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Beginner's Guide To Latex Care

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Latex clothing is stalking out of the bedroom with confidence and showing up in bars, clubs and even on the high street in broad daylight. While we love hearing that latex is getting a new lease of life, we want to harness the power of latex as part of kink so that you’ll be too busy playing in the boudoir (or wherever your kink takes you) to wear it for Sunday brunch.

Latex, being a skin-tight material, hugs you like a second skin and can give you a renewed confidence and love for your body. But to get the most out of your new favourite outfit, TLC is required. No dominance is necessary, and your latex will thank you for some softer treatment. Whether you are going through the motions of caring for you latex garments or demanding your Submissive keeps things spick and span on your behalf, read up on our beginners guide to latex care to enjoy wearing your garments for longer.

This guide is packed full of essential tips and gratifying guidance for looking after your latex. So, whether you’re a deviant Dominant, a fervent fetishist or adore the supreme sex appeal and feel of latex caressing your sensitive skin, follow the simple advice contained within this guide and life need never be dull again.

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When it comes to kinky exploration and adventurous play, we know our stuff. We aren’t your average sex toy or BDSM company. We’ve been toying with sex since 1988 and have vast knowledge about getting the best out of play, whatever your raunchy requirements.

As an award-winning company, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously and want to help you enjoy your gratification in the safest way possible. We are one click or phone call away from tailored advice on spicing things up without taking any risks.

Reasons you should try latex

Reasons you should try latex

If the shine of latex entices you, we don’t blame you. But you may not know all of the benefits of donning this material; as always, we are here to enlighten you and open your eyes to a whole new world of bedchamber fashion. Here are three Uberkinky reasons why latex clothing should take pride of place in your closet.

1) Makes a change from usual lingerie Wearing latex is a world away from any other material you will have worn. It’s slinky, lightweight and will feel amazing against your skin. There is no need for restrictive undergarments either, which is both freeing and confidence-building.

2) You will fall in love with your body We believe that every body is beautiful. But in today’s society, we tend to be a lot harder on ourselves than anyone else. If there is a way to fall back in love with your body, it’s with latex clothing. You’ll enjoy smooth curves, a sumptuous bosom and lifted buttocks.

3) A second skin that gives touch a whole new meaning Some say that wearing latex clothing combines the feeling of intimate touching with a degree of separation, making the entire experience more stimulating for both parties.

How to stay safe

How to stay safe

We want everyone to enjoy the slip and slide of latex clothing, but if you have found in the past that you have a sensitivity to latex condoms or gloves, then, unfortunately, this is not the type of clothing for you. Trust us!

Latex has a low melting point, so definitely keep it away from anything hot when wearing it or storing it away. As tempting as it might be, don’t ever, experiment with wax play when wearing latex. We like a hint of danger here and there, but in this case, it’s just not worth the risk.

Shining your latex clothes

Shining your latex clothes

Taken a shine to latex, but not sure how to perfect that gratifyingly glossy finish? Fear not, kinky companions, we’re on the case. It’s common for latex to be somewhat matte in appearance upon purchase; however, with the right tools, you’ll soon obtain that deviant shimmer you’ve been looking for. It takes time to build the perfect shine, but these simple steps will have you shimmering in no time:

1) Wipe off any residual powder from dressing or storage before getting started.

2) Apply your specially formulated polish or shine spray onto a microfiber cloth and then buff your outfit to a supreme shimmer.

3) Alternatively, a silicone-based lubricant can be used as a viable substitute.

4) Under no circumstances, use household polish. It’s best to use a specialised formula for polishing your perverted playwear, as they are designed to nourish and protect latex against future wear and tear.

5) Be sure to coat your fetish wear in the concoction evenly, and it will shine up a treat.

6) If you’re using a spray, it is possible to apply your chosen formula directly to your fetish wear, but please do so sparingly and make sure it is evenly coated.

7) Allow the spray to soak in thoroughly before you start buffing. Perhaps lose the cloth and get help from your playmate to rub it all in. Trust us; this is such a turn on. You can feel their hands all over your second skin in tantalising caresses.

How do you preserve latex?

How do you preserve latex?

Are you fed up of lacklustre latex? Are you tired of glossing over the issue when it comes to caring for your fetish wear? Then you’re in luck, Uberkinky companions, as we have the know-how to keep your latex shining like the first time you wore it. When it comes to upkeep, prevention is better than cure. So, it’s essential to do everything you can to help your latex clothing stand the test of time. Here are some quick dos and don’ts to prevent your favourite outfit looking worse for wear.



  • Keep latex fetish wear away from heat sources - that includes radiators, fires, candles etc.
  • Avoid wearing metals - as they will stain. That includes metal hangers - it’s a no-no
  • Wash hands thoroughly in between cigarettes - if you are a smoker, or you may find unwanted stains on your latex clothing
  • Trim fingernails and be gentle - your fingers can leave permanent marks on latex and nails could even rip or tear the clothing
  • Use silicone or water-based products only - to prevent degradation
  • Wear cotton gloves - when putting on your clothing to protect from potential marking and ripping
  • Remove all jewellery - while putting on your outfit. We recommend steering clear throughout play too. The last thing you want is to have to stop to un-snag. Tears are less than fun, too
  • Ensure clothing is completely dry before storage - skipping this step could cause irreparable damage
  • Use a soft, microfibre cloth to polish your latex


  • Use household polish - to shine up your latex. Trust us, you’ll regret it
  • Store clothing in damp spaces - as this can damage your latex clothes
  • Expose to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting - unless damaged, discoloured and rapidly deteriorated is the look you were going for
  • Use oil-based products - on your body or the clothing itself as this will degrade the material
  • Wring out your latex clothing - instead, give it a gentle shake to get rid of excess water. Latex is a natural product, so excess water will rot it
  • Store different coloured latex together - as colours may run into one another. We recommend storing your outfits separately in a garment bag
  • Tumble dry, iron or dry-clean garments - it’s hand-wash only, people as high humidity will rot the material
  • Allow the cloth to dry out or rub too hard when polishing - as this could scratch the surface

Are you following us so far? Think caring for your latex is no sweat? Well, wearing it will be another story. Latex clothing is non-absorbent, so it’s only natural that you will sweat whilst wearing your outfit. Sadly, this will damage your fetish wear over time, unless, of course, proper care is taken.

That means washing your latest clothing every time you wear it. Don’t forget that the material is easily stained. Heads up, smokers; nicotine is the worst culprit for this. So, if you can’t resist the odd fag, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly between each one. Metal also stains, including money, so if you like to flash the cash, be careful. Finally, transparent or lightly coloured garments will stain and discolour if stored alongside darker coloured items, so keep that in mind when putting your fetish wear away.

How to wear latex clothing

How to wear latex clothing

If this is your first time toying with latex clothing, you’re probably looking at it and wondering how to slip into the thing. The good news is that it seems more scary and complicated than it is. When done correctly, slipping into your fetish wear can be a breeze. Follow these simple steps to make suiting up simple:

Lube up:

The best piece of advice we could probably give is to lube up both yourself and the inside of your outfit. This can either be done using a specially designed dressing aid, or by using a lubricant. You must only use a silicone-based lubricant to protect the integrity of your latex clothing.

You may want to opt for a powdered product, particularly if your garment goes over your head.

If you’re thinking of this as a chore, then think again! Turn your prep work into a sensual activity. Why not have your partner or Sub grease you up and do the prep work for your suit so that you can slip into it as though it were a second skin?

Not to mention that the lubrication enhances how the material feels against your soft skin. We recommend standing on a towel as you dress to stop things from getting too slippery.

Don’t put lube on your feet and make sure to wash off any lubricant that dripped during application; we don’t want you slipping over.

Wriggle your way in:

Now, we know you’re excited, but you can’t rush perfection. It’s important to take care when pulling on your latex. There shouldn’t really be any pulling at all. The best strategy for getting into your latex clothing is to wriggle into it. Again, make this more fun by getting your partner involved. We are sure they will love feeling you wriggling and writhing as you get dressed.

Use your whole hand when dressing, not just your fingertips or you risk leaving permanent finger marks or even ripping the garment. We recommend employing the ‘push and shift’ technique where possible, which involves placing hands (yours or your partners) inside the garment and pushing the latex outwards as you lift it over your sumptuous body.

Consider the elements:

Latex indeed looks hot but, temperature-wise, it acclimatises to the surrounding environment. That means if you take your fun and games outside in a chilly breeze, the latex will feel cool against the skin; while inside with the central heating blazing will make you feel much warmer.

Whatever the elements, when you get down to playing you will 100% sweat, as latex is not a breathable material. But don’t let that put you off, as it actually makes it more comfortable and sensual to wear. We guarantee you’ll be wearing your fabulous latex clothing AND a salacious smile in no time.

Slipping out:

The powder or lubrication you used to put your latex clothing on should make slipping it off a breeze. Again, make sure you use your whole hand rather than your fingertips to slide your outfit off.

Latex has a distinctive smell to it, and you may find that some of it lingers on your skin. You are likely to be washing your outfit in the bath or shower anyway to maintain the material, so why not kill two birds with one stone and hop in the tub too? There is quite literally no easier way to undress, and the lukewarm water will prevent you from getting chills as fresh air touches your sweat-slick skin.

Can latex be washed?

Can latex be washed?

As with everything in your sexy toolbox, you need to clean your latex clothing every single time you use it. There are no exceptions. This will remove any dirt, as well as sweat and odour. Over time, sweat degrades latex, which is why it’s important to wash it regularly. Luckily, cleaning it is easy, although it isn’t necessarily quick.

We’re only going to say it once. Do not put your latex clothing in the washing machine or tumble dryer. The only exception is with chlorinated latex, which we talk about later on in this guide. Come on; it’s about time you cleaned up your act, here is a quick method to cleaning your fetishwear:

1) Dilute a small amount of mild soap, or one to two capfuls of mild or baby shampoo with lukewarm water to thoroughly clean your latex. we recommend washing your clothing in the bathtub for ease.

2) Use a soft cloth to carefully wipe the inside and outside of the outfit with your bespoke bathwater.

3) Rinse away all suds and residual soap or shampoo, preferably in the shower with lukewarm water.

4) From here, you may wish to soak your garment in a specially formulated dilutable polish. We recommend BeGloss Perfect Shine for Glossy Latex 250ml.

How do you dry latex?

Drying your latex clothing properly is just as important as washing it. If your garment isn’t completely dry, it will start to break down the material leading to costly repairs or even replacement. Luckily, the process of drying your attire is just as simple as washing:

1) Once you’ve finished cleaning your clothing, give it a gentle shake to remove any excess water and use a towel or J-cloth to pat dry.

2) Never wring out your latex ware as it could tear or lose shape.

3) After you’ve soaked up the excess moisture, hang it to air dry at room temperature on a broad plastic coat hanger (a wire coat hanger could stain the latex or cause the garment to lose its shape)

4) Once completely dry on the outside, delicately turn the garment inside out and allow the inside to dry.

5) When it’s fully dry, make sure you separate any latex that has stuck together and dust with talcum powder to prevent it sticking together during storage (which would eventually damage your clothes)

The more you polish, the shinier your latex will become. Your latex clothing will require more maintenance when it is new, but as time goes on, you’ll find that polishing is needed less often.

Printed latex needs special care, as it is more delicate. Use a dabbing method or light strokes, rather than vigorous rubbing, as this could cause the print to wear away.

We’re sure you’re rubbing those raunchy hands together in anticipation.



Well and truly out of the kink closet when it comes to your love of latex? You may not realise it, but the storage of your latex clothing is just as necessary as the washing and conditioning of it. Always keep your outfits in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and dust generously with talcum powder to prevent any sticking. It is also vital that your items are fully dry before storage; otherwise, the material will start to break down.

Latex clothing can be stored on a broad plastic hanger (don’t use flimsy wire hangers, as items may become misshapen or stain). We also recommend a garment bag to keep things extra safe. This is particularly advisable if you are storing different coloured outfits together. Transparent and white latex is easily stained by bolder colours when kept next to one another, so take extra care with this.

Remember that if you look after your latex, it will serve you well for years.

Alternatively, fold and wrap your garment in acid-free tissue paper and store inside a black plastic bin liner.

What is chlorinated latex?

What is chlorinated latex?

You don’t have to be a scientist to experiment!

Chlorinated latex clothing, which is simply latex treated with chlorine, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for latex lovers everywhere, not least because it requires no dressing aid or lube to get into. Nor will it stick together in the same way untreated latex does.

Many people that have allergies have even found that chlorinated latex doesn’t provoke a reaction. Treating the material with chlorine makes it permanently soft and smooth and leaves it with a thicker feel and different, more industrial, smell.

The guidance is much the same as what we’ve described above to care for your chlorinated latex. Simply follow the cardinal rules, and you can’t go wrong.

It’s worth noting that although you can wash treated latex in the same way as untreated latex, chlorinated items may be cleaned in the washing machine on a low temperature (30 degrees or less) using a non-bio washing tablet. It can be polished as usual and stored as specified above.



You may find that some of the unique latex scent lingers on your skin once you have undressed. We recommend a nice bath afterwards not only to wash the smell away but to also soothe any muscles that you used during play.

Remember that things would be a lot more slippery if you lubed up, so be sure to take extra care.

We always recommend taking time to rest, drink water and perhaps enjoy some chocolate after sex play to ensure your sugar and hydration levels are restored.