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Doc Johnson

Are you sick of the same old thing? Then you can always count on Doc Johnson to prescribe a healthy dose of lascivious behaviour! With cutting edge designs and creative ideas, Doc Johnson has really made a name for itself since it opened its doors in 1976. Products are carefully crafted using the safest, most life-like materials, which are both smooth and extremely pliable. Having formed partnerships with a number of famous names within the industry, including Jenna Jameson, Doc Johnson has become a highly respected and favoured brand by many. All its toys are durable and will last a lifetime with minimal care. So what are you waiting for? Pick out your tantalising toy today, and make an appointment for some filthy fun!

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  1. Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug
    As low as £13.99
  2. Doc Johnson Bust It Squirting Realistic Ejaculating Dildo 8.5 inches
    As low as £47.99
  3. Doc Johnson Dick Rambone Dildo 13.5 Inches
    As low as £47.99
  4. Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles 3 Pack
  5. Doc Johnson B-7 Tango 6.4 Inches
  6. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock CodeBlack Realistic Hung Dildo 9.3 inches
  7. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Black Handle Accessory
  8. Doc Johnson Veined Double Header Dildo 18 Inches
    As low as £30.99
  9. Doc Johnson American Bombshell B-10 Torpedo Dildo 9 Inches
  10. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12 inch Double Dildo
    As low as £18.99
  11. Doc Johnson Goodhead Helping Head Ultimate BJ Helper
  12. Doc Johnson Luxe Harness with Vac-U-Lock Plug
  13. Doc Johnson Kink The Stinger Electo-Play Wand
  14. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit 3, 4 and 5 inches
    As low as £27.99
  15. TitanMen Open Up Hollow Butt Plug 4.3 inches
  16. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Hung UR3 Dildo 10 Inches
    As low as £65.99
  17. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 18 inch Double Dildo
    As low as £30.99
  18. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock CodeBlack Double Penetrator The Naturals Dildo 5.5 inches
  19. Titan Men Piss Off Ejaculating Dildo 7.8 Inches
    As low as £67.99
  20. Doc Johnson American Bombshell Shellshock Butt Plug 6 Inches or 8.5 Inches
    As low as £46.99
  21. Doc Johnson Double Header 18 Inch Smooth Double Dildo
    As low as £29.99
  22. Doc Johnson The Manhandler Dildo 14.5 Inches
  23. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock 7 inch Natural Dildo
  24. Doc Johnson American Bombshell Big Boy Dildo 9.8 Inches
  25. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock 8 Inch Realistic Dildo 7.3 inches
    As low as £46.99
  26. Doc Johnson The D Super D 8 inch Dildo 7 inches
    As low as £41.99
  27. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock 6 Inch Realistic Dildo With Ultra Harness
  28. Doc Johnson Bloom Intimate Body Pump
  29. TitanMen The Rumpy Butt Plug 6 inches
  30. Doc Johnson The Fist Dildo
  31. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock 6 inch Realistic Dildo 6.2 inches
  32. Doc Johnson Realistic Cock Ultraskin 8 Inch Dildo 7.3 inches
    As low as £57.99

Items 1-32 of 63

per page