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Beginner's Guide To Flogging

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Don’t worry; we’re not trying to flog you anything!

So you’re sold on the idea of flogging, but you don’t know where to begin? Well you’ve struck it lucky this time, UberKinky friends! When it comes to getting the most out of your play, you’ll find that we’ve hit the nail on the head in this Beginner’s Guide To Flogging.

If you haven’t already, it’s essential that you check out our Beginner’s Guide To Spanking for general information on safety, warm up techniques, positions and aftercare.


Safety First!

So, you think you already know everything there is to know about playing safely? Well sorry folks, but we’re not buying it! although we’ve already covered the main safety concerns in our Beginner’s Guide To Spanking, here are some additional points worth noting for you flagellation followers.

First things first; practice makes perfect! Make sure you perfect your aim and technique before you hit them with the hard sell. If done incorrectly, a flogging can result in ‘wrapping’. This is when the tips of the tails overlap the desired area, causing injury elsewhere. This can potentially be extremely dangerous. Until you are confident that your aim is accurate, it is worth protecting vulnerable areas with clothes, blankets or towels.

If you are using restraints for your scene, please keep an eye out for indications that there may be a circulatory problem. These include a change in colour, a loss of sensation, or a drop in temperature. If you notice any of these symptoms, or anything else that is unusual, please stop immediately.

We know those tails are wagging but it's important not to get too carried away, so please try to restrain yourself!



  • Avoid the tailbone, spine, kidneys, face and neck
  • Protect sensitive spots with clothing, blankets, towels or pillows
  • Aim your flogger so that the tips land first to avoid ‘wrapping’
  • Be gentle with the soles of the feet, calves, genitals and breasts
  • Stop if you notice any symptoms of circulatory problems


  • Choose a heavy flogger with long tails
  • Choose a flogger with braided, beaded or knotted tails (you can work your way up to these)
  • Use your flogger with multiple partners
  • Play without practicing on a pillow/towel rack first
which flogger should I choose?

Which Flogger to Choose?

You don’t know what a flogger looks like? Where have you been living, in a cave? Well, for those devoid of BDSM culture, or who simply haven’t left their dungeon in.... EVER; a flogger is a sadistic tool of torment comprising of a handle and multiple lengthy tails, also known as falls.

If you’ve read any of our other impact play guides, you probably know by now that there are two common sensations associated with spanking. One is ‘stingy’ and the other is ‘thuddy’. A sting is felt on the surface of the skin, whereas a thud is a much deeper pain that feels like being pushed or poked hard in the ‘sweet spot’. So, what characteristics determine whether your bottom will be on the receiving end of a thud or a sting? Well, the more tails the flogger has, and the wider they are, the greater the thud. Conversely, a light flogger, with very few narrow tails will deliver a satisfying sting. Beginners should steer clear of really heavy floggers with a great number of tails, as they can be quite difficult to control. Some floggers have extremely soft tails which are more suited to those that enjoy a gentle massage or some supreme sensation play.

So now know what to look for in your flogger, we’re not taking the fall if you make the wrong choice!



We know that you guys aren’t materialistic, but there are certain facts that need to be addressed before you pick out your flogger! So, just to make things really easy, we’ve broken down the different materials and types to help you make your choice;



A rubber flogger will bounce of your bottom’s skin with a satisfying sting. Well renowned for its severity, it is only for those who are more experienced. It may even cause abrasions and cuts, so take care and follow our spanking safety tips. You’ve got to have real balls to give this a go!

Leather/Faux Leather

Leather/Faux Leather

Are you a real animal when it comes to your BDSM scene? Then a leather/faux leather flogger could be the perfect choice for you. This type of flogger hits hard and is designed to bruise the ego as well as the skin.



Everyone loses control now and then, right? Well, it’s certainly not recommended for your flogging scene. So steer clear of a PVC flogger unless you’ve had lots of practice beforehand. PVC is fairly rigid making it a little difficult to manage; however, it is durable and long lasting so you could potentially make a life-long friend.



Gently does it! A suede flogger may look like a softie, but be careful not to mess with it; it also has a real sting in its tail. Ideal to ease beginners into the wonderful world of flogging, it is also the perfect choice for sensation play enthusiasts. We recommend our Lelo Sensua Suede Whip to beginners.



The material may be synthetic, but the experience will be anything but! Nylon floggers are durable and much easier to clean than many other materials. When looped, it will produce either a stingy or thuddy sensation depending upon the thickness of the tails. Play safely though; this is bound to be a cutting experience for your bottom!



So, you’ve successfully roped your bottom into getting a severe flogging? Well congratulations, you’re in for a real treat. A rope flogger can be gentle or stingy, depending on how you use it. But be sure to wait until you’re a little more experienced before tying the knot!

Horse Hair

Horse Hair

You may be ready for the ride of your life, but it’s important not to gallop before you can walk! Horse hair floggers can deliver a sharp sting; however, each individual hair has tiny barbs which can cut the skin, so use with care. We may be flogging a dead horse here, but this is definitely not an ideal choice for beginners.



Are you ready to break free from societal ‘norms’ and engage in some fabulous flagellation? Well, a chain flogger promises not to disappoint. although it has a real sting in its tails, it also guarantees some supreme sensation play. Tease and please as that cold metal moves slowly over every inch of your bottom’s body. For electrifying pleasure, why not add a violet wand to your play?



If you’re concerned that things may get a little hairy, a fur flogger could be just the solution for you! Perfect when it comes to some sumptuous sensation play, it can also be used to cool things down after an intense spanking scene. A flogger of this kind is typically made from rabbit fur or a similar synthetic material, so there’ll be no need for digging when you introduce it to your bottom.


Flogger Types



For those astute flogging pupils, you may wish to try a martinet. However, for those that are just starting out, this a device that should be avoided at all costs. Don’t let looks fool you; it may be small, but it is a fierce little weapon. All orders will be obeyed when a martinet is present.



For those that enjoy a well balanced diet of flogging and other BDSM activities! Balanced floggers are designed so that the handle counteracts the weight of the tails, putting less strain on the flogging wrist. This is often an important design feature for those that take their flagellation seriously. There are two main types of balanced flogger; one is fancy and the other is shot loaded.



If you don’t want your bottom telling you to “Get knotted”, we’d recommend steering clear of a braided/knotted flogger until you’re a little more experienced. This type of flogger will add to the sting and intensity of your whole experience.

Cat O' Nine Tails

Cat O' Nine Tails

Cats may have nine lives, but after one scene with a cat o’ nine tails you’re certain to feel as though you’ve died and gone to heaven! Typically, a cat o’ nine tails has less falls than other floggers, and they can usually be counted at a single glance. For this reason they are particularly stingy. So, beware; bottoms may scratch!

Ball Handle

Ball Handle

So, you’re ready to play hardball? Well, a ball handle flogger not only allows for easy grip and control, it aids wrist movement making it easier to perfect that terrifying technique. Usually sold in pairs, ball handle floggers are ideal for dual wielding (two handed flogging), which makes them suited to the more advanced among us. So, make sure you wait until you’re completely ready before giving it a go. That is if you think can handle it!

Swivel Handle

Swivel Handle

It’s probably best to steer clear of this type of flogger until you’re a little more experienced. That is if you want to avoid an offensive hand gesture, accompanied by an instruction to go and “swivel”! A swivel handle flogger is easy to use and doesn’t put too much pressure on the wrist. This makes it relatively easy to control, and minimises the need to twist and flip the tails. However, it can be a little difficult to perfect technique, so make sure you practice (a lot) prior to your play.

Poi Handle

Poi Handle

Want to add a little beauty to your brawn? Well poi handle floggers will certainly do just that! For dual wielding with a difference, this type of flogger is certainly the most artistic method of delivery. Built for ease of movement and comfortable grip, the lightweight design means that it will fly through the air, landing with a real sting. Please don’t use poi handle floggers until you are 100% confident in your technique.



Positions, positions! Yes, there certainly are a few in which to endure a ferocious flogging. However, let’s first explore the optimum stance for the flog-ger rather than the flog-ee. You may want to warm up those quads and practice those squats, because this position is somewhat similar to that of a fencer. Firstly, lunge in the direction of your bottom, with the nearest foot pointing towards them. The rear foot should be pointing outwards. Slightly bend the knees to facilitate easy movement. This will allow you to move into the strokes, putting a greater deal of force behind them.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Spanking for a full break down of the different positions that can be adopted for spanking. However, a popular choice when it comes to flogging is restrained, particularly from a door, St. Andrew’s cross, or a frame. Not only does this add to the scene, it keeps the bottom in place so that when they start flying there is less risk of injury due to unexpected movement.

Before you get your heart set on a position of choice, where exactly is your 'sweet spot'? The buttocks, upper thighs, and shoulder blades are the most common choices; however the soles of the feet, calves, genitals, chest and breasts are also popular spots. If you choose one of the latter, stick to swift gentle hits, we don’t want you damaging that muscle tissue.

Spanking Anatomy


It’s all in the technique! And when it comes to a faultless flogging, there certainly are a few. Firstly why not ramp up the sensation aspect of your play? Sadistically swing that flogger in a circular motion, allowing it to cut through the air. Move it closer to the bottom, so it is merely inches away from their skin. Allow them to feel the air move against their skin and to hear that terrifying sound as the flogger makes its way towards them. You could even let them smell it for added sensual gratification.

Some people choose to dish out their corporal punishment in sets. In between sets the bottom will rest. What better time to gently brush the tails of the flogger between the legs and stimulate the genitals, or softly stroke your fingers over their skin? It’s a good idea to have a little water spray or fan at the ready so that you can cool things down from time to time. After the well deserved break, you may find that you can resume with much harder hits.

Don’t forget; be gentle when you’re first starting out. It’s vital to use slow and mild strokes, allowing the tails to lightly fall on the bottom’s skin. A good grip is a must so that you can maintain an optimum level of control. So hold on tight, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Here are the UberKinky tried and tested techniques;

Sting & Thud

Who doesn’t love change? Well it may be scary, but it’s certainly fun. As its name suggests this technique simply means to alternate between the two different flogging sensations; stingy and thuddy. This can either be achieved using two different floggers, or simply by altering the way in which the flogger strikes the skin. You should by now have some idea of which features to look for, and how to attack the skin, depending on your chosen sensation (lift before impact for a sting, press down for a thud). Not only does this technique give some much needed respite when one sensation becomes too much, it also keeps that naughty bottom guessing.


There’s no point in going round and round in circles here; you already know that flogging is indeed a painful punishment. However, creating patterns can be particularly painful/pleasurable and somewhat hypnotic. For those that lack rhythm, have no fear; you’ll have perfected those all important moves in no time. When we refer to cyclic/rhythmic, we specifically mean the use of patterns. This could vary from simple circles, which with little practice could see you alternating between areas (for example, right to left butt cheek or right to left shoulder blade) in no time, to creating a figure of 8 or other more elaborate patterns. A figure of 8 can be produced with a downward diagonal stroke (at 2 o’clock) on the right hand side, and then by mirroring the same movement opposite.

Dual Wielding/Florentine

For double the pleasure/pain! Please do not attempt two handed flogging until you are completely certain that you have perfected your technique. It is vital that you go slowly and gradually work your way up to this style of flogging. Don’t forget; practice makes perfect, so have your pillow at the ready.

The Florentine (four or six point) is an advanced dual wielding technique which involves the rhythmic use of a pair of matching floggers (either identical or weighing the same) in a downward stroke on the back. They are pulled upwards quickly to avoid the spinal area and kidneys. There are many internet resources which demonstrate /instruct how to perform the Florentine correctly. Other dual wielding techniques include a two handed figure of 8.

Happy Ending

No, we’re not talking in a Thai massage parlour! The bottom is likely to be floatingaround in subspace during their flogging, so how you bring them back to reality is very important. If it’s time for the scene to end, or you’re ready to move onto bigger and better things, choose some way of involving them in the decision. Some Tops ask the bottom to choose a number between one and twenty. This is the number of hits they will give them before ending play. Others simply dictate the amount or have the bottom signal in some way when they are happy to finish. Whichever method you choose, each allows the bottom to come to terms that their punishment is nearly over.

flogger care

Flogger Care & Storage

So, how do you plan to look after your flogger? Come on, don’t leave us hanging! Oh... you want us to tell you?!

It can be rather difficult to keep floggers clean, not least because the majority, if not all, of the materials used to make them are porous. This means that they can harbour bacteria and potentially transmit infections. For this reason, we advise against sharing your flogger with multiple partners. although unlikely to draw blood, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Like you, we love all things dirty ;) However, it’s essential to clean your flogger after every use so that it’s ready to play whenever you are. Never submerge it in water, simply wipe down with either hot, soapy water or a bleach solution (one part bleach to ten parts water). alternatively, you can sterilize it using antibacterial toy cleaner or alcohol swabs.

Floggers made from leather or suede may need to be conditioned with a specialised cream. However, some can discolour the material, so it’s worth testing on a small patch before lavishing it aplenty. Some people find treating their suede flogger with Nubuck helps to keep it in tip top condition.

Horse hair floggers also require special care. The hair can be washed with liquid soap and warm/hot water, which you can then blot dry and brush with a wide toothed comb.

Dry your flogger out slowly and naturally, otherwise it could crack and become rigid. It should be stored hung up in a well ventilated place to avoid kinking. Try to ruffle the tails every now and again too. This will stop it from stiffening up. It's also worth sprinkling rubber floggers with talc occasionally. This will stop the falls from sticking together.

Take good care of your flogger and it will last a lifetime; otherwise you’ll be heading to the UberKinky store to buy another one!

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