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Beginner's Guide To Slave Collars

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Wind your neck in; we’re not promoting slavery here... at least not the barbaric, non-consensual kind that was around in the 17/1800’s. In fact, when it comes to BDSM, the way Dominant’s feel about their slave/s is actually quite the opposite. It denotes a special bond, commitment, trust and is symbolic of an exceptionally strong relationship. Indeed, the significance is often considered as great as marriage.

When it comes to slave collars, we can barely restrain ourselves, so if you want to show someone you really care, or you simply wish to add a little bondage to your bedroom antics, this guide promises to lead you in the right direction. Fear not, it may be a lot of information to take in, but it’s definitely not too hard to swallow!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the 6 Reasons You Should Try Slave Collars today!

Reasons You Should Try Slave Collars

Reasons You Should Try Slave Collars

Stumped by slave collars? Surprised that many people have become seemingly so attached to them? Well, slave collars promise to lead you in the right direction when it comes to your perverted playtime, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Slave Collars - Sensational Symbolism™

Give them a sign that you care...

It’s not just for show! If you’re looking for something a little special, jewellery is the obvious choice. And when it comes to naughty neckwear, you won’t find better than a scintillating slave collar. Wearing a collar is symbolic of being in a serious relationship where a great deal of trust is shared. Demonstrating that you belong to someone and are committed to a lifelong relationship, it has similar significance to a wedding ring. Being collared, therefore, will enhance any relationship. So, sign up for superior satisfaction!

Slave Collars - Remarkable Restraint

Keep them on a tight leash for ‘spot’ on satisfaction...

For fidgety playmates that are a real pain in the neck! Slave collars typically feature rings for attaching either leads, or other restraints. When fastened to other furniture/equipment, it keeps bottoms in place for whatever pleasing or teasing is thrown their way. Some slave collars are also designed to restrict movement independently, forcing naughty bottoms to look in one direction. Not only does restraint keep them still for play that’s always spot on, it also looks incredible. You’ll want to keep a tight leash on them afterwards, that’s for sure!

Slave Collars - The Look

Be on the lookout for sexy submission and stunning beauty...

On the lookout for something bold and beautiful? Not only does a slave collar carry with it a symbolic meaning, it is also incredibly sexy in its own right. In addition to that look of submission which is such a great turn on, the decorative look of a collar and its animalistic nature is also absolutely stunning. The inability to move the collar and the fact that it is placed around one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, simply adds to its appeal. So, why not discover a keen eye for detail?

Slave Collars - Submissive Satisfaction

You’ll be powerless to resist relinquishing control...

Stay in control of how you choose to play! Wearing a collar can be an indication of a submissive status. As such, it represents a relinquishment of control. Completely entrusting your mind and body to somebody else brings with it a great deal of vulnerability, which can be incredibly sexy and a real thrill for both of you. Being collared is likely to make someone feel ‘owned’, thereby wanted and irresistible. It provides a feeling of belonging and security that nothing else can. You’ll be powerless to resist!

Slave Collars - Sexy Secret

Shhh! We can’t help talking about the best kept secret...

Heard the whispers about slave collars and want to find out if they’re true? A collar can be worn during play only, or at all times. Many of the more unobtrusive designs could be mistaken for an everyday item of jewellery. Knowing that everyone else is completely unaware of the significance is a huge turn on. It’s constant reminder of your relationship and kinky pastimes, which remain a secret from the rest of the world. This is an even bigger thrill when someone passes a compliment. We simply can’t keep quiet about them!

Slave Collars - Raunchy Role Play

Command more and lead the way when it comes to superior play...

Want to act out your inner most desires? A little bit of role play never hurt anyone! Okay, strictly speaking, when it comes to BDSM, that may not be true. However, it certainly does no harm to act out fantasies. So, why not engage in a little pet play and command much more from your out of hours’ activities? Fulfil animalistic instincts and lead the way when it comes to superior sex play. For more hardcore players, a collar can also be worn for erotic humiliation. It’s time for you to ‘own it’!


Safety First!

We hate the thought of you taking on something more than you can handle, so to avoid getting up to your necks in it, take note of our essential safety tips!

First things first; it’s vital that your collar fits comfortably and safely. In order to ensure this, have your Dominant fasten it for you, or do so whilst looking in the mirror. Once it is on it must be tightened slowly, making sure that breathing and swallowing is not at all hindered. When you think that the tightness is right, slip two fingers underneath and all the way round. If this is not possible, the collar is too tight. Never over tighten a collar and always stop as soon as you start to experience any kind of discomfort. In many cases it is not a cause for concern, merely the collar chafing slightly. This can be easily resolved with some moisturiser, or a little bit of lube.

We realise that there are some very naughty pets out there that need to learn obedience, however, tugging on the collar, or any attached leads is never acceptable. A sharp tug can cause serious damage, or could even lead to whiplash.

There’s no need for gulping; bondage collars are designed to sit in a way that allows you to breathe comfortably and doesn’t stop you from swallowing. Just remember to agree on a safe word beforehand, and use it if necessary.

Always practice cautious collaring!



  • Make sure there is a 2 finger gap between the neck and the collar
  • Stop immediately if you experience any discomfort
  • Decide on a safe word prior to your play and use if required


  • Pull sharply on the collar or attached lead
  • Over tighten the collar

Types of Collars

Everyone has a type! And, when it comes to BDSM slave collars, there are quite a few to choose from...

Collar of Protection

Collar of Protection

Dominants can be really protective over their belongings! A collar of protection is typically given to a submissive that is recovering from a failed/abusive relationship, or that is being stalked or harassed. The Dominant may offer them a collar to symbolise that they are under protection and cannot be approached without permission. This gives the submissive time to heal and the security of knowing that they are safe when out and about. Usually, only high standing Dominants within the community offer, or are asked for protection. Stay safe!

Collar of Consideration

Collar of Consideration

Consider this; a Dominant is interested in an individual as a potential slave, but is unsure of how best to communicate it. By offering a Collar of Consideration, the potential slave is made aware of this interest. If they accept, it means that they no longer have any interest in finding another Master/Mistress. This collar is worn 24/7 as a constant reminder of the relationship between Master and slave. There are differing views within the community about the Collar of Consideration; some prefer to dive in headfirst!

Training Collar

Training Collar

All pets need to be trained! Novice submissives often wear a plain leather collar with one or more rings during their training period. It does not indicate ownership or any special bond, but merely allows the submissive to feel some of the control that he/she will surrender and experience the emotions associated with power exchange. A collar makes it easy to send signals as to when the submissive is doing something incorrectly. A very gentle pull on a lead attached to the collar will keep them on track!

Collar of Ownership

Collar of Ownership

You’ll really own it with a brand new fully fledged slave collar! If training is completed successfully, and both the slave and Dominant agree to take their relationship further, a Collar of Ownership is given. In many cases the significance is equal to that of a wedding ring. It remains the property of the Dominant, and although the slave can leave the relationship at any time, the collar must be returned to its rightful owner. One thing’s for sure; slaves will feel like hot property!


Collar Styles

We really hate to typecast, particularly as there are so many different styles of collar available. One thing they each have in common though, is that they typically feature one or more O/D rings for attaching other restraints or leads to. But fear not; for those of you that are not quite the collar connoisseur, we’ve broken down the different styles;

Wolf Collar

Wolf Collar

AWOOOO! Originally used for the purpose of protecting wolves from dogs, a Wolf Collar is adorned all the way around with sharp spikes. Perfect for adding a little brutal bling to your play, it will have you howling with pleasure, and perhaps a little pain (if that is, of course, what you’re into ;)) in no time!

Posture Collar


So, what’s your stance on posture collars? A corset like device, designed for the neck instead of the waist, it forces the wearer to stand in an upright position and restricts movement of the neck entirely. Stop naughty subs from looking at things that don’t concern them and keep them firmly in their place, then position yourselves for some seriously perverted play!

Slave Collar with Clamps

Slave Collar with Clamps

What better way to clamp down on some extremely naughty behaviour? The perfect way to experiment with the more fetish related side of collar wearing, this has the brutal bondage look but delivers multiple sensations at once. It also makes a remarkable restraint as it restricts movement of the neck and body, unless of course it’s a painful pull you’re after. We recommend you steer clear until a little more experienced!

Slave Collar with Nose Hooks

Slave Collar with Nose Hooks

You’ll be hooked on playing with this type of collar! Similar to the collar with clamps in that it allows the wearer to experience multiple sensations at once, it also acts as a restraint, restricting movement of the neck and head. Hang on for a little while before you try these, it’s important to get used to the emotions involved in power exchange first. However, we sense that you’ll really enjoy it!

Locking Slave Collar


The key to superior satisfaction! This collar is originally designed to be worn by female slaves and it locks either at the back using various different types of pins or disks, or with a padlock on the front or buckle. The Lock Slave Collar is available in a variety of different styles and designs; however, it is always cylindrical. Wearing one will open your eyes!

Collar & Leash

Collar & Leash

Keep subs on a tight leash and teach naughty pets some obedience! For those that enjoy a little pet play, buying a lead and a collar together means that you can get started with your perverted puppy play as soon as it arrives. Ideal as a training collar, now you can lead your pet with pride and teach them important new skills. It’s bound to set tails wagging!

Dance Slave Collar


Got the moves? The Dance Slave Collar has a light chain collar attached, which is usually oval. In some cases wrist cuffs will be attached, but they will not be too restrictive and will leave some room for movement to enable dancing. There are many different types of Gorean slave dances that you may wish to imitate. So, isn’t it time you danced to the beat of your own drum?

Cyber Collar


Virtually convinced that a cyber collar is the perfect choice for you? Well, the significance of a cyber collar will vary dramatically dependent upon those involved. To some, their value is just as real as a collar made from steel, but to others they are as disposable as toilet paper and are just a means of getting attention, or a sure-fire way to engage in some cyber sex. But, if that sounds good to you, join the network of others giving and receiving cyber collars today!

Message Slave Collar

Message Slave Collar

What better way to pass on a message than with a slave collar? The meaning of a slave collar is already symbolic, but picking one with a message makes it that bit more personal. Bespoke collars are typically made from leather and have a message sewn or attached to them; however there are a variety of different kinds available. The message may be the particulars of the slave or any other information that the Dominant wishes to pass on. We’re helping to spread the word!

Gorean Slave Collar

Gorean Slave Collar

Open to the idea of 24/7 dominance and submission? Then the Gorean Slave Collar is the perfect choice. Featuring a lock which sits on the throat of the wearer, who is typically a woman, it is for those that are completely submissive to their Master and can be called upon to perform any task. The collar is extremely restrictive and can only be removed with a key. Certainly not a collar to make you feel led on!

Plate Slave Collar

Plate Slave Collar

BDSM slaves look good enough to eat in a Plate Collar! The original purpose of the Plate Collar was to be worn by males, but sometimes it would be placed on an untrained female. It was hammered flat on the throat section for the safety of the slave. Different from the locking collar, it was typically worn by the low slaves that hadn’t yet been schooled. Sadism is served!

Everyday Collar

Everyday Collar

It may be worn every day, but it’s certainly no ordinary piece of neckwear! There are a variety of collars available that can be worn daily and mistaken for an everyday item of jewellery. This will act as a constant reminder of your commitment and experiences. The fact that the rest of the world aren’t in on your satisfying secret is an even bigger turn on. So, why not make the daily grind a little more exciting?


Collaring Ceremony

So, you’ve decided you want to keep your submissive on a tight leash? Well, receiving/giving a Collar of Ownership is an extremely special occasion for slaves and Dominants alike. It is a huge commitment to make, and in the BDSM community is regarded as significant as offering/accepting a wedding ring. As such, many opt to have a collaring ceremony to celebrate this lifelong pledge.

A collar can take on various different forms, however, what it symbolises is much more important than the collar itself. The Dominant is promising to protect, nurture, but more importantly, control their partner in a considered respectful manner from here on out. Whilst romantic love is often found in the D/s relationship, it is not an essential part of this commitment.

It is typically the Dominant that chooses the collar for the ceremony, however; on very rare occasions, they will include the submissive in this decision. It may be an intimate ceremony, with just the Dominant and slave in attendance, or it may be a lavish affair, this is entirely down to the individuals. It can, and is often led by a third party who requests statement from both parties to declare their commitment. Those present will also usually pledge their support for the couple in the future. If the relationship between the two is online, however, it could be something as simple as a phone call or online chat.

It’s bound to bring you to tears, but not in the usual BDSM fashion ;)


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