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Beginner's Guide To Wax Play

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So you want to play with fire without getting burnt? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at UberKinky we want to help you fulfil all of those burning desires. If you love to partake in some BDSM play, or you simply want to discover unparalleled sensual intensity and have always wondered what it would be like embark on some fiery fun, we have everything you need to keep teetering on the edge in your supreme sensation play.

With this carefully applied stimulus, bottoms will be overwhelmed by waves of pleasurable endorphins and experience an all new sensual high. For tips on getting started and how to enjoy your wax play safely, we have put together this handy and informative guide. So, for all of you naughty pyros out there, we promise to have you really feeling the HEAT in no time!


Safety First!

Here at UberKinky, we cannot stress enough that your safety is paramount. We want you to enjoy superior satisfaction every time, without compromising on safety. So, we hope that the following list of dos and don’ts will have you practising what we preach.



  • Hold the candle roughly 18 inches away from the skin
  • Stop immediately if your playmate is in pain. Agree on safe words before getting started.
  • Shave body hair to avoid a sharp sting when removing the wax
  • Wash off any product that may contain alcohol beforehand (including body spray and hair sprays)


  • Use bog standard, taper, gel or beeswax candles, they burn at a higher temperature than specially designed wax play candles
  • Drip wax into the eyes or on the face
  • Gag your sub – it is important that you can maintain communication throughout your play
  • Start without testing how hot the wax is beforehand. Drip a small amount on your wrist or the back of your hand first

Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to turn up the heat on in your play? Now what? Follow this step by step guide carefully to help you become a master of your chosen art.

  1. Put down a damp cloth or plastic sheet for your sub to lie or sit on
  2. Make sure there are no flammable materials nearby that are likely to catch alight
  3. Sensually massage oil into the skin and blot off the excess (this will make for a more pain-free removal)
  4. Light your candle and drip a small amount of wax on the back of your hand or wrist (from a height of 18 inches) to test the temperature. If you are happy move on...
  5. Drip a small amount of wax on your bottom’s arm to test their reaction to the temperature and ensure there is no allergic reaction. If your bottom is happy and there is no adverse reaction then move on...
  6. Start your play by dripping wax onto your playmate’s back and shoulders; decrease the distance between the candle and the skin if the wax is too cool
  7. Start dripping onto other more sensitive areas, including the bum, thighs and stomach
  8. Experiment with shapes, patterns and brushing

Which Candles Should I Choose?

It’s always safest to use candles that have been specifically designed for use in wax play. UberKinky recommends that you purchase candles from our impressive collection. They each have a lower melting point than your average candle. However, if you do decide to purchase standard candles for your wax play, be sure to steer clear of beeswax, taper, gel, and scented, as these burn at a very high temperature. Candles that burn at such a high temperature can result in second degree burns, and you don’t want your bottom to be scarred by the whole experience. It is also worth noting that you should avoid metallic candles and those with a metal wick.


Wax Removal

Wax removal can be a painful exercise, but it can also add to your overall experience. You may wish to add to sensual satisfaction by massaging with oils prior to your wax play, then blotting off the excess to prevent hot spots. Once you have finished your play, harden the wax with an ice cube to deliver increased sensory pleasure to the bottom; it will then peel off with ease. For intensifying your BDSM play try picking off the wax with your nails, a scraper, comb, or even a blunt knife to keep that naughty sub squirming. You could even experiment by spanking with a flogger, cane, or paddle from the UberKinky collection.



So you’re both feeling the after effects of your intense and fiery fun? Well your bottom may be feeling it slightly more than you. It is important to treat the skin with care, and you may find that their skin is warm to the touch and has a soft red glow. Be sure to keep some after sun or moisturising lotion with aloe vera in your kit to give them a gentle massage with afterwards. You don’t want your bottom feeling as though they have been burning the candle at both ends! UberKinky also recommends that you always keep a first aid kit close at hand, just in case.


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What Next?

Want to intensify your whole fiery experience? Now you’ve mastered the art and know how to practice safe wax play, you can start experimenting with your sub. Try brushing on the wax and creating different shapes and patterns.