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Electro Sex Kits

Our comprehensive electrosex kits contain everything you need to get started with your electrifying sex play without delay. Each offers different functions to really stimulate those sensitive areas. You decide on the function and the intensity, extreme pleasure is at the touch of a button. Once you have your kit you can make additions from our electro sex accessories range, to keep your electro sex kit fresh and exciting. Why not enjoy some switch BDSM play, and take it in turns to experience shocking gratification? Start your electro play adventure today, and experience a newly charged sexual pleasure.

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  1. ElectroShock Cock Cage
  2. E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix Blue Electro Sex Kit
  3. Master Series Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle
  4. E-Stim Systems 2B Electro Sex Power Box
  5. E-Stim Systems 2B Accessory Pack
  6. E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble XPF Electro Sex Kit
  7. Zeus Electrosex Mingle Couples Electro Sex Kit
  8. E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble Electro Sex Kit
  9. E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix Red Electro Sex Kit
  10. E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble XPE Electro Sex Kit

10 Items

per page