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Beginner's Guide To Electro Sex

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For electrifying pleasure that promises to deliver shocking results every time, electro sex is a must! If you’ve heard the buzz surrounding this increasingly popular activity but you need advice on getting started, this guide has the answer to all of those important questions and will keep you safe as you embark on your new adventure. Whether you want to increase the voltage in your sex play or intensify your BDSM fun, sparks will certainly fly once you get started.

The human body is mainly made up of water, meaning it is an excellent conductor of electricity. As the electricity passes through the nerve endings, it will tantalise, tickle and tease those senses. This sort of play offers orgasmic and euphoric enjoyment, but also promises to deliver sadistic satisfaction. Electro sex isn’t always about pain, but if you’re into that sort of thing we guarantee it won’t disappoint ;)

Reasons You Should Try Electrosex

Reasons You Should Try Electrosex

Not particularly enamoured with electro sex? Don’t understand why there’s such a buzz about it? Well, this electrifying escapade has the power to really turn up the voltage in your out of hours activities, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Electrosex - Intensified Orgasm

Flex those muscles and deliver orgasmic perfection...

When it comes to delivering the most perfectly powerful orgasm, electrosex will help you really flex those muscles! Coaxing bottoms into an extremely intense orgasm, it will enhance physical response, as well as strength and duration of climax. Using its unique technique to induce unparalleled sexual pleasure, bottoms will be on the climactic brink within a matter of seconds. So, experience superior stimulation from the inside out and cum harder than ever before. It‘s the most amazing hands-free orgasm you’ll ever experience; so don’t blow it!

Electrosex - Pleasure vs. Pain

Practise your party trick; process pain as pleasure...

You don’t believe us? Now that hurts! Electrosex creates an all new pleasure-pain association in the body, and we’re happy to explain how. although not in any danger, the body instinctively reacts as if it is, releasing adrenaline and increasing blood flow to the targeted area (in this case the genitals). As this happens, they will swell and become more sensitive. This then confuses the body into processing the stimulation as pleasure rather than pain and, thus, a new association is born. It pains us to think you have been missing out for so long!

Electrosex - Superior Stimulation

Stimulation that really gets on your nerves...

Just go with the flow and we guarantee there’ll be no shortage of supreme sensations! There are a lot of nerves in the nether regions, more so than any other part of the body, which is why you’re so sensitive there. Unlike your average sex toy, which merely vibrates, rotates or sucks, electrostimulation uses carefully applied electrical signals to directly stimulate the nerve endings. The sensations can vary dramatically depending upon the settings, but you’re certain to discover intense gratification like never before. So, come on, don’t be nervous!

Electrosex - Deeper Connection

Never lose your connection...

You may think we’re shallow here at UberKinky, but we’re anything but! We want to help bring you closer together; so if you thought that your current connection couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you that it can. Handing over control/submitting to your playmate not only represents the trust that you share; it is also a great turn on seeing one another in a different light. Pushing boundaries, but never overstepping them, sharing new experiences, and experimenting together is guaranteed to strengthen any relationship. So, you'll always stay connected!

Electrosex - Heightened Senses

Up your game and magnify every single sensation...

See... things are looking up! Electrosex involves introducing a small electric current to the body. This sensitises the skin, enhancing every tantalising touch and providing intense stimulation. You decide how you wish to take advantage of this increased sensitivity, whether sensual or sadistic. That could be anything from playing with pinwheels to flogging their brains out. Or why not shock them and carry on with a prolonged session? As you go on, sensitivity will increase, thus providing much more explosive and gratifying sensations. It’s time to up your game!

Electrosex - Endorphin Release

You’ll be in a rush to feel like this again...

Free some time for electrosex; you won’t regret it! Because the body is essentially receiving an electric shock, it reacts in the same way that it would if it was in pain. That is by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, as a way to counteract it. These endorphins flood the brain and body and, with a similar effect to morphine or codeine, leave bottoms feeling so high that they may even go into an altered state of consciousness. Electrastim directly stimulates the nerve endings, ensuring that this happens quickly. So, let go of those inhibitions!

Safety First!

Safety First!

As always, UberKinky is here to aid you in practicing safe sex play! So if everything you’ve heard about electro sex so far has you feeling tingly all over, be sure to take note of these important safety tips. It is vital that the electrical charge does not pass through the heart, so when you apply two electrodes you must always determine the route that the current will take. It is also essential that the power is off when applying electrodes as you could inadvertently pass a current through the chest or head. We want that heart to be skipping beats, but for the right reasons!



  • Use a water based lubricant with internal attachments
  • Use electro conductive gel with external attachments
  • Ensure that attachments are dry when connecting to the device (after cleaning)
  • Remove body jewellery; it is likely to get hot and damage the skin
  • Make sure you are fully hydrated before you start your play


  • Use an e-stim device if you are pregnant, epileptic, have any heart problems or have a pacemaker fitted
  • Use electro sex attachments on broken or irritated skin
  • Form a connection anywhere above the waist
  • Use piercings as electrodes

Attaching Electrodes

If you’ve never tried it, how do you know what works best? Well, it’s going to take a lot of experimentation, but this is one science lesson everyone will enjoy! Here at UberKinky we have discovered the following combinations; why not give them a go to get that blood pumping? Don’t forget to apply plenty of electro sex gel!

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For Men

  1. One electrode attached to the outside of the left buttock and the other inside the right buttock
  2. An electrode in either crease where the thigh meets the abdomen, approximately 3 inches from the penis
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For Women

  1. One electrode attached to each lower inside leg, just above the ankle bone
  2. An electrode in either crease where the thigh meets the abdomen

Which Kit?

So you’re the adventurous type and want to enjoy a bit of deep exploration? Well, all good things come to those who wait! To begin with we recommend a mono-polar kit that has pads for electrodes. Attach to those sensitive areas and enjoy an incredible pulsing, throbbing and stroking sensation. Electro sex kits use two types of output; monopolar and bipolar. With a monopolar output the current flows in one direction between two points. Essentially this means that two electrodes must be attached to the body to form a circuit. A bipolar output has two conductive surfaces built into it; therefore the circuit is already complete. The current will flow between the positive and negative electrodes within the attachment. Some people use a TENS or EMS machine in their electro play; however we recommend you pick out a kit that is specially designed for this kind of electrifying escapade.


Our Best Selling
Electrosex Equipment

In need of a real buzz, but not sure where to find it? Here are the UberKinky bestsellers;

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Video Guides

Want the full picture when it comes to electrosex? Check out these informative videos that were filmed when Mick from E-Stim Systems paid us a visit at UberKinky HQ!

Drawn to danger? Confused by currents? Listen as the main man discusses what is, and what isn’t, okay when it comes to electrosex.

Are you feeling the idea of a little bit of electrosex? Find out more about how it works and the sensations it provides.

Want to channel all of that sexual energy? Discover more about bipolar, monopole, tri-phase, other channels and how they work.

Plan your route! This video covers electrode placements for beginners and discusses the way in which electricity travels through the body.

Find out Mick’s shocking recommendations for beginners! Listen to the various different ways and places in which you can stimulate.

Women: need a little circuit training? Discover the ins and outs of internal and external simulation and how to generate circuits.

Men: get to grips with the best way to achieve hands free orgasm! Find out more about electrosex prostate stimulation and cock pleasure.


Which Lube to Use

Your body is an excellent conductor of electricity, but why not offer it a helping hand? When it comes to electro sex, lubrication is paramount. Dry skin has an extremely high resistance and will prevent the electrodes from working properly. It may even cause an unwanted sharp and painful sensation. In addition to hydrating the skin, a lubricant will also increase sensitivity and make the stimulation much more intense and exciting; so even if BDSM play is your chosen route, lube will enhance every ferocious feeling. That’s why it is important to apply a lubricant/gel to all of those intimate areas that will be receiving a charge. Steer clear of silicone lubricant as it acts as an insulator.

For shocking results every time, UberKinky recommends;

  1. E-Stim Systems Electro Sex Gel 100ml
    E-Stim Systems Electro Sex Gel 100ml 2 5 5 1


Are you feeling fully recharged after your sex play? Well there’s a slight possibility that the bottom in your new activity may be feeling ever so slightly tender. The skin can become a little red where the electrodes have been attached, however this is more likely as a result of the application to the skin, rather than the electrical charge. It is important to treat the areas with care and apply moisturiser if possible. It is also relatively normal to experience muscle soreness and twinges for a couple of days.

Don’t forget to keep those attachments clean! It is safe to use water and standard toy cleaning products to keep your electrodes/attachments spic and span, but please ensure that the connectors are dry when they are plugged back into the machine.

what next

What Next?

If you’ve successfully entered into the wonderful world of electro sex and you’re now ready to take things up a notch, why not try experimenting with some UberKinky electro sex insertables? Our insertables are all made from highly conductive metals and will give your body a euphoric shock from the inside out.