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Beginner's Guide To Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

So, you think it’s time you got some balls? Well, if the allure of a tighter, stronger downstairs department, as well as an increase in orgasm intensity has you champing at the bit, you’ve come to the right place. So, sit back UberKinky companion and enjoy the calm before the Kegel! Our Beginner’s Guide to Ben Wa Balls offers all the information you need to ensure that when your little balls of joy arrive, you know exactly what you’re doing and how to get the very best from them. WARNING: Your sex life is about to soar!

Reasons You Should Try Ben Wa Balls

Reasons You Should Try Ben Wa Balls

Bemused by Ben Wa Balls? Not sure why they seem to be such a hit? Well, when it comes to superior sex play AND a perfect pelvic floor they’ll really help you knock it out of the park, and here are 5 Uberkinky reasons why;

Ben Wa Balls - Sexy Secret

Get some balls and wear them out in public...

Got the balls to try these out in public? Well, you won’t be disappointed if you do! Wear these beautiful balls at any time, without anyone else catching on to your naughty little secret, and experience an all new kind of thrill. As long as you can keep the balls in place using your pelvic floor muscles, you can go about your daily duties and no-one will be any the wiser. Not only will your pelvic floor get the workout of a lifetime, you’ll be getting some serious sexual satisfaction too boot. So, prepare to ‘wet’ your pants... literally!

Ben Wa Balls - Health Benefits

Make time for kinky Kegels; they’re just what the doctor ordered...

Don’t think you have time for Kegels? Feel like you’re juggling too many balls at once? Well, typically hollow with a small weight in the centre, Ben Wa Balls are designed to stimulate vibrations within the vagina, which cause the surrounding muscles to contract. The muscles also tighten as a means of keeping the balls in place. Over time this builds muscle tone. Strong pelvic floor muscles are vital for the correct functioning of the bladder and bowel. So, make sure you squeeze in an appointment for some kinky Kegels!

Ben Wa Balls - Intensified Orgasm

Loosen up; when it comes to intensity, nothing else comes close...

Don’t be uptight; when it comes to intensity, this is a whole new ballgame! At the point of climax the vaginal muscles will squeeze tightly around the ball/s, making your orgasm all the more intense. It will also last longer due to the added pressure. It has been proven that stronger pelvic floor muscles result in more powerful orgasms generally. That means, not only will your orgasm be better with the balls in place, as you build up strength and tone by using them, it will also be more powerful without. Nothing else comes close!

Ben Wa Balls - The Feel

Make your move and get a really good feeling...

Get good vibes! The rotating tingles that these discreet toys alone produce make the whole body shudder with pleasure. As you move, the balls will move, and how sensitive you are will dictate the intensity of these sensations. Just the act of squeezing the muscles around the balls is enough to make most women moist. The weights in the centre knock gently against the sides of the balls which will cause scintillating vibrations throughout the pelvic floor and entire body. Trust us; you’ll have a real ball!

Ben Wa Balls - Superior Stimulation

Don’t drop the ball; experience superior sex play...

Don’t throw away your chance of superior sex play! The sensations experienced when wearing Ben Wa Balls will heighten and enhance any kind of sex play. When they’re kept in during sex itself, thrusting moves the balls inside, whilst also massaging your playmate’s package, making sensations all the more incredible for both of you. In addition, wearing Ben Wa Balls will, over time, strengthens the pelvic floor and makes you tighter, therefore naturally enhancing sex in the future. Don’t drop the ball by missing out!


Safety First!

Geisha Balls, Orgasm Balls, Venus Balls, Love Balls – whatever you want to call them, they can work miracles on both a pleasurable and practical level, but as with any pleasure play you need to make sure you’re using them correctly and that they are suitable for you. You should avoid using Ben Wa Balls if you have any pelvic disorders or are recovering from any pelvic surgery. Of course, you need to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the materials used to make your Ben Wa Balls; we want them to leave a lasting impression, but for the right reasons!

If you have had a hysterectomy you shouldn’t use cordless balls (don’t worry, there are plenty of corded balls to choose from!) and remember, not all Ben Wa Balls are suitable for back-door play!



  • Clean your balls after every use and store them somewhere clean and dry
  • Use them pelvic strengthening as well as sexual pleasure; Kegel exercises are proven to tighten the vagina which will only intensify your sex life in the long run
  • Use a lubricant. Careful not to use too much though, you don’t want your balls dropping in Tesco!
  • Buy the right size. Like any sex toy, Ben Wa Balls come in different sizes and weights, so do your homework and make sure you get the right ones for you
  • Try corded balls first; cordless balls aren’t as easy to remove


  • Use if you have any pelvic disorders or are recovering from any pelvic surgery
  • Use Ben Wa Balls in the anus unless the product description specifically tells you it’s safe to do so
  • Use when intoxicated
  • Use any vibrating sex toy whilst pregnant until you have consulted your doctor
  • Use a silicone lube with silicone balls – they don’t like each other

Types of Ben Wa Balls

Whilst we have seen a huge surge in the use of Ben Wa Balls in recent years, they’re not a new concept and have in fact been around for hundreds of years. Their design has stayed pretty much the same with a variant in materials used to make them, such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Jade

They come either corded or cordless and vary in weight and size. We recommend starting with a slightly bigger size and lighter weight until you’re used to using them. The idea is that through continued use you get tighter and stronger, meaning you can use balls smaller in size and greater in weight…you and your partner can thank us later!


How To Use Ben Wa Balls

We recommend you ‘get to grips’ with your Ben Wa Balls by yourself before bringing your partner in to the fun zone. You can use during intercourse once you’re comfortable using them alone and removing them afterwards. Indeed, corded balls are a brilliant form of foreplay between you and your partner; gentle tugs can drive you wild when they’re in place.

Use a little lubricant to make insertion easy and comfortable, lie back on your bed and insert the ball(s) in to your vagina. Make sure you are relaxed and push them however far you feel comfortable. They won’t pass the Great Wall of Uterus, AKA: The cervix. Unless you’ve had a large part of your cervix removed (in which case you shouldn’t use them), your Ben Wa Balls won’t get lost inside you and start setting off alarms are airports.

Once you have comfortably inserted your Ben Wa Balls, sit up and start moving around to feel the gentle vibrations and subtle pleasure they offer. It’s important to remember that these balls aren’t designed to have you screaming with pleasure in a matter of minutes, but to slowly build up sensations and intensify gratification when it comes. You can sit down and rock back and forth to feel how they move with your body, or if you’re feeling a little naughtier why not wear them to work? We won’t tell if you don’t!

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