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Beginner's Guide To Cock And Ball Torture

Well, you’ve probably guessed that we’re not talking about cognitive behavioural therapy here. The term ‘cock and ball torture’ will inspire one of two reactions amongst proud penis-owners; either an instant erection at the thought of this lascivious practice, or a bolt for the door whilst cupping the balls and screaming, “Are you nuts?” Well, here at UberKinky, we’re pretty sure which category you guys fall under... That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to cock and ball torture, as a special treat just for you.

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So, what’s the appeal? Well, there are many reasons why people are drawn to this activity. Slaves not only derive masochistic gratification from such torturous torment, they also take great pleasure in seeing that sadistically satisfied look upon their Dominant’s face. Dominants will revel in their new found ownership, punishing as and when they see fit. The fact that it is the most sensitive part of the body just makes playing around with it all the more exhilarating. With such a wide range of tools now available, cock and ball torture can also be endured alone, for the ultimate in sadomasochistic satisfaction.

So, if you think you’ve got the balls to give it a go, make sure you keep reading!

What is cock and ball torture?</

What is cock and ball torture?

To put it clinically, cock and ball torture (abbreviated as CBT, but also known as penis torture or dick torture) is a sexual activity that involves constriction to the penis or testicles, or the application of pain to the genitals, with the aim of heightened pleasure. The umbrella of cock and ball torture actually covers all kinds of kinky restraint and sensation play when done on the penis and testicles

But, if you’re not a fan of the word ‘torture’ - although it means something entirely different in the BDSM world - it’s perfectly fine to call it ‘cock and ball play’.

Why do people enjoy cock and ball torture?</

Why do people enjoy cock and ball torture?

Each person’s kink is as unique as they are. Some people simply enjoy the physical pain and sensations they experience from cock and ball torture. Others like the humiliation side to their playtime. Those who enjoy practicing cock and ball torture on others could have a sadist streak; they experience sexual pleasure from inflicting discomfort, pain and humilation on others.

Is CBT a fetish?</

Is CBT a fetish?

Anything that turns you on and gives you sexual pleasure can be considered a fetish, although the technical definition links a fetish to an inanimate object. Body parts can be considered fetish subjects. We would say that CBT is more of a kink, which is a sexual activity that falls outside of “acceptable” sex as defined by traditional society.

However you like to label it, CBT is incredibly popular and enjoyed by many. Including you, if you play your cards right…

Is cock and ball torture dangerous?</

Is cock and ball torture dangerous?

Any extreme form of BDSM carries risks, but cock and ball torture comes under the umbrella of ‘RACK’, or ‘risk-aware consensual kink’. This means that all participants are consenting to take part, and are aware that they could be risking injuries. BUT, when safety measures are followed and safewords abided by, there is no reason why the line between pain and pleasure cannot be toed.

Five reasons why you should try cock and ball torture

Reasons You Should Try CBT

Confused by cock and ball torture? Well, we guarantee it will be a major player in your superior sex play. So, stop cupping your crotch, this is no time to be a chicken…

CBT - Endorphin Release

1. Reach an all-new ‘high’

Free your inner masochist! The penis and surrounding area is full of sensitive nerve endings that are just begging to be played with. Stimulating them with CBT causes waves of endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller) to be released. The effect is similar to that of morphine or codeine and the result is an incredibly intense ‘natural high’. In some cases it can actually lead to an altered and euphoric state of consciousness.

CBT - Pleasure vs. Pain

2. Increased blood flow

Just go with the flow. Increased blood flow to the genitals causes them to become engorged. As a result, cock and ball torture is processed as pleasure rather than pain. The body releases adrenaline and the genitals become further enlarged, greatly intensifying the experience. Normally so readily associated with pleasure, the cock and balls have now become a target for punishment and pain. This confuses the body and thus a new pleasure/pain association is born. Are you feeling pumped yet?

CBT - Psychological Stimulation

3. Two heads are better than one…

Two heads are better than one, and you’ll certainly feel satisfying stimulation in both! Experience a new found emotional connection with your partner that is not just in the mind. Not only is it extremely satisfying to please your playmate, the level of trust between you will have never been stronger. Boundaries are pushed but never overstepped, forging a deeper bond and triggering terrific psychological and physical responses. Trust us, cock and ball torture is hard to beat!

CBT - Heightened Sensitivity

4. A sensitised shaft

Incensed Tops will love this persecuting play. Torturing that penis and perfect pair will increase the blood flow to the area, thereby making it incredibly sensitive to every tormenting touch. With the slightest stroke, lick, suck or tickle, you’ll be on the climactic brink. The penis and testicles are already the most sensitive part of the body, so imagine how enhanced your experience will be when you throw a little cock and ball torture into the mix. It’s just common sense.

CBT - Intensified Orgasm

5. The much-needed relief

Want some much needed relief? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you come over to the dark side! Many cock and ball torture toys are designed to restrict the testicles from moving upwards at the point of climax. The resistance felt makes the orgasm extremely intense. Additionally, the lower down the testicles are, the further the ejaculate must travel, prolonging this intensity. The extreme pleasure felt at the point of orgasm, in contrast to the torture endured, is incredibly powerful. Are you coming around yet?

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How to do safe cock and ball torture

We know that you’re no chicken when it comes to a bit of cock and ball torture, but there are still guidelines that must be followed in order to enjoy your play safely. The biggest concern when it comes to cock and ball torture is circulation. Increased pressure means that there is a danger of cutting off circulation completely. It is therefore essential to keep a close eye out for symptoms such as a loss in sensation, swelling or a loss of colour. Common injuries as a result of cock and ball torture include abrasions, bruises and small cuts. In time these will heal, but it is a good idea to treat with an ice pack to reduce the swelling and apply some antiseptic cream to cuts to avoid infection.

It’s quite normal to experience a dull and painful ache in the testicles after CBT play, or as we like to call it ‘blue balls’, but this shouldn’t last for a prolonged period of time after your play has ended. If pain persists, or you notice any abnormalities, including swelling or blood spots underneath the skin, please make an urgent appointment to see your doctor. In worst case scenarios testicular torsion or rupture can occur. This is highly unlikely, particularly if you follow our advice, but if you do experience severe pain or feel nauseous, it is imperative that you seek urgent medical attention.

Be careful with those bits and pieces, they can't be replaced. Although, the family jewels are actually more resilient than you think, and you know what they say, "no pain, no gain". Just make sure you always follow our safety tips and stop if you're at all unsure.


Dos for cock and ball torture

  • Trim pubic hair for a clear view and to avoid snagging
  • Alleviate pressure every 20-30 minutes to restore circulation fully
  • Avoid genital bindings that cannot be easily untied/removed
  • Keep ‘quick release’ tools, such as EMT scissors and cock ring cutters, handy
  • Be gentle with piercings
  • Stop immediately if you notice a loss of sensation, swelling, numbness or loss of colour
  • Discuss boundaries and a safe word beforehand
  • Go slowly, gradually increasing intensity and monitoring reactions
  • Stop immediately if the pain starts to spread to other areas
  • Avoid any practices that seriously wrench or twist the genitals

Don’ts for cock and ball torture

  • Leave clamps on for long periods of time
  • Leave CBT devices/weights on for prolonged periods or through the night
  • Tie the balls to anything. A sudden knee-jerk reaction could result in serious damage
  • Bind the penis/scrotum too tightly – you don’t want to cut off circulation
  • Insert anything into the urethra without adequate lubrication
  • Squeeze the penis too hard, it could damage the erectile tissue
  • Use sharp, hard hits
  • Let go of weights suddenly, lower them down gradually and gently
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Types of cock and ball torture

So, you’ve decided to grow a pair and give cock and ball torture a go? Well, now that you’re determined to grab your genitorture aspirations by the balls, we promise that you won’t be disappointed. Most commonly, this sort of play involves using ball crushers, weights or the hands... A little flick can cause a LOT of pain. However, with there being so many ways to reach your CBT goals, how do you know where to begin? Well, luckily for you, your old pals here at UberKinky have been doing some practical research to provide you with that helping hand. So, here’s our breakdown of the different types of cock and ball torture, followed by some specially designed tools, to make sure that your 'ball play' is always ‘back of the net’.

Ball Busting


Ever heard the saying, "they’re a real ball buster"? Well, this gives an all new, literal, meaning to the phrase. Ball busting, or ‘bb’ for short, refers to the act of kicking, kneeing or punching the slave in his testicles. Unfortunately (or in this case, fortunately) in this sort of ‘bb’ activity the balls are not made of steel, so it could hurt a little. This particular form of CBT originates in Japan, where it is referred to as Tamakeri. Luckily for you, UberKinky now has specially designed tools to imitate the effects of ball busting exactly.

Ball Stretching

ball stretcher

It’s no stretch to say that this is the perfect punishment when it comes to a little bit of genitorture. A ball stretcher gradually applies pressure to the scrotum, pulling it downwards and away from the body. In addition, when attached, it will stop those naughty testicles from pulling a disappearing act. For adding a little extra to your agonising activities, the Dominant should try tugging gently on the weights. For more information about choosing the ball stretcher that’s right for you, plus useful safety tips, check out our Beginner’s Guide To Ball Stretchers.

Ball Crushing

squeeze bulb

Your only 'vice'! Well it's certainly an enjoyable one to have. A ball crusher is designed to gradually squeeze the testicles with the turn of a screw or nut. It’s up to the Dominant to decide how much pressure is put on the slave. This can also be achieved by foot, whether bare, wearing boots or even spiked stiletto heels if you’d rather not play with toys. You’ll be feeling anything but ‘crushed’ after this CBT play..

Needle Play


Want to turn that body into a work of art? This play is sure to induce some piercing screams from the slave. Perfect for those that enjoy a bit of edgeplay, this sort of cock and ball torture is certainly about pain, but can also be a very sensual experience. Piercing stimulates greater reactions within the body due to the blood vessels and multiple nerve endings in the lower layers of skin. It is essential to clean the area with antiseptic beforehand and always use sterilised hypodermic needles. As this is also a form of blood play, care should be taken to avoid the transmission of blood borne diseases.

Urethral Play

urethral play

We’re sure you’re getting ‘wet’ just thinking about this. Urethral play involves inserting something into the urethra at the tip of the penis (please only use specialised tools like urethral sounds). It can be quite uncomfortable, particularly if you’ve never tried it before, so go slowly and apply plenty of lubricant. It is important to sterilise your tools before use, otherwise it could result in infection. When practised safely, this is the perfect choice for those who enjoy some deep exploration. Check out our beginner's guide to penis plugs and urethral sounds to help you stay safe and sound.

Knife Play


Want to sharpen up on those knife skills? Well we guarantee that you’ll be hungry for more when you add this ingredient to your CBT mix. Knife play remains a popular choice for those that like to live life on the edge, and when it is combined with some good, old fashioned genitorture, the physical and psychological reactions can be extremely intense. It can also be used as a form of temperature play (by cooling or heating the objects) or body modification. But be careful; with any play that may draw blood, there is a chance of transmitting diseases.

Sensation/Temperature Play

sensation play

Why not introduce some sensation/temperature play to your torturous torment? You may wish to try this combined with genital bondage or testicle cuffs, so that the slave’s bits and pieces are hypersensitive to every sadistic stroke. To make sure things remain HOT in your play, try dripping wax onto those sensitive spots, running a Wartenberg pinwheel over the exposed areas or even try some tickle torture. Alternatively, the slave will experience an all new kind of ‘chills’ when ice or cool metal objects are placed on their manhood.

Genital Bondage


Want to add a touch of art to your CBT? Not only does binding the balls create heightened sensitivity, it also hinders orgasm, making it the perfect tool for tease and denial. Once the testicles are bound, the exposed areas will be tight and extremely sensitive. Mummification of the penis is a popular choice for making an erection a painful prospect. Now could be your perfect chance to enjoy some extreme sensation/temperature play. Be careful not to bind too tightly, because you don’t want to permanently damage that precious package now, do you?!


electro stimulation

We guarantee that the Dominant will get a real buzz out of this play. This really is submissive servitude at its best. Great for orgasm tease and denial, electro-stimulation devices are designed to pass an electric current through the body, delivering shocking results. This remains a firm favourite amongst CBT enthusiasts everywhere. There are so many toys to choose from; some designed to give you an electrifying shock from the inside out. What could be better? If you want to know more about electro sex and staying safe, check out our beginner’s guide to electro sex.

Genital Spanking


This is spanking with a twist. Chastise those sensitive spots with a flogger, spanking cane, whip or even the hands. You can’t beat a good old fashioned spanking to punish someone when they’ve been naughty; although this is a new take on an old favourite, we must admit. Don’t hit too hard, you don’t want to do any lasting damage.



If you really want to heat things up, why not apply some IcyHot to that sensitive area? Experience an ice cold sensation, followed by a deep burn that delivers intense stimulation. Have no fear; the cream does not actually burn or cool the area, it just stimulates the nerve endings, causing the body to react in this painful yet exciting way. Or, if you really want to spice things up, add a little chilli oil to your CBT!

CBT Tools

Cock and ball torture sex toys

We know that you guys are gluttons for punishment, so here are a few particularly dangerous devices to really help you get the most from your genital torture.



Assume the position and get down on your knees! Want a testicle pillory that will humiliate, punish and torment? A humbler is designed to restrict movement of the slave and keep him on his hands and knees, begging for mercy. A testicle cuff is mounted in the centre of a bar which passes behind the thighs. This is then fastened around the base of the scrotum. Once on, the humbler forces the slave to keep their legs folded forward, with the slightest movement causing severe discomfort. Humble by name, but certainly not by nature! View All Humblers

cock ring

Cock Ring

You may think that a cock ring is a bit too tame for cock and ball torture, but think again! There are many sadistically satisfying cock rings available to deliver the perfect penis persecution. Not only will a cock ring help to keep the penis hard and the testicles tight, it will put a stop to premature ejaculation. In addition, many cock rings have extra punishment features such as spikes and screws. Keeping the penis hard will make it much more sensitive to the torture it is enduring. So, what are you waiting for; it’s about time you put a ring on it. View All Cock Rings

Testicle Cuffs

Testicle Cuffs

You’re under arrest, so prepare to be cuffed. A testicle cuff is a ring shaped device that fastens around the top of the scrotum. When closed, it stops the testicles from retreating into the body with fright and keeps them firmly in place until they have served their time. In some cases there are two cuffs, one for the scrotum and one for the base of the penis. Perfect for enjoying some spanking or sensation play. If you’re lucky you may even get ‘released’ early for good behaviour… View All Testical Cuffs

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Are you ready for your coronation? Well we have just the crown to place upon that head! The glans of the penis is the most sensitive part, which makes it the ultimate place for inflicting pain. Screws line the inside of a ring, which can be tightened as much as required for sadomasochistic satisfaction. True royalty amongst CBT toys. View Crown of Thorns


Ball Stretchers

Suffering from a touch of ball envy? Whether you desire a stretched out sack or simply fancy one of those elongated orgasms, ball stretchers go a hell of a way into making them a reality. Overturn your testicle tribulations in an instant, and enjoy toeing that pleasure/pain barrier whilst you’re at it. View All Ball Stretchers


Cock and ball torture aftercare

So you’ve finished your CBT play, but now what? Well, it’s important to rest and gradually ease yourself back into the ‘real world’. Allow yourself time to recover before standing up and getting on with menial tasks. We’re sure you can put them off for just a little while longer! Sit back, relax and even indulge yourself with a piece of chocolate, after all, you deserve it. The chemical effects of chocolate are somewhat similar to that of subspace, so this should make the transition a little easier for you. Make sure you keep a blanket or dressing gown handy as body temperature can suddenly drop after the scene has ended, and it is imperative that you stay warm.

We know you like getting dirty just as much as we do, but it is essential to keep those danglers clean, so always give them a gentle wash with antiseptic soap after your play. As we mentioned in our safety section, it is quite common for minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and abrasions to occur as a result of cock and ball torture. If so, simply treat with an ice pack and apply a dab of antiseptic cream to reduce swelling and avoid infection.

We recommend that you steer clear of masturbation and intercourse until your manhood has fully recovered. You may find that you feel a small, dull pain with erections for a while. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. However, if the pain is severe, or you notice any other abnormalities, please seek medical attention.

Most importantly, take it easy. Enjoy some much needed R& R so that you’re ready for a repeat performance in no time!


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