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Beginner's Guide To Nipple Play

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UberKinky; helping you to stay abreast of the most perverted ways to play!

Want to give your sadistic sex play a little nip and tuck? Well, when it comes to getting naughty with your nipples, you can be gentle, or you can be rough! The perfect spot for tease and torment, there are vast amounts of sensitive nerve endings located within them. Increasing sensitivity and delivering an intense natural high, there’s nothing quite like the sensations experienced during nipple stimulation. And men, don’t be fooled, you too can experience the gratification that nipple play has to offer.

So, whether you crave that elusive nipple orgasm, or you simply want to torture those nips, calm your tits; you’ll find everything you need to know in our UberKinky Beginner’s Guide to Nipple Play!


Safety First!

It’s safe to say we’ve all engaged in a little titillation at one time or another! But, as with anything, there are varying degrees of intensity. Of course, here at UberKinky we’re all about the extreme. So in order to protect your puppies, we have carefully devised this safety section.

If you’re new to nipple play, start by using the hands. This is the most basic way to tease and please. Breast/chest tissue tends to be more sensitive than other areas of the body, and will lacerate much quicker than the bum cheeks, for example. However, nipples are more resilient than you think, particularly women’s. After all, they’re designed for breastfeeding. So, just take things slowly and monitor reactions.

Inverted nipples are at a greater risk of infection and irritation in the small folds of the skin. As such, any form of nipple torture that causes abrasion or breaks the skin should be avoided at all costs. That includes piercing and cutting.

As always, cleaning and sterilisation of tools is vital. This is of particular importance when it comes to edge play, such as piercing and cutting. Wear sterile gloves and take all of the necessary precautions to stop disease transmission any time that bleeding is a possibility.

Now, to ensure you don’t make any serious boobs, follow these simple dos and don’ts;



  • Go slowly, gradually increasing pressure and intensity
  • Check for circulation and numbness often
  • Make sure any toys are cleaned and sterilised thoroughly
  • Wear sterile gloves when bleeding is a possibility
  • Stop immediately if you notice any discolouration to the nipple


  • Leave nipple clamps on for more than 10 minutes to begin
  • Use abrasive techniques (or those likely to cut/break the skin) on inverted nipples
  • Be quite so brutal as with other parts of the body, such as the backside
  • Engage in breast suspension bondage unless you have been trained properly
nipple orgasm

Nipple Orgasm

No, we’re not pulling your tit; it is possible to have an orgasm from stimulating the nipple alone!

Playing with the nipples stimulates the genital sensory cortex, the same part of the brain that is stimulated when we play with our downstairs department. although, shorter and sharper than a genital orgasm, nipple orgasms offer greater intensity and supreme sexual sensations. So, we assure you, it won’t take long to get to grips with the idea.

Of course, preferences vary from person to person; what does it for one won’t necessarily do it for another. Some love to have the nipples twisted and bitten, while others find it far too painful. In addition, women’s breast sensitivity will vary throughout the month, so bear in mind what she enjoys one week, she may loathe the next.

Now, stop being a tit and try it for yourself!

how to

How to Have a Nipple Orgasm



After this step, nipples will be standing tall, proud and ready to receive. So, make them hard with anticipation and give an all new meaning to ‘getting a raise’. Do this by gently squeezing the nipples with the fingers, but do not pinch or twist at this stage. After they are raised, you or your playmate should begin massaging in a circular motion with increasing pressure. Come on; it’s time to raise your game!

Learn a New Tongue


Of course, you can only enjoy this particular task if you are playing in pairs. It could be quite entertaining for solo players to try licking their own nipple, but it will probably ruin the mood! With the tip of the tongue, lick the nipple in circular motions, using the finger at the same time to trace the nipple and keep it erect. Suck, lick and flick the nipple with the tongue. Try nibbling gently too. You’ll certainly get a taste for it!

Prepare to Suck


Not like that; rest assured, you’ll be doing everything just right. It’s time for suction only; lips should be pursed around the nipple for a gentle suck. Pressure is gradually increased creating an environment similar to a vacuum. That powerful suction will increase sensitivity and size, magnifying the supreme sensations being felt. If you’re alone, try using a pump. It’s certainly one time when being a sucker is a good thing!

It's Good to Talk


In order to ensure a successful nipple orgasm, it’s vital that you communicate with one another. That way tops can focus their attention on what feels good and really get the juices flowing. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen first time around, nipple orgasms take time to perfect. You’re going to really enjoy it when it does, and we’ll be here to say, “Told you so!”

nipple torture

Nipple Torture

The thing of nipple nightmares; tit torture will give you a sensational wakeup call when it comes to sadistic satisfaction!

Ranging from light to extreme punishment, nipple torture can incorporate a variety of different ways to play, delivering all new and unique sensations. In response to the applied stimulus, the body does not have time to recognise what is happening and processes it as pain. The result is waves of pleasurable endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller) being released into the bloodstream. Endorphins inspire an elated state and an intense natural high. In addition, the psychological aspect involved with power exchange is a huge turn on for many.

Want to know the different types of nipple torture? Well, allow us to put you out of your mammary misery!

types of tit torture

Types of Tit Torture

Breast Binding

breast binding

You’ll become really attached to this type of play! Breast Binding is the act of compressing the breasts against the chest using tape, bandages, rope or a purpose built harnesses. The increased pressure stimulates the nerve endings as well as increases sensitivity and overwhelms the body with a sense of euphoria. This can be combined with other types of tit torture or sensation play. Breasts may be squashed in this way because they are remarkably resilient and contain no bones. It’s bound to please!

Breast Bondage

breast bondage

Been roped into a little bit of breast bondage? This practice has more to do with the aesthetics of your play, rather than as one of the tools used to deliver pleasure or punishment. However, it can be fastened with varying degrees of pressure. Rope is tied around the woman’s breasts in an intricate and decorative fashion. It is not intended to immobilise, but can do when combined with other techniques. So, it’s about time you got all tied up in your tit torture!

Suspension Bondage

suspension bondage

Okay, okay, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer... this is where the bound person is hung from one or more overhead suspension points and their weight is supported either by ropes, cables or chains. In this case the person is suspended by their nipples. When performed properly this can look incredible and provide intense sensations that could lead to an altered state of consciousness. However, particularly when suspended by the breasts, it can be highly dangerous and should only be attempted by those that have had proper training. This could be a bridge too far!



Clamp down on nipple naughtiness and give them the punishment they deserve! Wearing nipple clamps promises to give you a real rush. Additionally, wearing them increases sensitivity, thereby enhancing every single sensation, for orgasmic pleasure like never before. But beware; clamps are not for the faint of heart, only for the very naughtiest of playmates. The real intensity occurs when they are removed. For more information, please take a look at our How to Use Nipple Clamps guide. Isn’t it time you got to grips with the idea?

Nipple Stretching

nipple stretching

Always guaranteed to pull! Nipple stretching involves the nipples being deliberately pulled outward from the chest to elongate them. This tends to be practiced mainly among those with piercings. Winding string or cord between the areola and the piercing will essentially stretch the nipple. The cord should not be wound too tightly to avoid restricted blood circulation. Stretching the nipples can also be practiced using a frame, which is much more painful and suits the purpose of tit torture rather than aesthetics. For those that want to expand their repertoire!

Temperature Play

temperature play

Want to turn up the heat in your kinky sex play? Then why not engage in a little wax play? Or cool things off by adding some ice! Bottoms will experience an intense rush and euphoric gratification. But be careful, the skin on the nipple is more sensitive than elsewhere on the body, so if you have tested hot wax on your forearm and it didn’t burn, that doesn’t mean it won’t burn your nipple. Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Wax Play and our Beginner’s Guide to Sensation Play for more information. You’ll be hot on the trail of superior satisfaction!

Biting, Scratching & Pinching

Biting, Scratching & Pinching

Want to add a pinch of tit torture to your play? Well, you could always opt for the old fashioned hands on approach. Or why not give them a taste of an all new kind of oral action? Performing tit torture with your own hands/mouth means that you can easily control the pressure. When pinching, angle the fingertips so that the nails bite or nip. Biting can also be very effective for torturing the nipples. This could be nipping with the front teeth, prolonged biting or gnawing. However, we’re merely scratching the surface!

Wartenberg Wheel

wartenberg wheel

Fancy a spin? The Wartenberg Wheel was originally invented as a medical tool to test nerve sensitivity. However, luckily for you, we’ve discovered that it can also be used to fulfil much more deviant desires, such as torturing the titties! Consisting of a small wheel, with multiple short, sharp spikes, the Wartenberg Pinwheel is easily controllable and the pressure is easily adjustable depending on how hard you press it. You can even punish really naughty playmates with a sadistic scratch. Now, isn’t it time you set the wheels in motion?

Take a look at our Beginner's Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels

Predicament Bondage

Predicament Bondage

Still not sure which route to take with your nipple torture? Well, that is a quandary! Another method you could use is Predicament Bondage. This involves restraint of the submissive in such a way that allows them a small range of movement. However, the predicament is that whatever position they adopt it will be painful or uncomfortable. It’s a deviant dilemma, one that will release adrenaline and send subs off into a state of euphoria. It’s not difficult to see the appeal!

Piercing/Needle Play

Piercing/Needle Play

Penetration of a different kind! It goes without saying that all of your equipment will need to be thoroughly sterilised before engaging in any play such as this. The hypodermic/acupuncture needle is thrust through the nipple. although this in itself may not be too painful, once in it can be gently twisted or pulled. This results in endorphins being released into the blood stream. Only needles made from medical grade stainless steel should be used, and never use objects that are not specifically designed for piercing. Sanity will be hanging by a thread!

Creams & Oils

Creams & Oils

Like we always say; you don’t have to be a scientist to experiment! Now you can torture the titties by merely applying ointment. Many creams that are used to treat muscle pain and strain are adopted as a means of nipple torture. That’s because they ensure things get really HOT when they are rubbed in. Tiger Balm and IcyHot are particularly good options. The result is intense and explosive. Remember; everyone’s sensitivity differs, so start with a small amount, monitor reactions and increase if required. These potions will really do magic!



Those naughty nipples SUCK, so show them who’s boss! Using a vacuum will intensely suck those nipples up into the cylinder to provide an unbeatable thrill. Bottoms will experience sensational suction, larger nips and heightened sensitivity. That means every sadistic stroke or tantalising touch feels simply explosive. Tit torture is all about being at the mercy of your Top, and this is one of the best ways to demonstrate loyalty and trust. Suction can be used on the nipple only or, for women, on the entire breast. Don’t blow it; give it a go!



Whip them into shape! This involves slapping, whipping, caning, paddling or any other means of striking the nipples/breasts. Whips and canes are the more intense instruments to use for this type of play, so save those for the naughtiest of playmates. It is also considered to be more breast play than nipple play, as it would be difficult to target the nipples specifically. Spanking increases sensitivity, releases endorphins to counteract the pain and stimulates the nerve endings causing the tissue to swell. Okay, we may not be trying to flog you anything, but we bet you’re sold!

Take a look at our Beginner's Guide to Spanking



Want to give them a real shock? Well, you must be extremely careful if you opt for a fully charged experience. At no point should an electrical current flow through or past the heart. Electrostimulation can be used, but only if the electrodes are each bipolar with fully isolated outputs. To be extra safe, we recommend that you only torture one tit at a time. Violet wands are also an incredibly fun way to play if you have your heart set on electrostimulation. Those nipples will be red raw and begging for mercy. It’s a powerful experience... literally!

Tak a look at our Beginner's Guide to Electrosex

Knife Play

Knife Play

Cut it out, we know you’re as deviant as the rest of us. But, when it comes to knife play, this is only for those that like to live life on the edge. It’s not the most common choice when it comes to tit torture, and not recommended to beginners, but is certainly effective. It is also essential that cuts on the nipple are shallow; otherwise it could result in permanent damage. Now you may be sharp, but be careful, as with any activity that could draw blood, there is the possibility of transmitting diseases!



Like it rough? Well, that’s certainly what you’ll get when you endure some nipple abrasion. This can be performed with something rough sided, such as sandpaper. It’s important that things are taken slowly in an abrasion scene; it’s about intensity, not speed. For those that want instant gratification, abrasion is perhaps not the way to go, it takes time and patience. Nipple play can go on for hours, but we recommend teasing then leaving, teasing then leaving and so on. We’ll level with you though; it’s not for beginners!


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