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Love leather? Got a thing for latex? Then you know just how important it is to care for your clothing, toys and accessories properly. Well, fear not folks; this specially formulated line of leather, artificial leather and latex care products refreshes, revitalises and restores all of your gratifying gear to its former glory. There’s no doubt about it, your perverted play is bound to leave a lasting impression on your gear. However, this not only serves as an innocent reminder of your fun, it also diminishes your attire and toys over time. This can leave perverted possessions looking and feeling different. Only regular care retains beauty and conserves softness and suppleness. Concocted using the finest quality ingredients, Polifee products are free from harmful chemicals and fragrances that are likely to cause skin irritation. Easy to use and fast acting, they will remove stubborn dirt and restore the natural colour and beauty of your garments. Made in Germany, Polifee products are dermatologist tested and classified as ‘excellent’. So clean up your act, with an item from the Polifee collection today!

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