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Ready to take on this mission, soldiers? It’s going to be a long and hard ride! Expertly constructed and boasting lifelike detail, including delectable foreskins, pronounced heads, tantalisingly tight ball sacks and veiny shafts, these realistic dildos are perfect for those that love the D, but are incredibly greedy! All the unique and luxurious shapes are perfect for feeling those extreme sensations during insertion. Not looking for a dildo? No problem! Why not try a XtremMission butt plug? HUGE in size and waiting for you to conquer them! If you’re ready to discover superior gratification, you’ve CUM to the right place! Mission report: ultimate satisfaction.

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  1. XtremMission Blast Butt Plug
  2. XtremMission Takeover Huge Butt Plug
  3. XtremMission 3 in 1 Dildo 10.2 Inches

3 Items

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