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Beginner's Guide To Glans Rings

Glans Ring Intro

Heads up, guys: a glans ring makes the perfect piece of penis jewellery! Indeed, you’ll be heading for superior sex play, heightened sensitivity, increased stimulation and a big throbbing bulge when you slide on one of these bad boys.

Designed to be worn just under the head of the penis when erect, the coronal ridge prevents it from slipping back over the head. Beautifying your beast, delivering a gratifying grip, tantalising those sensitive nerve endings and keeping you rock hard and ready for action, it also provides extra stimulation for your partner if you’re playing in a pair. And we’ve summarised everything you need to know about galivanting with glans rings in this informative Beginner’s Guide. Trust us; they're swell!


Safety First!

Stay ahead of the game by following these simple safety instructions! Your safety is our number one priority, and we want to ensure that you’re heading for a perfect play session, not trouble! Now, first things first, ensure your glans ring is crafted from a body safe material and opt for surgical steel rather than stainless steel where possible. Go slowly and remove the ring immediately if you start to experience any sort of pain, loss of sensation, tingling or a change in colour. And, why not add a little lubricant to the equation so that things are guaranteed to run smoothly? This will reduce friction, snagging and discomfort.

Okay, so you’re hardcore and think you can go for hours? Well, get a grip; it’s vital that you never leave a glans ring on for too long. We recommend no more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Wearing a glans ring restricts blood flow and, as such, it’s vital that this blood flow is fully replenished after a short period. In the unlikely event of priapism (penis does not return to flaccid state), or you are finding it difficult to remove the glans ring, try dunking your doughnuts in cold water or treating with an ice pack. We also recommend that you have our UberKinky Cock Ring Cutter to hand just in case the water/ice doesn’t work!

Now, follow these helmet safety rules and you’ll be heading for superior satisfaction in no time!



  • Remove immediately if you experience pain, swelling, coldness or loss of sensation
  • Choose a specially designed glans ring
  • Add a little lube for extra comfort & to reduce friction
  • Remove immediately if you experience any irritation
  • Wear for 5 minutes to start so you can get used to the sensations


  • Leave your glans ring on for more than 20-30 minutes
  • Wear a glans ring if you are taking any blood thinning medication
  • Use a glans ring if you have a diabetes or any nerve/blood disorders
  • Sleep in your glans ring or wear for long periods of time
  • Use a makeshift glans ring or a standard cock ring
How to Wear a Glans Ring

How to Wear a Glans Ring

If you like it then it’s time to put a ring on it…

Many men like to pair up their glans ring with regular cock or ball rings to create a cage or cock strap. Typically, a glans ring is worn under the head of the penis when erect. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men will get enjoyment out of wearing one, and those that are not circumcised can wear with the foreskin retracted or not, depending on the intended purpose and the sensation they prefer. Glans rings tend to be very sturdy and tight. However, you want to be able to slide it on and off comfortably, so we recommend adding a little lube. And make sure your glans ring sits securely in place, as you don’t want it slipping off during sex or masturbation, do you?!

Right, all that's left is to hold your head up high!

CBT types

Types of Glans Rings

Everyone has a type! So, what’s yours? Well, we recommend starting out with a standard glans ring, which will enable you to become accustomed to the sensations before adding even more stimulation into the mix. There are three main varieties to choose from, and we’ve summarised each of them for you below!


Standard Glans Ring

This kind of glans ring promises to meet high standards! Regular glans rings are typically made from metal, although other materials are available, such as; silicone. Providing the perfect amount of pressure, they stimulate the masses of sensitive nerve endings that reside just below the head of the cock. Many standard glans rings also feature a ball or pressure point that acts as a frenulum stimulator for increased intensity. Others have multiple pressure points and some have none. One thing’s for sure; they guarantee to ring your bell!

Sperm Stopper

Sperm Stopper/Penis Plug Glans Ring

Stop right there, you’ll want to read this! This special type of glans ring comes complete with an attached rod for insertion into the urethra. This delivers unique stimulation and, when combined with that gratifying glans pressure, the result is explosive. Enhancing erection and stimulating the sensitive nerve endings within the urethra, this type of glans ring also tantalises the nerves just beneath the head of the penis. Some glans rings come with a penis plug and others have a sperm stopper. A sperm stopper is ideal for those into orgasm control and denial. The crowning glory of glans rings!


CBT Glans Ring

Don’t be a chicken; get your hands on a CBT glans ring and you won’t be disappointed! A glans ring with incorporated CBT characteristics promises to stimulate the nerve endings, intensify orgasm, enhance sex play, heighten sensitivity and will give you an incredible head rush. With additional features, such as spikes and plugs, it will put extra pressure on the sensitive nerve endings within the penis for unparalleled intensity. Typically made from metal, these sadistic tools boast beauty and brawn and guarantee to gratify. Got the balls to give it a go?

How to Measure For a Glans Ring

How to Measure For a Glans Ring

We’ve thrown in some advice on how to get your hands on the correct size of glans ring, just for good measure!

It’s vital that you obtain a glans ring that fits correctly. So, it may not be a dick measuring contest, but it’s important to jot down your stats before ordering your glans ring. To ensure you get the very best fit, we recommend that you take two measurements; one when you are hard and one when you are soft, and follow these simple instructions:



Arm yourself with some string (or a tape measure)



Wrap it around the shaft of your cock, just below the head



Mark the string on both sides (take measurements if using tape measure)



Remove the string and measure between the marks



Divide the circumference measurements you have taken by pi (3.14) to calculate the diameter



To ensure the ring is not too tight, round the measurement up to the nearest mm

although every cock is unique, the differing dick diameter of hard and soft is usually between 12 mm and 25 mm. As one last check, measure the widest point of your penis head. Never purchase a glans ring larger than this! You should choose the largest ring that will not slip off, but is not so tight that it is uncomfortable. Most men prefer a ring that is a little bit snug when they’re erect.

Now, that’s not too hard to get your head around, is it?!


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