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Get ready for theChastity Showdown

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It’s the showdown you’ve all been waiting for. Going head-to-head in this once in a lifetime battle, fighting for the title of your Chosen Chastity Device, it’s the UberKinky bestsellers!

All right you yellow-bellied-lily-livered-DRAW!

Heard the brand names CBX, Holy Trainer, Bon4 and, of course, UberKinky being bandied about, but have no clue as to how each one compares? Then fear not frivolous friends, we’re pitting our most popular male chastity devices against one another to see which device is best for you! We’ve put our all-time favourites into a lurid line-up and judged them on a number of different criteria, so that you can make an informed decision. After all, chastity is a long term commitment and you need to be sure that you’ve chosen the right partner to accompany you!

Comfort is an extremely important factor when choosing a chastity device; you don’t want to be in excruciating pain for the duration of your sentence, do you?! Well, comfort can mean different things to different people. Some people may like a teensy bit of pain as part of the experience, while others will want to feel like their cock is floating on clouds. It’s likely that a degree of discomfort will be felt, especially when you start getting horny as hell, but chastity is not a test of pain and tolerance, discomfort should be minimal.

Liv-ing in a material world! When it comes to chastity device materials, the three usual suspects are silicone, metal and polycarbonate/plastic. We generally prefer stainless steel and polycarbonate devices for long term chastity wear, but again this is subjective. Silicone is pliable and is therefore likely to be more comfortable, however, it may also be less hygienic. Additionally, it is possible for soft silicone to facilitate an erection, which could result in shooting your load, even with the device in place. No-one wants that now, do they?!

Want a maximum security prison for your penis? Well, while there is such a thing as maximum security, there is no device that is 100% escape-proof. The Harry Houdini wannabes out there will always find a way; although, most of us lifestylers are completely committed to our cock confinement! Some devices are still much more secure than others and a well-fitting device will give the illusion of greater security. In some cases, a urethral insert will also assist in making the device feel more secure.

For those that like to keep a low profile, whether or not the device is visible underneath clothing could be the most important factor. This varies dramatically from device to device.

Now, take a look at how our bestselling chastity devices performed in a number of key categories!


For the Smaller Gentleman

CB6000S vs. Holy Trainer 2

In the red corner, weighing in at 0.275 kg, it’s the undisputed lightweight champion of the world, the CB6000S chastity device!

And... in the blue corner, weighing in at 0.157kg, it’s the challenger, the Holy Trainer 2 device!

Both are best selling chastity devices for the smaller gentleman, so let’s see how they fare... LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Tale of the Tape
CB6000S   Holy Trainer 2
4/5 Comfort 5/5
4/5 Security 4/5
4/5 Hygiene 4/5
4/5 Discretion 5/5

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Holy Trainer 2 takes the first round, it’s an even keel in the second and third, then it’s a clear knockout and win by Holy Trainer in the fourth and final round.

It’s true that the Holy Trainer 2 is a slightly more expensive choice, however; it fares better in terms of comfort and discretion. Our UberKinky sources advise that the Holy Trainer is ergonomically designed for a slightly better fit. This not only makes it feel more comfortable, it also gives an illusion of greater security than the CB6000. Fitting is extremely important; a loose, ill-fitting device won’t feel secure at all. On the other hand, a device that is too tight may cause pain. Now let’s talk about stealth, baby! The Holy Trainer is one of the least visible devices underneath clothing. Additionally, it has an integrated lock, which makes it silent. Conversely, the CB6000 features a lock that clicks against the tube as you walk, which can make it less discreet. It is, however, more money and you would need to be certain of your ring size when ordering. Which one best suits your needs? You decide!


For the Larger Gentleman

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The Curve Male Chastity Device vs. Bon4 L

Steering larger men in the right direction when it comes to keeping their valuables under lock and key, we have two superb chastity devices. Assuming pole position is the Curve Male Chastity Device, closely followed by the Bon4 L. So, let’s take a closer look at the top two on the grid:

The two contenders start out on a fairly even footing, with Bon4 L taking the lead on the second lap. The Curve closes the gap on the third, and it looks like... it’s a draw!

Tale of the Tape
The Curve   Bon4 L
5/5 Comfort 5/5
3/5 Security 4/5
4/5 Hygiene 3/5
3/5 Discretion 3/5


Kind of a big deal, these two chastity devices have been designed to tame the largest of beasts! In our UberKinky opinion, The Curve is better suited to long term wear than the Bon4L due to its build and design. The Bon4L is made from silicone and has few features that lend themselves to air circulation and cleanliness. Both are lightweight devices, however; they have quite the profile and could therefore be deemed as less discreet than some of their counterparts. However, if you’re large enough for one of these bad boys, it’s likely that people have noticed your junk before now!


Chastity Chart

Below are our nine bestselling chastity devices, including those already mentioned. We’ve rated them each individually on the same set of criteria. See for yourself how they fare and which is the most compatible with your requirements.

Tale of the Tape
Comfort Security Chastity Device Hygiene Discretion
5/5 3/5 The Curve Male Chastity Device 4/5 3/5
5/5 4/5 Bon4 L 3/5 3/5
4/5 4/5 CB6000 Chastity Device 4/5 3/5
5/5 3/5 Attica Chastity Cage 5/5 5/5
5/5 4/5 Spiral Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device 5/5 3/5
4/5 4/5 UberKinky Steel Cock Case 5/5 3/5
5/5 4/5 Master Series Rikers Locking Chastity Device 3/5 4/5
4/5 4/5 CB6000S 4/5 4/5
5/5 4/5 Holy Trainer 2 4/5 5/5

Home of the official UK Top Chastity Devices, UberKinky is always on hand to help you lock up your cock! This chart is designed to give you an idea as to what you can expect from each of our bestselling devices.

Made from polycarbonate/plastic, the CB6000, Holy Trainer 2 and the Master Series Rikers are more lightweight than the other devices in our chart. This adds to the overall comfort, particularly of the Rikers device. However, despite being a heavier build, the Spiral Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device is just as comfortable to wear, as is the Attica Chastity Cage. The Attica Chastity Cage is also the most discreet, but this is likely due to its small overall length - it is up to an inch shorter than some of the other devices in the chart. It is broad though, making it perfect for girthy monsters. But bear in mind that if it doesn’t fit snugly, it may feel less secure.

All of these devices are in fact very secure and promise to keep your sausage safely locked in solitary confinement. The three metal devices (Spiral, Steel Cock Case & Attica) are easier to keep clean and allow for maximum air flow through the device. When it comes to hygiene, it is actually the Rikers device that is lacking compared to the others, featuring few holes for cleanliness.

The CB6000 is slightly more complicated to assemble than the others, but should enable a better fit.

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Which Chastity Device
Should I Choose?

If you’re suitably convinced that superior sex play and chastity makes the perfect combination, check out our top 3 UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Spiral Stainless Steel

1. Spiral Stainless Steel

This chastity chart-topper will keep things from spiralling out of control! This ergonomic device comes complete with two cock rings to guarantee the perfect fit every time. Shaped to follow the natural curve of your flaccid penis, it is exceptionally comfortable and extremely secure. The perfect choice for long term wear, it is crafted from body safe stainless steel and is easy to clean. There’s no hope of an escape once locked behind these bars! Spiral Stainless Steel


2. CB6000/S

A firm favourite! Crafted from top quality polycarbonate, this device is lightweight and looks incredible, however; it can be slightly more complicated to assemble that some of its counterparts. The innovative design features multiple vents for optimum air circulation and easy cleaning, while the urination slot makes it ideal for long term wear. Lightweight and durable, it is comfortable and secure, with three interlocking pieces that slot together for the perfect fit. For those that are less well endowed, don’t get hung up on it; opt for the CB6000S instead! CB6000

Holy Trainer Chastity Device

3. Holy Trainer Chastity Device

A chastity device to be worshipped! This lightweight device is crafted from hypoallergenic biosourced resin that is pliable and moulds perfectly to the shape of the body. Designed with optimum comfort and maximum security in mind, choose from two sizes to ensure the perfect fit. With multiple holes for air circulation and a urination slot at the tip, it is hygienic and safe to wear long term. It even boasts an innovative internal magic locking system. You can have faith in this device! Holy Trainer Chastity Device

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