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Uberkinky Expert Ruby Payne

Writer/Sex and relationships expert/Dominatrix

Ruby Payne has the titles we all secretly want; her resume has more slashes than Guns & Roses’ discography. 

She’s a writer and sex and relationship expert by day, a Dominatrix by night, as well as being clued up on all things to do with body language. In her free time (yes, she still has that), Ruby consults with the wonderful folk here at UberKinky, helping them with everything from new sex toy ideas right through to marketing the finished product. From dildos beyond your wildest dreams to brand spanking new additions to your cock and ball armoury, she helps bring them all to life. 

For well over a decade now, Ruby has written about sex, relationships, fetishes and kinks across the Internet. Whether that’s here on the UberKinky site or in publications such as The Sun, The Mirror, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Entertainment Daily, The Tab, and Cosmopolitan - to name a few.

Taking sex tips and tricks and life lessons from her sessions with clients - whose indulgences include anything from impact play (that’s spanking) to humiliation play - Ruby has a wealth of knowledge to tap into when it comes to getting down and dirty.

Whether that’s giving her two cents on the relationships of Love Island contestants (body language says a lot, ladies!), telling you what you absolutely should NOT be doing to your genitals, or giving some hot sex positions to spice things up, Ruby certainly knows her stuff. 

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to sex - especially fetishes and kinks - but Ruby would love to have you come along for the ride.

As featured in:


Huffington Post

The Sun

The Mirror

The Tab


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