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Uberkinky's Essential Guides

Need something to feed your kinky curiosity? Well, if you’re interested in trying something new but you’re really not sure where to start, there’s bound to be a guide that covers your chosen topic right here. With information on everything from safe words to CBT, our guides cover essential safety tips and techniques to ensure that you’re always on top form. They’ll even assist you in choosing a product that’s right for you. So, have no fear, we’re always on hand to guide you in the right direction and help you get a kinky clue about your chosen activity. Easy to follow, they condense all of the information needed into a brief yet detailed manual, which ensures that you’re always well prepared. Browse our essential guides today and read your way to supreme satisfaction!

  • Most Popular Guides

    • Beginner's Guide To CBT
      Beginner's Guide To CBT

      So You Think You Have The Balls For A Bit Of Cock And Ball Torture? Read Our Essential Guide To Cbt Now For Ballbusting Tips & Genital Bondage Techniques.

    • Beginner's Guide To Fisting
      Beginner's Guide To Fisting

      Read Our Uberkinky Beginner's Guide To Fisting Now. A Comprehensive Guide Of Fisting Tips For Anal, Vaginal & Self Fisting.

    • Anal Stretching Guide
      Anal Stretching Guide

      Wondering How To Stretch Your Anus? Well Wonder No More With Uberkinky's Complete Anal Stretching Guide With Expert Anal Stretching Tips.

    • Beginners Guide To Ball Stretching
      Beginners Guide To Ball Stretching

      Want To Know How To Stretch Your Balls? Then Read Our Beginner's Guide To Ball Stretching For Everything You Need To Know About The Art Of Testicle Stretching.

    • Beginner's Guide To Water Sports
      Beginner's Guide To Water Sports

      Ready To Get Wet & Wild? Then 'urine' Luck! Read Our Complete Guide To Watersports Now With Piss Play Tips & Ideas For Beginners & Urophiliacs Alike.

  • Latest Guides

    • Beginner’s Guide to Gooning
      Beginner’s Guide to Gooning

      Prepare to immerse yourself in the rapture of extended arousal and unparalleled pleasure as we unveil the secrets of this intoxicating practice. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a curious yet kinky newcomer, this guide is your passport to the realms of ecstasy.

    • Beginner’s Guide to Latex Care
      Beginner’s Guide to Latex Care

      Fed up of lacklustre latex? Tired of glossing over the issue? Discover everything you need to know about caring for your latex fetish wear, in our Uberkinky Beginner’s Guide.

    • Beginner’s Guide to Glans Rings
      Beginner’s Guide to Glans Rings

      A glans ring will have you heading for superior sex play, heightened sensitivity, increased stimulation and a big throbbing bulge in no time! Find out everything you need to know about wearing one, in our UberKinky Beginner’s Guide to Glans Rings.

    • Chastity Showdown
      Chastity Showdown

      It’s the showdown you’ve all been waiting for. Going head-to-head in this once in a lifetime battle, fighting for the title of your Chosen Chastity Device, it’s the UberKinky bestsellers!

    • Beginner's Guide to Cock & Ball Bondage
      Beginner's Guide to Cock & Ball Bondage

      Like the idea of binding balls, but worried you’ll cock it up? Then fear not, kinky companions; this Beginner’s Guide to Cock and Ball Bondage contains all the information you require to avoid ballsing it up!

    • Beginner's Guide To Vibrators
      Beginner's Guide To Vibrators

      Looking for a buzz but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive vibrators guide is sure to set your pulse racing.

    • Beginner's Guide To Bondage Furniture
      Beginner's Guide To Bondage Furniture

      Looking to spice up your kinky play? You’re in the right place! Our beginners bondage furniture guide is everything you need to get started.