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Oral Sex Essentials

Get a taste for phenomenal foreplay, with items from our Oral Sex Essentials collection! If you’re hungry for more when it comes to your oral sex play, now you can really ramp things up. Choose from kinky accessories, supreme sex toys and deviant deepthroat spray to ensure that you’re always on top form when it comes to pleasing your playmate. The world of oral play is a wonderful one; there’s so much to explore and a world of naughty possibilities open to you, depending on just how kinky your nature is! Take your tongue action or sucking skills from great to mind-blowingly, incredible and you’re likely to enjoy the starter even more than the main course. Make sure you warn the neighbours though, because they’re going to need to buy some ear plugs when you open our Pandora’s box of Oral Sex Essentials!

24 Items

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  1. Meo EZ2Suck Deep Throat Spray 30ml
  2. F-Machine Tremblr Fucking Machine
  3. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag
  4. Uberkinky Xtreme PVC Coated Spider Gag
  5. Master Series Spread Labia Spreader Straps With Clamps
  6. Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator
  7. Doc Johnson Goodhead Helping Head Ultimate BJ Helper
  8. LoveBotz The Milker Dual Cylinder Deluxe Stroking Machine
  9. Mister B Rubber Coated Ring Gag
  10. You 2 Toys Labia Spreader with Clamps
  11. Master Series Mutiny Silicone O-Ring Gag With Nipple Clamps
  12. Uberkinky Spider Mouth Gag
  13. Tenga Flip Zero Male Masturbator
  14. Master Series Sissy Mouth Gag
  15. You 2 Toys G-Spot Labia Spreader
  16. California Exotics Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag
  17. Satisfyer Pro Penquin Clitoral Stimulator
  18. Uberkinky Ring Gag
  19. PDX Elite Tip Teazer Power Pump Male Masturbator
  20. You 2 Toys Vibrating Labia Spreader
  21. Master Series Plug Your Hole Open Mouth Leather Head Harness
  22. California Exotics Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel Mint
  23. Master Series The Labia Spreader Female Bondage Device
  24. Master Series Pussy Face Oral Sex Mouth Gag

24 Items

per page