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Beginner's Guide To Wand Vibrators

Wand Vibrators

Wish you could wave a magic wand and enjoy much more satisfying sex play? Well, now you can… literally!

So, you’re toying with the idea of allowing a wand vibrator access to your magic circle? Well, be warned; these heavy-duty implements are only suitable for those that like to play hard! Typically mains operated, wand vibrators boast extreme power and transmit vigorous vibrations that will rock you to your very core. The distinguishable design consists of a long, ergonomic handle with a large bulbous head that flexes with the body for customised sensations. Kind of a big deal, the sheer size of this sex toy enables it to house the most powerful motor of all its counterparts. This ensures unparalleled stimulation and the most intense experience you can imagine… however you choose to play with it!

although they are typically thought of as a clitoral toy, wand vibrators are also great for stimulating the cock, balls and perineum. There are even a variety of attachments now available to facilitate internal stimulation. In addition, for those that like things a little less intense, there are now several smaller, battery operated and quieter versions of the wand vibrator, which offer the same benefits, but are a little less extreme.

So, discover how you can have the magic touch, by reading our Beginner’s Guide today!

Reasons You Should Try Wand Vibrators

Reasons You Should Try Wand Vibrators

Find wand vibrators worrying? Not sure you could handle all that pressure? Well, this type of toy will really do magic for your sex play and here are 4 UberKinky reasons why;

Wand Vibrators - Perfect Power

The most powerful vibrator available; it will move you...

It’s got the power! The wand vibrator’s reputation as the world’s most powerful massager certainly precedes it. With extremely high intensity settings, the vibrations penetrate through the entire body, providing unique and explosive sensations. Those that like to play really hard have the option of switching to a higher setting; however, many are fully satisfied by the lower intensity, which is not overwhelming to beginners. Boasting greater power and endurance than a battery operated vibrator, its head may look like a softy, but don’t be fooled; it has a lot of horsepower. It’s a real pleasure powerhouse!

Wand Vibrators - Pinpoint Pleasure

Leading the way when it comes to clitoral stimulation...

Satellite navigation for your clitoris! If you haven’t tried a wand vibrator, you’re really missing a trick. Most women come from clitoral stimulation alone, rather than penetration. A wand vibrator seeks out your clit for unbeatable sensations that you’ll want again and again. The perfectly contoured head delivers powerful vibrations that resonate through the entire body, starting right from where they are needed most. Enjoy alone or with a playmate, but you won’t believe the buzz you get when used during sex itself. So don’t just put a pin in it, this toy will really help you to stay ahead in your game!

Wand Vibrators - Multiple Orgasms

Why have one when you can have two, or three, or four...?

You’ll certainly count yourself lucky with a wand vibrator! If you’re a little greedy when it comes to sex play, this tantalising toy will be happy to help you get your fill of sexual satisfaction. The most powerful vibrator currently available, it is the best toy to aid you in achieving multiple orgasms. Many women that struggle to come in general swear by these dynamic devices, experiencing the most intense orgasms of their life, as frequently as they desire. The incredibly powerful vibrations echo deep within the body, increasing blood flow and making climax quick and easy. You can never have too much of a good thing!

Wand Vibrators - Forced Orgasms

May the force be with you; orgasms just keep on coming...

Deeply intense stimulation that just keeps on coming! A wand vibrator is the weapon of choice for many couples when it comes to adding a little BDSM to their bedroom antics. It’s true that most women need a little break after reaching climax. With forced orgasm this is not possible. The vibrations continue on relentlessly as bottoms try to fight against their natural urge. Pushing through this barrier enables an all new level of unimaginable intensity that is supremely satisfying. Additionally, the emotional connection and trust established through this play will enhance any relationship. It really is a force to be reckoned with!


Safety First!

It’s safe to say that you’ll need to prepare your pussy or your penis for the sheer power that it is about to encounter! Start off by touching yourself (or have your partner do it if you’re playing in pairs) to encourage blood flow to your best bits. Remember, the more blood flow you encourage to your nether regions, the stronger your orgasm will be!

We recommend that use a little water-based lube to reduce friction/stop chafing and make small, circular movements with your wand vibrator, so that the vibrations are not solely targeted in one area. There is a chance that slight numbness may occur; however, this will not result in lasting damage or desensitise the area. If you do experience a temporary loss of sensation, then listen to your body and take a break. It’s worth noting that a wand vibrator can be too much for some; experiment with other, less powerful versions first and discover what works best for you! We would also advise you to keep your clothes or underwear on as a barrier for your first time, so that you can become accustomed to the sensations and know what to expect.

If you’re using a wand vibrator for forced orgasm play or BDSM, always agree on a safeword and discuss boundaries beforehand. Take things slowly, monitoring reactions carefully, and never leave a bound/belted bottom unattended.



  • Make small circular movements with your wand vibrator
  • Use water-based lube to avoid chafing and rubbing
  • Warm the area up first and encourage blood flow to the genitals
  • Use over clothes/underwear for your first time


  • Leave bound/belted bottoms unattended
  • Jump straight in without becoming accustomed to the sensations – wands are too much for some
  • Keep going if you experience a loss of sensation – take a break!

Getting Started

It’s no secret that there are plenty of ways to play with a wand vibrator. Here are just a few:

In Bondage

A great accessory for your raunchy rope bondage, a wand vibrator can be easily incorporated by creating a shibari style rope harness. This is sometimes referred to as a Hitachi Harness and bondage tape can also be used.

Orgasm Control

Edging and forced orgasm are great with a wand vibrator. Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Orgasm Denial for inspiration and more information.


This type of play is a cut above the rest! Whatever your gender, place the wand vibrator between your bodies and grind on it simultaneously.


Because wand vibrators are so bulky, there’s not really much room to incorporate them into your sex play; however, doggy-style is perfect for a threesome with your favourite wand. Hold against the genitals whilst being penetrated from behind. Trust us, it feels incredible!


Now you can accessorise and customise your experience! There are a variety of different attachments to choose from to ensure that every time you play with your wand you experience something different.

Turbo Power Your Insertable Sex Toys

Simply hold your wand vibrator against your insertable (butt plug/dildo etc.) and experience greatly intensified gratification!

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