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Female Chastity Devices

Want to keep your sub under lock and key? With our range of female chastity devices you can keep prisoner locked up, until you decide whether or not she is deserving of release. Your sub’s thoughts will be anything other than puritanical as you tease and deny their orgasmic pleasure. We even have chastity devices to stop your naughty slave trying to pleasure herself whilst she awaits your verdict. Why not add some extra padlocks to your female chastity belt for good measure? All of the items in our chastity range are made from robust material; even the most accomplished escape artist would have trouble with one of these. Watch her squirm and beg, as you decide on her punishment!

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  1. Uberkinky Deluxe Locking Anal Plug 3.36 Inches
  2. UberKinky Restricted Access Female Chastity Belt
  3. Uberkinky Plugged Female Chastity Harness
  4. Uberkinky Denial Female Chastity Harness with Wrist Cuffs
  5. Uberkinky The Ultimate Ass Lock 3.9 inches

5 Items

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