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UberKinky Affiliate Terms & Conditions


Affiliate Program Details

  • Commission level 1: Sales under £500 a month 13%
  • Commission level 2: Sales between £500 and £1000 a month 17%
  • Commission level 3: Sales over £1000 a month 21%
  • Cookie Period: 45 Days
  • Payment Method: Paypal or bank transfer
  • Minimum Payout: £25
  • Payment Regularity: Monthly



  • We will pay you automatically by PayPal, as soon as you have a minimum balance owed of £25
  • Paypal does charge a fee to send money, however we will pay all of these fees.
  • Funds are paid in Pounds Sterling
  • alternatively we can pay you by bank transfer. However you will need to contact us at [email protected], and please title your email "Affiliate Bank Transfer Payment".


Promotions & Offers

  • Please ensure you display correctly all offers and promotions provided by the UberKinky affiliate team, including relevant expiry dates.
  • Voucher code affiliates must clearly detail the voucher offer that will be revealed by the click and all expiry dates must be clearly stated. Using "Click to Reveal" when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted.
  • You may not display an unauthorised coupon/promotion code, i.e. a code that appears on a newsletter yet has not been communicated via your affiliate manager.
  • To keep up to date on affiliate promotions, we recommend you regularly check the newsletters and emails which we will send you.

If you promote an offer or code that has not been supplied to you by the UberKinky affiliate management team, we will withhold any commissions arising from it and you could be removed from the program.


Voucher Code Websites

We do not want to work with voucher code websites. Any affiliate found listing Uberkinky voucher codes or offers on these websites will be removed from our affiliate program.


Domain Restrictions

  • Affiliates may not make use of any UberKinky trademarks, such as the UberKinky brand name or any trademarked products (including variations and misspells) in their domain names.
  • Please do not register any domain names that are similar, or confusingly similar, or have the specific, or accidental intention or consequence of leading visitors to think they are being directed to
  • Affiliates may not put the UberKinky website into frames, or use masked URLS, or create clones or duplicates of any part of the UberKinky website.



Transactions Policy Yes No
Does the transaction value that commissions are paid on include VAT? Yes  
Does the transaction value that commissions are paid on include delivery charges?   No
Does the transaction value that commissions are paid on include gift wrapping or other service charges?   No
Are commissions not paid out on some products or product categories?   No


PPC Advertising

We are very strict with our PPC policy as we have an in-house team that manages our PPC, and don’t want affiliates competing with us, driving up our costs. If any of these policies are violated, we will reverse commissions and reject you from our affiliate program.

PPC Advertising Policy Yes No
Are you allowed to send traffic directly to our website?   No
Are you allowed to use our brand name in your display URL?   No
Are you allowed to use our brand within your ad text?   No
Are you able to send traffic from your PPC ads to your own site before sending the traffic to our website? Yes  
Are you allowed to display your ads when our brand name or variations of our brand name are entered as search keywords? (e.g. Uberkinky, Uber Kinky)   No
Are you allowed to display your ads when misspellings of our brand name are entered as search keywords? (e.g. Ubakinky)   No
Are you allowed to display your ads when our brand name and another word are entered as search keywords? (e.g. UberKinky Bondage Gear)   No


Shopping Feeds

We can provide affiliates with a product feed, however we do not allow affiliates to use our product feed to populate their own websites. Any attempt to copy our content is considered plagiarism and will create duplicate content issues which could negatively impact our SEO efforts. Any affiliate found using our copy/content will be banned from our affiliate program.


De-duplication is the process of attributing a sale to another online marketing channel on predefined conditions. For example a person clicks a link on your website through to us. This will create a cookie, meaning that if this person makes a purchase within the next 45 days you will earn a commission. However if the customer re-visits our website through one of our paid channels (eg. clicks a PPC ad on Google, or clicks a link from one our newsletters) and then makes a purchase, you will not be paid commission.

We will run de-duplication on all of the following channels:

 De-Duplication Policy Yes No
PPC Brand Yes  
PPC Generic Yes  
Email Marketing Yes  
Display Advertising Yes  
Price Comparison Yes  
Other Affiliate Networks Yes  


Failure to comply with any of the above terms could result in commissions being cancelled and your affiliate account being permanently suspended.