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Beginner's Guide To Water Sports

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Forecast Calls For Golden Showers...

To PEE or not to PEE? That is the question! If you're ready to make a real splash in your extracurricular activities, then urine the right place. Urolagnia, a.k.a. water sports or piss play, remains a taboo paraphilia in today's society, second only to coprophilia. So why is it viewed by so many as 'dirty' or 'disgusting'? When we consider that urine is almost sterile when it leaves the body, it seems like an odd conclusion. There are many reasons why people choose to engage in this activity, varying from a simple arousal surrounding the thought or sight of urine, achieving a greater level of intimacy between partners, or (and this is the one we like best!) to intensify and enhance BDSM/humiliation play.

It's time to wave goodbye to fears and social convention; this guide will assist you in realising all of your 'wet' dreams!


Safety First!

For those interested in golden showers and drinking urine, one has to wonder if it's even safe. Remember, what goes in must come out, so any medication or supplement will be excreted in the urine.

The main concern when drinking urine, also known as urophagia, is the sodium and mineral content. It's always best if the person providing the urine drinks water about an hour before the water sport is due to take place. It's never a good idea to drink urine while dehydrated as it will make you even more so.

To reduce the risk of transmitting bacteria, it is good practice to start mid-stream rather than at the very beginning. This allows the urethra to be flushed out of any lingering bacteria in the event of a urinary tract infection.

Worried about STIs? Studies show that urine that does not have any visible traces of blood is unable to transmit STIs or HIV. This is no excuse to not know your partner's status. It's better to be safe than sorry! If you're using catheters, sterilise your equipment. You want to take home memories of your water sports, not a nasty infection like cystitis.



  • Drink plenty of water an hour before your chosen sport
  • Check the biological status of your playmate before getting started (urine can facilitate Hepatitis B)
  • Avoid strenuous activities beforehand to prevent dehydration
  • Sterilise any equipment before use


  • Drink urine if you are at all dehydrated
  • Engage in water sports without discussing it with your partner first
  • Use any diuretic drugs as part of your play
go slowly

Go Slowly

So, you want to dip your toes into warm waters before diving in at the deep end? Well, here at UberKinky, we are no strangers to the weird and wonderful. However, we know that what's right for some, may not be right for others. That's why it's important to become accustomed to your chosen activity before taking a leap from the high board. Try following these simple exercises to help you decide whether this is a water sport that you can enjoy;

  1. Take a 'leak' next time you are alone in the shower
  2. Watch your partner, and have them watch you, urinate. Try this in the shower at first, but if you're feeling adventurous, why not take it outside? But please be aware of public regulations, we don't want you getting arrested now, do we?!
  3. Have a shower with your partner, ask them to urinate and hold your hand in their stream
  4. As you get more and more comfortable, lie in the bath and ask you partner to pee over your stomach. If you're lucky, you may experience an orgasm from this alone!

We are not ones for discrimination here at UberKinky, so we apologise that the majority of these exercises can only be practiced with a partner. We know that there are a lot of you that haven't chosen your piss play pal just yet. So enjoy some alone time for a while; just you and your urine. Why not try self peeing (details below)? This will ensure that you're ready for your starring role once you've made that all important decision!

getting started

Getting Started

So, first things first, do you want to give or receive? What do you want to get out of your water sports fetish?

Variety is the spice of life, and here at UberKinky we embrace all that is different! Everyone is unique, and we know that there are many different ways that people choose to engage in urolagnia. Some people simply become aroused by the sensation of wetting themselves whilst fully clothed, or watching as someone else does it, whether in private or public. Others enjoy holding in their urine, or watching someone else do so, this is commonly referred to as omarashi. There are also those that enjoy pussing (male watches his female partner urinate in a semi public place) or voyeurism (watching, undetected, as someone urinates).

There are also a great many that choose to incorporate water sports into a sex play or BDSM scene for superior satisfaction. We love to focus on all things sexual and sadistic here at UberKinky, so this guide is designed to help you do just that!



If you're like us, we bet you crave some extreme experimentation once in a while! If so, you'll absolutely love exploring each of these piss play positions! We've spent hours researching the best ways to get an all new kind of 'wet', so here are just a few. There's no need to thank us, we had a LOT of fun doing it ;-)

Cataracts of the Nile

Cataracts of the Nile

The woman lies on her back with her legs open. The man kneels between the legs and directs his urine stream directly at her clitoris. This works better if the woman is already slightly aroused. Feel free to incorporate a vibrator or dildo into the mix, but don't forget to check that it is waterproof first!

Log in the Amazon

Log in the Amazon...

First of all enjoy some fantastic foreplay! The man must signal when he is about to 'shoot his load'. At this point the woman squats over him and urinates directly onto the penis, moving the stream up and down his shaft.

The Fountain of Venus

The Fountain of Venus...

Once the woman's bladder is completely full, she must lie on her back with the legs apart. Her partner then kneels or lies between the thighs and performs orgasmic oral sex. When she feels the urge, the woman will empty her bladder directly into her partner's mouth.

Watering the Oak Tree

Watering the Oak Tree...

The man should lie on his back whilst the woman squats over him. She gives his penis access to her area and then urinates. This takes a lot of practice as the penis is applying direct pressure to the woman's urethra. The only advice that UberKinky can give is; have patience and concentrate!

Flooding the Cave

Flooding the Cave...

It is important when 'flooding the cave', that the man has recently ejaculated and has a full bladder. It is best to maintain a 'spooning' position as it can be difficult for the man to stay 'hard' throughout this act. Once inside her he urinates. This may take some time, but have patience, the bladder can't hold out indefinitely!

Golden Shower

Golden Shower...

One partner sits, kneels, or lies down and the other urinates on them.

Spitting Snake

Spitting Snake...

Man rubs his penis over his partner's face. When the 'pee-ee' is ready for their liquid lunch, they'll open their mouth!

Human Urinal

Human Urinal...

For all of you extreme BDSM players out there, why not try some petulant piss play? If you don't have the best aim in this sport, try an UberKinky funnel gag to make sure your slave swallows every drop of sadistic punishment you throw their way.

Self Peeing

Self Peeing...

This is the water sport equivalent of masturbation. Try to get your genitals directly above the face; you can do this by lying back on the shoulders and propping the legs against a wall. Then open wide!

Once you've decided how you want your piss play to flow, decide where you would like your water sports to take place. Some play in the bath while some go out and purchase a paddling pool to protect floors and furniture. Some even play in their beds and sleep in a whole different kind of wet spot.


Things to Consider

  1. "Diet" - to avoid leaving a foul taste in your slave/partner's mouth about the whole water sports experience, steer clear of foods that are high in protein (eggs, meat, and cheese) and caffeine in the run up to your play. Why not try drinking plenty of fruit juice 45 minutes prior? This dilutes the urine and makes it taste nicer.
  2. "Environment" - as you'll be getting wet 'n' wild, it's important that your dungeon/room is at the optimum temperature to avoid getting the wrong sort of 'chills'! Set your dial to 27 degrees and be sure to have a humidifier on if it's cold outside. Otherwise there may be some seriously 'steamy windows'.
  3. "Mess" - unless you enjoy your urolagnia in the shower, there's bound to be some mess to clean up. To minimise this as much as possible, put down some plastic sheets in the designated area. UberKinky also suggests that you have some towels nearby!

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