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Wand Essentials

Wish you could wave a magic wand and find just what you’re looking for? Well, fear not; we’ve done all the work for you.So, wave goodbye to inferior vibrators and awful attachments, because we’ve got you covered. Wand Essentials is globally renowned for offering the most extensive wand collection currently available and we have handpicked only our very favourites to feature in the UberKinky range. Innovatively designed and intricately crafted, there are a variety of highly effective attachments to choose from, for both men and women. Additionally, with extremely powerful motors and cutting edge technology, a vibrator/attachment from this collection promises not to disappoint. Wand Essentials is owned by XR Brands, which has 15 fully branded product lines and has been selling bondage gear and adult toys since 2000. It’s no illusion; the collection really is as good as it appears!

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  1. Wand Essentials Hummingbird Masturbator Attachment
  2. Wand Essentials Rabbit Magic Wand Attachment
  3. Wand Essentials Deep Glider Wand Attachment
  4. Wand Essentials Black Vibra Cup Male Masturbation Wand Attachment
  5. Wand Essentials P-Spot Magic Wand Attachment for Men
  6. Wand Essentials Utopia Rechargeable Wand Massager
  7. Wand Essentials 3teez Magic Wand Attachment
  8. Wand Essentials Wand Assist Adjustable Gooseneck Holder
  9. Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment
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  10. Wand Essentials Bubbling Bliss Beaded Pleasure Wand Attachment
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10 Items

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