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Beginner's Guide To Wartenberg Pinwheels

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If you've peeked into most players' toy bags you may find one of the most popular sensation play tools in the BDSM world, the Wartenberg pinwheel.

This ever popular toy comes in many shapes and sizes and can be used in a myriad of ways. If you've ever wondered what the appeal was behind this mystery device then look no further, our essential guide will give you all the best pointers.

pinwheel safety

Safety First!

We hope that you know by now, safety is paramount here at UberKinky! When it comes to your pinwheel pleasure, most safety precautions are common sense. However, this one cannot go unsaid; you must sanitise your pinwheels between partners. Pinwheels are inexpensive so it is possible to have one pinwheel per pet but if you prefer to stick to one set, keep a bottle of toy cleaner and some kitchen roll handy for in between cleans on the go. When play time is over you can boil your pinwheel, wipe it down with alcohol or autoclave it.

what is a pinwheel?

What is a Wartenberg Pinwheel?

Historically, the pinwheel was invented by Robert Wartenberg as a medical device for neurological use. It was used to test nerve sensitivity as it rolled across the body. Who knew one day that this simple little invention would be used in bedrooms, dungeons and fetish clubs all over the world!

Most Wartenberg pinwheels come in a body safe stainless steel material but beware; you may also find that they come in chrome plated iron which can rust after time. There are also plastic disposable Wartenberg pinwheels which can be found in a rainbow of colours so you can be sure to match your outfit!

The wheel itself features a set of evenly-spaced radiating sharp pins which roll freely and can be easily controlled by its ergonomic handle. The most common style of pinwheel features a single wheel. There are other variations of the pinwheel with multiple wheels or even a rolling rod covered in sharp pins.

Many find that the single wheel pinwheel creates the most sensation as the power is driven through the one wheel rather than divided between many wheels. We'll let you be the judge of that!

how to use a pinwheel

How to Use a Pinwheel

There are endless ways to play with this BDSM staple. You can roll the wheel across arms, the back of the neck or feet for a gentle sensation or you can be bold and roll them across the penis, nipples or clitoris for a more intense sensation! You control the pressure when you wield a pinwheel so you can certainly leave your submissive guessing.

Turn the Wartenberg wheel on its side to use it as a handy scratching tool, perfect for getting your point across. Some truly sadistic people enjoy using a pinwheel as an impact toy. A swift swat with a pinwheel will certainly make anyone jump!

Pinwheels have also been favoured for use in electro sex. There are specially designed Wartenberg wheels fitted with sockets to connect up to your favourite electro sex power box. If you have a violet wand and a body contact, the pinwheel can send pin-pointed electrical stimulation through to the person on the receiving end for an intense electrifying experience.

Some will find that the best time to utilise a pinwheel during play time will be right after impact play. A flogging, spanking or paddling will certainly bring the blood to the surface of the skin making it very sensitive to the touch. A gentle roll across the skin will feel intense, you’ll love the way they wiggle and squirm. Want to turn it up a notch? Place your pinwheel in the freezer or a glass of ice water. The freezing temperature will be a commanding contrast against their warmed up skin.



Like all good BDSM sessions, aftercare is a good way of winding down a scene. Start off by gently running your nails over the pinwheeled area, then move on to using your fingertips gliding them over the body. This helps the outer layer of skin start to relax and feel soothed. Give a gentle massage to work the raised fluids back into the tissue, skin may be itchy so now would be a good time to soothe their skin with moisturiser or anti-itch cream. If blood has been drawn from your pinwheel play, be sure to clean the area with an antiseptic like an alcohol swab and sanitise your pinwheel!


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