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Locked In Lust

Lock up your cocks! Founded in 2014, Locked in Lust was developed with a singular purpose; to create the most secure chastity device there is. Made from the finest quality medical grade polycarbonate, its signature product, The Vice, is an anti-pull out device with carefully selected textures and materials that mould to the skin. An idea stemming from poor experience with other chastity devices, Locked in Lust has experimented with various different designs to enhance overall security, while maintaining comfort. Demonstrating excellent research, design and manufacturing skills, it is based in Florida and has forged a fine reputation for its excellent standard of quality. Using lightweight, durable and secure materials, Locked in Lust offers all of the fixtures and fitting to ensure the best possible fit. Plus, that added level of security is a MASSIVE turn on. Get to grips with the remarkable range today!

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  1. The Vice Mini V2 Male Chastity Device
  2. The Vice Chastity Device
    As low as £124.99
  3. The Vice Plus Male Chastity Device

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