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Beginner's Guide To Sex Swings

Sex Swings

It’s time to give an all new meaning to the term ‘swinger’!

Want to spice up your bedroom antics? A sex swing is a brilliant way to reach new heights in your kinky sex play and will facilitate positions you never even knew existed! Gone are the days of sex swings being something you only see in movies, this is the 21st century, folks, and couples everywhere are enjoying all the sexual satisfaction that comes with owning their very own sex swing. Not just for Uber-kinksters, this piece of bondage furniture is perfect for everyone. So, if you really want to swing when you’re winning, follow the UberKinky Beginner’s Guide To Sex Swings before you get started.

Now, strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of your life!

Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

Uncertain about sex swings? Think you’d have to be a hardcore player to enjoy such a ride? Well, this deviant device promises to give your out of hours activities a push in the right direction, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Sex Swings - Intensified Orgasm

Jump on a swing for superior sensations...

You’d be hard pushed to find anything else that makes your orgasm as intense! A swing allows you to go faster for longer, in a variety of different positions that may not be achievable without it. The sensations felt, therefore, are completely unique and on an entirely new level from those you are used to. This makes your orgasm much more powerful. So, forget jumping off; this is one swing you’ll want to jump on, in more ways than one ;)

Sex Swings - Fantastic Flexibility

Let’s do the twist...

Think you’re so flexible already that you wouldn’t benefit from using a sex swing? You must be round the bend! No matter how much of a contortionist you are, there are many weird and wonderful ways in which you can twist your body using a sex swing to find the most pleasing way to achieve gratification. Whether you’re into oral, vaginal or anal, a sex swing will deliver. But make sure you listen to one another; we don’t want your playmate getting all bent out of shape!

Sex Swings - Lazy Lovin'

Put those feet up and relax...

Tired of always having to make the moves? A swing enables you to go stronger and longer than ever, without needing to change from your preferred position. Pull yourself closer to one another using the swing, building momentum and achieving powerful thrusting ability. It’ll be full speed ahead, with minimal effort and nominal pressure on the back. Additionally, as a woman, going on top can be more of an aerobic workout than an enjoyable activity. Now all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

Sex Swings - Frisky Foreplay

You’ll have your hands full pleasing them...

Don’t jump in with both feet! It’s vital that you never underestimate the importance of foreplay. Not only are swings designed to make sex more enjoyable, they also ensure foreplay is first-rate. So, why not enjoy some good, old fashioned oral sex or mutual masturbation? A swing enables you to achieve the optimum position for teasing and pleasing. So, don’t forget about it; foreplay should always be at the forefront of your mind!

Sex Swings - Perfect Positioning

It’s time to try defying gravity...

Has your position on sex swings changed? Well, if you’re still in the process of going back and forth, this will be music to your ears! A sex swing enables you to experiment with many new positions that simply cannot be achieved without one. The additional support also allows you to maintain them without becoming uncomfortable or tired. Without gravity weighing us down, it’s possible to find the ultimate sexual position, where the muscles can fully relax and you can hit every ‘sweet spot’ there is. So, come on; don’t leave us hanging!

Sex Swings - Remarkable Restraint

Get a leg up in your kinky playtime...

Hold it right there! A swing is not only designed as a way to get things moving, it can also be used to keep naughty playmates in their place. So, in addition to helping you find that perfect position, it also stops bottoms from wriggling out of place, ensuring your play is always ‘spot’ on. Those that are into the more hardcore BDSM scene may wish to make use of this by enjoying a fabulous fisting session or a marvellous medical play scene. So, for a metaphorically moving experience, a swing is the perfect choice!


Safety First!

It’s vitally important that you get into the swing of playing safely, UberKinky companions! After all, we don’t want you swinging your way to A&E! As such, please ensure you follow all the assembly instructions contained in your sex swing packaging to the letter. Make sure you use any springs that are included in the parts, as they act as a shock absorber and prevent injury. In addition, if suspending from a ceiling, check that your swing is completely secure before you get down (and up…and side to side!) to business.

If using restraints with your playmate, make certain they are comfortable and not likely to cause injury or damage. Always follow the two-finger rule to ensure the right amount of space between the skin and bindings. Finally, it’s always a good idea to agree upon a safeword and discuss limits prior to getting started.

Take our advice and your play will be in full swing in no time!



  • Follow assembly instructions to the letter – it is essential that your swing is set up correctly
  • Check out guides on YouTube if you’re looking for position inspiration. There are plenty of swing pro’s out there who want to share their expertise
  • Ensure that any restraints are comfortable & not too tight
  • Make sure you have space for your sexy new toy - check the measurements before getting carried away!
  • Agree upon a safeword and discuss limits prior to your play


  • Use a sex swing on your own, no matter how kinky they make you feel
  • Assemble your swing up on an uneven surface
  • Use when intoxicated
  • Rush! The allure of your sex swing will have you raring to go, but make sure everything is where it needs to be before you get started to prevent injury
  • Skip foreplay! Your body needs to be properly warmed up, especially when experimenting with all new positions

Types of Sex Swings

If space saving and secretive storage is what you’re looking for, you can opt for a door jam sex swing which is compact, quick to install and easy to hide, or even a sex sling which gives you all the hotness of BDSM with none of the DIY of traditional sex swings; just pop them on and you’re bound to have a great time!

Here at UberKinky, we want to appeal to every swing King and Queen out there, so we’ve got an array of different frame and ceiling swings, with all the accessories you could possibly need to boot. So, enter our sexy swinging world and get yourself the ultimate sex accessory. Once you’ve experienced zero gravity gratification, you’ll never come back down to Earth!

Our Best Selling
Sex Swings

So you’re ready to get into the swing of things, but think opting to choose a product yourself could be pushing it a bit? Fear not; everyone has an easy ride at UberKinky. So, here are our bestsellers;

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