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How to Make Your Penis Bigger


Fed up of hearing, “It’s not the size that matters; it’s what you do with it that counts”? Convinced that those who say, “Good things come in small packages” are deluding themselves? Well, trust us; you’re not alone. Penis size is a BIG deal to most men, and luckily for you, now there’s a way to rectify any shortcomings.

Still sceptical that getting the dick of your dreams is possible? Well, suck on this; there are plenty of ways to maximise your manhood, and we’ve broken them all down for you in this informative guide. So, whether you simply love the look of a giant johnson, want to deliver perfect penetration, or experience heightened sensitivity and improved stamina simultaneously, you’ll find everything to help you size up your options right here!


Tools & Exercises

Cock Ring

Cock Rings

Heard of cock rings, but think you’re too much of a chicken to try one? Well, there’s nothing to fear; a cock ring isn’t designed to cause pain, merely to restrict blood flow out of the penis and keep it bigger and stronger for longer. It delivers sizeable, yet temporary, benefits instantaneously. Maximising both length and girth, it will also increase sensitivity and delay ejaculation, so you can put in the perfect performance every time. Plus, a full package like this will always hit the spot. We’re sure you won’t need much egging on! View All Cock Rings

penis pump

Penis Pumps

This sucker guarantees you a really swell time! Using a penis pump is one of the safest and most effective ways to instantly increase the size of your penis. Additionally, when used frequently, it is likely to have permanent results.

A cylinder is placed over the penis and a pump sucks out all of the air, creating a vacuum. This stimulates extra blood flow to your downstairs department, delivering an instant erection and an extremely sizable sausage. A ring is then placed at the base of the penis to restrict the blood flow back out. So you can experience the joys of a pumped up penis for even longer.

Pumping the penis is essentially a workout. Much like building and training a muscle, it will grow bigger over time. Plus your erections should remain firmer, bigger and stronger. We recommend jelqing before pumping, as it will make your manhood more receptive to increased blood flow. View All Penis Pumps

penis extender

Penis Extenders

When it comes to these terrific toys, the long list of benefits is extensive. Indeed, for perfect penetration, you’ll find that play with this penis pal has been a long time coming! So, if you want to experience what it’s like to have a massive manhood, if only for the night, a penis extender promises to go the extra mile.

Made from a variety of different materials and available in a number of different designs, a closed ended extender is the typical choice for those that want to add inches to their package. Choose between life-like or, if you want an even more stimulating experience, opt for a textured dong. Designed to simply slide over the penis, you’ll get the look, and your playmate will get the feel, of a gigantic johnson immediately. Plus, you’ll even be able to put in an extended performance. A non permanent solution to your cock conundrum, don’t just dream big; make it happen! View All Penis Extenders

penis cream

Penis Creams

Want to see some cream? No guys, we’re not talking about your very own secret recipe ;) In fact, when your cock is covered in this cream, it will get bigger and harder than ever, rather than gradually reducing in size!

There are many different penis creams available to aid you in your quest for perfection. It is easily absorbed and stimulates tissue expansion for growth, as well as more powerful erections. Strengthening the muscle tissue and making you swell with pride; these creams are highly effective and will make a difference to your dick instantaneously! View All Penis Creams



Want to be hands on with your penis enlargement endeavours? Then why not go au naturel and try some jelqing exercises to get you started? This involves squeezing and stroking your penis in an effort to force blood flow to the tip, thereby increasing length and girth. The technique looks remarkably similar to someone making the most of their alone time, but it’s all in the name of science, you understand ;) Always perform jelqing exercises on a semi erect penis.

The penis will engorge with blood, stimulating tissue expansion. It is believed that, over time, jelqing can deliver permanent results. When used alongside other techniques, it really is a stroke of genius!

penis stretcher

Penis Stretcher

It’s no stretch to say that this is one of the best ways to increase the size of your penis. For permanent results, a penis stretcher is the perfect choice. Scientifically proven to work, it puts a constant controlled traction force on the shaft of the penis, which causes cell division. New blood cells are sent to repair the damage and, over time, the new tissue bulks up, increasing penis length and girth. The longer the extender is used, the greater the tissue formation. So, prepare for pulling power, in more ways than one! View All Penis Stretchers


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Penis Enlargement Tools

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Largo Penis Cream (40ml)

3. Largo Penis Cream (40ml)

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