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Chastity Accessories

Need spares, or do you just want some added extras for your unadulterated sex play? With our range of chastity accessories, we have everything you need to keep your slave under lock and key for as long as you desire. There’ll be no escape when you add extra rings and padlocks to those sturdy chastity belts and cages. Watch your playmate squirm as you tease and deny them the pleasure they crave, knowing that you hold the key to their ultimate release. Each of our accessories is designed to stop your slave from wriggling free, and keep the power firmly in your grip to decide when and if they will be fulfilled. If you are new here read our beginners guide to male chastity!

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  1. UberKinky Numbered Chastity Locks
  2. CB-X Chastity Large U Rings
    As low as £39.99
  3. CB-X Chastity U-Rings
    As low as £7.74

3 Items

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