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Let’s get something str8; you simply can’t beat this brand when it comes to realistic play! The multi award winning DE Enterprises, owner of Str8cam, has many impressive accolades under its belt. It has built a reputation for itself based on supreme quality and ground breaking ideas. 2010 saw the introduction of the innovative and unique Str8cam lubricant, which quickly became the lube of choice for many. The water based silicone formula is safe to use with all of your favourite toys and materials. Str8cam is unlike any other brand, as its lubricants feel just like real cum, making for a truly authentic experience. It may feel real, but we guarantee you’ll have an ‘unreal’ time!

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  1. SPUNK Lube Hybrid 236ml
  2. Spunk Lube Hybrid Personal Lubricant 909ml
  3. SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone 236ml
  4. SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone Lubricant 946ml
  5. STR8cam Lubricant 236ml

5 Items

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