come with beads or bells dangling from the ends to give the wearer a little extra stimulation as they move. Tweezer style nipple clamps are perfect for those with large nipples who struggle to find nipple clamps to fit. A small hoop which slides easily up and down the long arms helps control the tension making tweezer nipple clamps a great beginner nipple clamp which you can progress with.

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When it comes time to take the nipple clamp off, experiment with techniques. Some will prefer to take the clamp off slowly while others enjoy the searing pain of a sudden nipple clamp removal. Now is high time to really torture these super sensitive nipples with everything you’ve got. Even the sensation of a gentle feather will be amplified a hundred times over. Try running a pinwheel over the nipples or try pinching, licking and sucking them for the exquisite sweet pain this causes.

When play time is over, if you play with more than one sub now is the time to wash and sanitise your nipple clamps. Hot, soapy water and toy cleaner should be sufficient to prevent spreading communicable skin conditions.


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