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Beginner's Guide To Male Chastity

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So you’ve decided to unlock your chastity curiosity, but you’re not sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! UberKinky is here to help, and we are on hand to assist you in realising all of those unadulterated fantasies. Whether you want to commit to a chastity lifestyle, or you simply want to dabble in the fine art, this beginner’s guide will steer you in the right direction and have you fulfilling all of your chastity chimeras in no time. Whether it’s increased sexual satisfaction, fabulous foreplay, or simply submissive servitude that you crave, chastity is the perfect choice for you.

For everything you need to know about getting started, plus important tips on staying safe, this guide is a must read!

Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

Curious about chastity devices? Not sure why anyone would want to endure such a penis punishment? Well, here at UberKinky, we think that chastity is the key to supreme satisfaction, and we have 5 valuable reasons why;

Chastity - Superior Sex

Build up anticipation for the ultimate release...

That’s absurd, right? Well, it’s quality, not quantity that counts and that’s certainly what you’ll get when you add chastity to your list of pastimes. It’s fair to say that if you decide to put your penis on lock down, you won’t be getting as much action as you once were. Without it, not only will your imagination be wild with anticipation, your testosterone and ejaculate will be building up to the most explosive experience of your life!

Chastity - Submissive Satisfaction

Let loose and have gratification in someone else’s hands...

Have pleasure at somebody else’s fingertips! Add a little submissive servitude to your bedroom antics and surrender to your inner desires by handing over complete control of your orgasms. You’ll be at their mercy and pandering to their every need. You could even implement chastity as a punishment/reward scheme. Knowing that your partner holds the key to your gratification will be a great turn on for both of you.

Chastity - Mind Blowing Stimulation

Awaken the mind and let your imagination run wild...

The superb satisfaction that chastity brings is certainly not all in the mind... although, much of it is. The idea of chastity and how it will play out is deeply arousing. Merely thinking about this sexy secret you have is incredibly intense, while not-knowing what’s to come stimulates mind over matter. This awakening of the mind will help you to connect on an entirely new emotional level. It will blow your mind, not your load!

Chastity - Frisky Foreplay

Master your technique and reap the benefits...

This really will be at the forefront of your mind! Without your own needs to focus on, you’ll be much more attentive to your partner’s. Use your fingers, tongue and lips to satisfy those sensitive spots, deriving great pleasure from the superior sensations you are providing. When you’re granted freedom, you can rest assured that you have done your job effectively. Your partner will be happier and so will you. You’re bound to have a big head, speaking metaphorically of course ;)

Chastity - Enhanced Relationship

Demonstrate commitment and have a happier relationship...

Are you the trusting type? Well, you’d have to be to hand over full control of your orgasms to someone else! Whether you’ve been unfaithful, are a slave to incessant masturbation, or you merely want to demonstrate your commitment, chastity is a terrific way to show your loyalty, one which will be very well received; you may even earn your very first release ;) This symbolic gesture, coupled with better sex, is certain to make any relationship stronger.


Safety First!

Safety is the key to achieving supreme satisfaction in your chastity activities! That’s why we’ve put together this small list of dos and don’ts to ensure that you get the most out of your new endeavour, without compromising on wellbeing. UberKinky only wants what’s best for you; we want you to experience all of the pleasure with none of the pain in your extracurricular activities. So make sure you follow these important tips and we promise not to disappoint;



  • Take your time when choosing your restrictive device
  • Build up your tolerance gradually – start by wearing for a couple of hours every evening, and increase daily
  • Experiment with ring sizes - check out UberKinky’s collection of chastity accessories where you can find spacers and rings to help you
  • Consider shaving the hair to avoid pain when removing


  • Fasten your device straight on and expect to wear for days at a time
  • Cause yourself unnecessary pain
  • Wear during the night if you find that erections are causing you pain
  • Forget to use plenty of lube on your device

Types of Chastity Devices

With so many to choose from how do you know which chastity device will be right for you? There are three main types of male chastity device available, so where do you start? Well fear not, you can always rely on your friends here at UberKinky to do the hard work for you... You’re welcome!

Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt


  • Extremely secure and robust
  • Comfortable – allowing for prolonged chastity


  • Takes a bit of getting used to due to the bulky nature of the device
  • May be noticeable under clothing
  • Hygiene is quite difficult

View Our Best Selling Male Chastity Belt

Chastity Cage

Chastity Cage


  • Unobtrusive design
  • Discreet, can be worn under clothing without being noticed
  • Allows for natural ventilation
  • Prevents build up of bacteria
  • Looks incredible
  • Extremely secure


  • Can be uncomfortable if uncircumcised – foreskin may protrude through the bars at the end which could cause inflammation over prolonged period of time
  • Can be quite heavy depending on material
  • May find uncomfortable to begin with

View Our Best Selling Chastity Cage

Chastity Tube

Chastity Tube


  • Unobtrusive design
  • Lightweight
  • Discreet, can be worn underneath clothing
  • Prevents build up of bacteria


  • May be uncomfortable if uncircumcised, particularly if there is a slot at the end for urination
  • Hygiene can be difficult due to build up of moisture

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  • Remove for a day or two if you start to experience any pain (a small level of discomfort is normal)
  • Sit down when going to the toilet – you don’t want to spray everywhere
  • Experiment with different rings to find the perfect fit
  • Agree on a length of time for restriction


  • Try to ‘top from the bottom’. The purpose of chastity is that the Key Holder decides when you will be released.
  • Waver from the length of time agreed
  • Wear for a great deal of time without breaking the device in first
  • Rush - allow yourself plenty of time to break your new device in

Arrival of Device

Your little bundle of joy has arrived, but now what?

  1. Experiment with the different rings to ensure that you find the right fit
  2. Apply lube to the areas of the device that will touch the skin ensuring optimum comfort whilst getting accustomed to the sensation
    • (Points 3, 4 and 5 only apply if you are planning on becoming a chastity life-styler)
  3. Break your device in – wear for 2/3 hours every evening
  4. Gradually increase the amount of time spent in your restrictive device
  5. Once you can wear comfortably for a week, you are ready to begin!

For optimum comfort when acquainting yourself with your new penis pal, we recommend that you place your manhood in a very thin dress sock or a pop sock before placing in the cage/tube. Once you have inserted your penis, thread the sock out through the urination slot and it will fit like a glove!


Getting Started

So you’ve broken your device in, but now what? Well, the first thing you need to do is decide on your Key Holder. You may find the idea of someone denying your orgasms from afar extremely arousing. Decide on your chastity guard and prepare to be at their mercy.

alternatively you may like the idea of introducing chastity to your relationship. In this case you will experience the pleasure of being the sole orgasm giver, catering to your playmate’s every need, whilst they tease and deny you what you so desperately crave. Rest assured, when it is granted you will experience sexual gratification like never before.

For intensifying BDSM play with your Dominant, why not discuss the possibilities of a punishment/reward scheme determining how long you will remain encased? You could even enjoy heightened stimulation through ‘edging’ techniques, before your Dominant locks you up again.

Or, you may simply want to be part of the chastity scene, in which case you have probably decided on one of our devices with additional features, including penis plugs and spikes.



Keep those nasty odours at bay! Hygiene is a must in any game of chastity, so we have devised this useful list to help you keep your chastity play clean at all times;

  1. Use cotton buds to dry the inside of the cage/tube
  2. Use a small, soft paintbrush to clean the penis and inside of the tube/cage through the gaps
  3. Rinse the inside of the tube when you have been to the toilet and remove excess moisture with a cotton bud
  4. Blast water from the shower head into your tube or cage
  5. Wash with soap and water often (externally around genitalia)
  6. Apply lotion to testicles and around the ring (if cage or tube)
Things to Consider

Things To Consider

So you’ve decided to tame the beast, but you’re not sure how to handle your chastity on a daily basis? If you want to live out a chastity lifestyle, you may want to consider the following;

  1. Size matters - ensure that you purchase a device which will provide the optimum level of comfort and support for your penis size. UberKinky recommends a device that is close to your actual penis size, without being too small
  2. There will be an added weight on your penis
  3. You may wish to wear looser fitting trousers for discretion
  4. Sleep may be affected – you might need to alter your sleeping position for comfort
  5. Appearance - choose a device that is discreet if you are concerned
  6. If you regularly travel through airport security, you may wish to invest in a polycarbonate device with plastic locks to avoid setting off the metal detectors

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Male Chastity Devices

If you’re now suitably convinced that superior sex play and chastity makes the perfect combination, check out our top 3 UberKinky device recommendations;

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What Next

What Next?

Once you have become accustomed to your new way of life, you can experiment with how to get the most out of your play. If you want to intensify your chastity play, why not invest in a device that has features to heighten your experience, such as one with a built in penis plug, or with spikes for enhanced BDSM play?

Further Reading

We love chastity so much that we never shut up about it! For even more information, take a look at the following UberKinky guide;

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