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Wand Vibrators

Do you believe in magic? Well you will when this wand starts to wave! For all over body massage, as well as sensual stimulation, a wand vibrator from the UberKinky collection is a ‘must have’. Designed to ease tension and deliver all over fulfilment, our wand vibrators are perfectly contoured to work in sync with your body and achieve maximum pleasure every time. Have indulgence at the touch of a button, and either enjoy on your own, or as an unbeatable sensual experience with your playmate. Made from the finest materials, these vibrators are crafted to look and feel exquisite against the skin. We’re sure you’re already picking up good vibrations from your new toy! Pair your playtime with one of our dildos for some toe-curling, pillow-clenching pleasure.

Doxy Massager
Sinnovator Attachments
Guide to Wand Vibrators

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  1. Doxy Massager The World’s Most Powerful Wand Massager
    As low as £94.99
  2. Wand Essentials Hummingbird Masturbator Attachment
  3. Sinnovator Deep Sensations Wand Attachment
  4. UberKinky Black Magic Wand Vibrator
  5. Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment
  6. Doxy Massager Die Cast The World’s Most Powerful Wand Massager
    As low as £149.99
  7. Wand Essentials Black Vibra Cup Male Masturbation Wand Attachment
  8. Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable Wand Massager
    As low as £148.99
  9. Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt
  10. Wand Essentials Deep Glider Wand Attachment
  11. Wand Essentials Rabbit Magic Wand Attachment
  12. Master Series Forced Orgasm Belt and Doxy Wand Restraint Kit
  13. Wand Essentials P-Spot Magic Wand Attachment for Men
  14. Wand Essentials Wand Assist Adjustable Gooseneck Holder
  15. Lelo Smart Wand
    As low as £125.99
  16. Wand Essentials Utopia Rechargeable Wand Massager
  17. Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment
  18. Doxy No.3 Mini Wand Massager
    As low as £129.99
  19. Wand Essentials 3teez Magic Wand Attachment
  20. BodyWand G Spot Attachment
  21. Wand Essentials Euphoria Wand Attachment
  22. Wand Essentials G-Tip Magic Wand Attachment
  23. BodyWand Mini Massager
  24. Wand Essentials Nuzzle Tip Magic Wand Attachment
  25. Wand Essentials Bubbling Bliss Beaded Pleasure Wand Attachment
  26. Passion8 Dazzle Wand Massager
  27. LoveArc Massage Wand Harness*
  28. Wand Essentials Pleasure Pointer Two Finger Wand Attachment
    Out of stock
  29. Fairy Mini Wand Massager
    Out of stock

29 Items

per page