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Beginner's Guide To Caning

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You may be knocking on a bit, but when UberKinky talks canes, we mean the ones that will deliver a supreme spanking, not those designed to aid you on your trip to the shops! So, now we’ve cleared that up, are you eager to know more? Well, it’s your lucky day, UberKinky friends. We’re here to feed your caning curiosity and make sure that your spanking scene is more than just a one hit wonder!

If you haven’t already, it’s essential that you check out our Beginner’s Guide To Spanking for general information on safety, warm up techniques, positions and aftercare.


Safety First!

It hits us hard when we find out that you guys haven’t been playing safely. So, please pay attention to this section and always practice cautious caning. We’ve covered the main safety points in our Beginner’s Guide To Spanking, but here is some additional information specifically aimed at you caning enthusiasts.

Now, a little tip can cause a LOT of damage, particularly in the event of a ‘wraparound’. If the end of the cane overlaps the ‘sweet spot’ it could bend, potentially causing serious damage to another part of the body. The more experienced you become, the better equipped you will be to compensate for this; either by moving the feet back, or pulling the elbow/shoulder in. However, in the meantime it may be worth placing a cushion next to the area for added protection.

It is likely that a cane will produce some nasty cuts in the skin. So always remember to take the necessary precautions; don’t use porous canes with multiple partners, clean your equipment thoroughly and keep a first aid kit nearby, complete with latex gloves and antibacterial cleaner.

We know you’re excited, but please don’t cane it!



  • Keep hits parallel to one another (damage is more severe where injuries are crossed)
  • Put a cushion or blanket roll next to the ‘sweet spot’
  • Check your cane for splinters, loose fibres or any sharp edges
  • Practice on pillows or cushions


  • Use a cane that is damaged in any way
  • Use porous canes with multiple partners
  • Hit anywhere near the tailbone, kidneys, face or neck

Types of Canes

If you thought all canes were equal, then think again! Some are definitely more equal than others, particularly when you are starting out. But have no fear; UberKinky has all the information you need to pick out your perfect caning companion.

Before you go any further; what sort of sensation are you looking for from your cane? The greater the rigidity, weight and diameter of the cane, the deeper the pain and thud against the skin. In contrast, the lighter, longer and more flexible the cane, the greater the sting in its tail.

Don’t forget; practice makes perfect, so take some time out to ruffle some feathers! In your pillow that is...

Natural Fibres

For those that prefer things au-naturel! Not only do these canes look the part, they are also the traditional choice for delivering a severe corporal punishment. All canes made from natural materials are porous, so this is definitely not a time to ‘share and share alike’!



The weapon of choice for the majority of caning enthusiasts! Not to be confused with bamboo, rattan is typically finished either with water based polyurethane or raw linseed oil. This prolongs the life of the cane as well as making it much easier to clean. Flexible and lightweight, a rattan cane will deliver a real sting. The sanded joints and a rounded tip will ensure that everything runs smoothly in your play. Wrapped rattan canes are encased in leather, for an added depth to their sting.



Bamboo makes a nutritious meal for many animals, and when it comes to caning it will certainly feed your animalistic instincts! Bamboo is often mistaken for rattan as it is quite similar in appearance. However, when dry, a bamboo cane is liable to break and splinter, which means that it is not ideal for beginners. As bamboo often breaks lengthwise, leaving behind razor sharp edges, it has the potential to do some serious damage. For this reason, it is essential that bamboo canes are kept moist.



‘Reed’ all about it! Reed canes are somewhat similar to rattan; however they do not have any joints and unlike rattan canes they are not usually varnished. They are extremely narrow and therefore deliver a sadistic sting with every blow. The tip is rounded and the shaft is straight, making for some impressive stripes on the bottom.


Synthetic Fibres

Your experience will be anything other than synthetic with a manmade cane! Some of these tools look absolutely terrifying and will instil fear with the flick of a wrist. The majority of synthetic canes can be used with multiple partners (check before you buy), but be sure to sterilise thoroughly between playtimes.



Your bottom is sure to be looking a little glassy eyed when you hit them with a fibreglass cane! Typically white and often opaque, fibreglass canes are lightweight and relatively easy to control. However, because fibreglass is slightly less flexible than some other (natural) materials, the blow it delivers can be somewhat more painful. Be careful not to hit too hard, your bottom may be used to cutting remarks, but you don’t want their lasting impression to be one that cuts deep!



In the wrong hands a Derlin cane could do some serious damage, so use with caution; after all, we want the bottom to bounce back from their corporal caning. Derlin is hard like rubber and differs from other caning instruments in that it is quite heavy. For this reason it delivers quite the thud as opposed to a sting against the skin. Much harsher than rattan, a Derlin cane is only for the extreme players.



So you want to know more about Lucite? Well have patience; all will become crystal clear! Completely see through, Lucite canes are available in a variety of different colours that guarantee to add a little beauty to your play. This caning comrade is extremely rigid and can therefore hit the bottom with a real thud. They have a tendency to break and often have sharp edges, so we do not recommend using this type of cane unless you’ve had a lot of practice.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre

Is your bottom getting their recommended daily intake of fibre? Well, we guarantee that you’ll both be hungry for more when you introduce a carbon fibre cane to your play. although it is less flexible than rattan, a carbon fibre cane will really sting the skin and send shockwaves deeper down through the body. However, breakages are common due to their rigidity, so it’s important to practice beforehand. Carbon fibre canes are electro conductive, so why not turn up the voltage and introduce a violet wand do your play?



A blow from a plastic cane may make the bottom almost lose their bottle! However it will have a huge impact in your play and is relatively flexible and easy to control. This makes plastic an ideal choice for beginners as aim can easily be perfected. Smooth and solid, it makes a beautiful cutting sound through the air as it moves towards the ‘sweet spot’ and lands with a sting.


Caning Techniques

It’s not the size; it’s what you do with it that counts! Well, since canes are typically almost a metre in length, it would perhaps be more appropriate to say, “It’s not just the size...”

Firstly, it’s worth noting that the way in which a Top strikes the skin will determine the sensation felt by the bottom. This could range from lifting the cane right before the moment of impact (for a stingy hit) to pressing and holding the cane down after the moment of impact (for a thud). alternatively you may choose to let the cane bounce off the skin, or come in from an angle to graze as well as sting the skin.

Well, now that you’re ready to commence caning, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the different techniques which can be used to deliver a superior spanking. After all, you don’t want the bottom telling you to stick it!

So, to help you out, here are the UberKinky tried and tested methods;

Sting & Thud

You know what they say, “Variety is the spice of life”! So why not mix things up a little and keep your caning play fresh? As we’re sure you know by now, there are two sensations associated with caning; stingy and thuddy. Canes are more commonly linked to a stinging sensation; however some more rigid or heavier canes will deliver an almighty thud. This technique, as its name suggests, simply means alternating between the two. Not only does it give the bottom a break when one of the sensations becomes too much, it will keep them on their toes and ensure that they never get complacent.

Scary Swish

We’ve all heard it! That sadistically satisfying sound as something cuts through the air. Well, when it comes to caning, this can be particularly gratifying. Simply move the cane quickly through the air, making cutting sounds to build up anticipation and fear. We love the Scary Swish here at UberKinky, it really adds to the sensation play aspect of caning.

Surprise Surprise

Who doesn’t love surprises? This technique is all in the wrist action; quickly and gently tap your chosen ‘sweet spot’ in a consistent rhythm. The strikes should be soft and gentle, barely hard enough to sting the skin. Once the bottom has relaxed into these gentle hits, start tapping a little harder. You will find that they tense up at first and then relax back into the rhythm. Without breaking the rhythm, give the bottom a hard whack. Continue with the gentle taps, next time startling them with two hard hits, and so on. Gradually build this up so that every tap becomes a hard whack. This can also be used as a very effective warm up technique when transitioning to caning.

Happy Ending

No, we’re not talking in a Thai massage parlour! The bottom is likely to be floating around somewhere in subspace during your caning play, so how you bring them back to reality is extremely important. If it’s time for the scene to end, or you’re ready to move onto bigger and better things, choose some way of involving them in the decision. Some Tops ask their bottom to choose a number between one and twenty, advising that this is how many more hits they can expect. Others simply dictate the amount, or have the bottom signal in some way when they are happy to finish. Whichever method you choose, it will allow the bottom to come to terms that their punishment is nearly over.

Spanking Anatomy
rope care

Cane Care & Storage

It’s time to come clean! Do you really take good care of your toys? Well, when it comes to canes, it’s important to give them the much needed love and attention they deserve.

Firstly, all canes must be cleaned thoroughly after each use, but this is particularly important if sharing with multiple partners (only share non-porous canes). Canes can be sanitised thoroughly in a bleach solution (one part household chlorine bleach to nine parts water) or with a disinfectant. Additionally most synthetic canes can be washed through in the dishwasher (although we recommend you check this beforehand), or sterilized with antibacterial toy cleaner/alcohol swabs.

Canes made from rattan, bamboo and reed need a little bit of added care to keep them from drying out and breaking. To help them retain moisture you can choose one of two options; either soak in salt water or steam regularly. If this is not done, canes will become dry and brittle meaning that they are more likely to break upon impact. A cane that breaks on the body has the capability to cause serious injury. Varnished canes are sealed and therefore do not require the same treatment.

Canes should always be stored either hung up or suspended, rather than in your tool box or lying down. Also avoid storing in any way that the tip can be damaged. You could even keep rattan canes, or those made from other natural fibres, hung up in your bathroom to absorb some of the moisture.


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