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Powder Lubricants

Want to make sure all of your sex play runs smoothly? Add Powder Lubricants to the mix and you’re guaranteed a good time! UberKinky has an extensive range of sexual powder lubricants on offer, to guarantee every orgasmic experience provides ultimate pleasure with minimal pain. Are you an extreme player who uses A LOT of lube? Powder Lubricant is perfect you for, allowing you to make up as much as you need over and over again! Glide into each of those tight spaces with ease, or receive those pleasurable gifts with optimum comfort!. Glide your way around our extensive range, and choose the perfect powder lube for your sex play today. Quick and easy to concoct, you’ll be ready for play in an instant.

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  1. X Lube Powdered Water Based Lube 100g
  2. J-Lube For Anal Fisting 295ml
  3. M&K Products K Lube Powder 200g
  4. Fist Lube Powder 100g
  5. Smooth Move Powder Lubricant 200g

5 Items

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