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You’re bound to get the green light with an item from this collection! Combining style, function and innovation, Red prides itself on developing faultless equipment that is built to last. Highly popular, both in the UK and abroad, it has forged a reputation based on superior quality, durability and functionality. Pioneering designs such as slings and swings will really appeal to the senses and are ergonomically structured for easy and gratifying use. All products are crafted from the finest materials, including lightweight, comfortable and washable fabrics. Frames are built from top quality, durable materials including stainless steel and zinc. Guaranteed to make your sex play better; we don’t want your sex play left at a standstill now do we?

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  1. RED Stainless Steel Rim Seat
  2. RED Bondage Sling
  3. RED Lightweight Sling Frame
  4. RED Multi-Purpose Adjustable Sling Frame Strap Set
  5. RED Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Sling Frame*
  6. RED Master Leather Sling*
  7. RED Rear View Mirror*

7 Items

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