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Beginner's Guide To Anal Stretching

What comes to mind when you think of the words anal stretching? Does your mind wander to the first time you ever saw Goatse? If you've never even tried a butt plug, yet you're interested in having a seriously floppy rectum then look no further than our UberKinky beginner’s anal stretching guide.

There are many reasons why people choose to engage in this anal activity. Some people simply enjoy the stretching sensation, whilst others have HUGE anal ambitions. Whatever your goal, stretching not only feels amazing, it enables you to enjoy huge dildos, fisting and other activities which take up more room in your bum, and it won’t cause any functional change to digestion or defecation. So, what are you waiting for?


Safety & Preparation

Want to practice safe stretching? Well here at UberKinky we certainly want you to! So make sure you follow our advice and you’ll be on your way to great anal accomplishments in no time!

If done carefully, the process of anal stretching should be extremely pleasurable, with only slight pain. If you experience excessive pain or bleeding then you are getting a bit ahead of yourself. Slow down! Safe and effective stretching takes time. After a good anal stretching session, it takes about three to six hours for the anus to return to normal, so make sure you take it easy afterwards and give your body some much needed R&R.

To prepare for any anal encounter, including stretching, there's always some preparation involved. Firstly, have a satisfying poo to empty yourself out. Getting your daily recommendation of fibre should make this easy to do. Then give yourself a deep clean with a good douche or enema. Take your time with this. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and be prepared to do at least two or three cycles. For more information about douching/enemas, check out our Beginner’s Guide!

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  • Go to the toilet before getting started
  • Douche/enema 3-4 hours before stretching
  • Stop if you experience any excessive pain or bleeding
  • Start with a small, smooth butt plug
  • Always make sure your butt plug has a flared base
  • Use plenty of lubricant
  • Sanitise stretching plugs before use


  • Force your stretching device in if you are experiencing any severe discomfort or pain
  • Get overly excited – there’s no need for thrusting!
  • Overdo it - give your body time to recover between stretching sessions. We recommend 2/3 days in between
  • Choose a plug with a circumference greater than 4.5ins when starting out
  • Wear for more than 20 minutes to begin with
getting started

Getting Started

So, your bum is ready for the BIG time? Great, but remember there’s no rush! As with any training session, you must warm up first. So, relax and start off by inserting your little finger, slowly moving it in a circular motion. Is it comfortable so far? If so, try to gently stretch your anus with your fingers.

OK, now you’re ready for action! Make sure you start with a small, tapered butt plug. Insert it into your anus until it starts to feel uncomfortable. At this point slide it back out. Wait for a moment and then repeat the process. You’ll find that this time you can enjoy some deeper exploration before discomfort rears its ugly head. Repeat until you’ve gobbled the butt plug up whole. Once you find you are comfortable with taking a butt plug of this size, move up to the next size and repeat until you have that gaping hole that you’re after.

Don’t forget to apply plenty of lubricant throughout this process!



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Well, now you’re in the know! But how do you choose the perfect plug to assist you in your mission? Relax, UberKinky friends; we come bearing answers!

We’re not ones for anal abstinence here at UberKinky, so we were happy to engage in a little experiment to find the best stretching devices for your back door pleasure. We want you to go out there and grab your anal aspirations by the cheeks. So, we recommend opening yourself up to a new world of possibilities with one of the following three products;

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1. Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

“Feels really horny, especially when walking or bending. I kept it in for hours until it decided to come out on its own. Now need the large size!!!” Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

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2. MEO 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

“Amazing. These are the best butt plugs I've ever bought. These plugs really do what the name suggests and will stretch you out quite quickly. In two months I've gone from medium to the XL and now when I pull the XL out my hole gapes like Goatse. It's also amazing how quickly my hole opens up on its own now because of these stretching rings.” MEO 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

Easy In Anal Dilators

3. Easy In Anal Dilators

“Easy to insert and brilliant for slowly training and stretching. The dilators are made from hard, smooth plastic and are hollow. The tiny little hole on the tip is a clever innovation that helps reduce internal pressures.” Easy In Anal Dilators

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Which Lube To Use?

This may be the most important question you ever ask yourself! Lubricant is an essential accompaniment to any anal play, but it is particularly important for this sort of endeavour.

Don’t forget, the rectum does not self lubricate so it’s imperative that you choose a good quality lubricant from our collection. Use a lube shooter to insert some lube into your rectum and then lube up your sphincter and toy.

UberKinky recommends a water based lube, as a silicone formula may not be compatible with your chosen toy. Make sure you reapply as necessary; water lube often dries out quite quickly. We recommend drenching yourself in one of the following;

  1. Uberkinky Cum Together Cum Lubricant 250ml
    Uberkinky Cum Together Cum Lubricant 250ml 12 4.5 5 1
  2. MEO Very Deep Urethral Lubricant 30ml
    MEO Very Deep Urethral Lubricant 30ml 43 4.8 5 1
  3. Uberkinky Smooth Move Waterbased Lubricant 250ml
    Uberkinky Smooth Move Waterbased Lubricant 250ml 6 4 5 1
  4. Smooth Move Lubricant 100ml
    Smooth Move Lubricant 100ml 10 4.3 5 1

So there you have it, the UberKinky Guide to Anal Stretching. Before long you'll be a butt plug size queen with a big floppy anus! Just remember the cardinal rules for safety: lubricate, go slow and stop if you see blood.

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