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Holy Trainer

The eponymous Holy Trainer is sacred when it comes to male chastity! Made from 100% natural biosourced resin, the material softens slightly upon contact with heat, meaning that it becomes slightly pliable once on in order to mould perfectly to the body. Extremely comfortable, yet completely secure, Holy Trainer has become well renowned for superior quality, innovation and intricate attention to detail. Ergonomically crafted, the device is extremely easy to attach and boasts a unique internal magic locker, which is less bulky than the traditional padlock. Lightweight and discreet, it can be worn underneath clothing and won’t cause any discomfort when playing sports. It is also cleverly designed so that if an erection occurs in the night it doesn’t pull on the scrotum and cause pain. You’ll feel as though your prayers have been answered with one of these dynamic devices!

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